Our Life

One Year Later

Days came and went, things went by in a breeze. The Campbell-Fitch family grew by one more. We even moved into a nice sizeable home. One that has been baby-proofed beyond anything, now that our little one has been crawling around. We've learned that even if you baby-proof a home, a child is still bound to get a few bruises here and there. Even if we've seen it happened twice already it still gives us a heart attack. But, I assure you Natalie Elise Campbell-Fitch still has all the parts she came with.

Cook and Effy has since been seperated since the Sunday Dinner. Cook had came into a large sum of money, he had won the lottery somehow. 6.2 million pounds, it had changed him completely. It was no longer a little MDMA here and there, he had started his own drug corporation. He had turned his 6.2 million into 23.7 million in just a short while. He's playing it stupid, he's buying luxurious things that have all come up more than 3 million, and I'm positive I saw the American FBI tailing him one morning when he dropped off a baby gift.

There hasn't been a word from Emily's father; he didn't even come after she gave birth. Her mother and James were there the entire time, and Jenna Fitch hugged me so hard I think my nipples were bruised. Not that I could tell anyway.

Anyway, our life has definitely changed a lot since we've had Natalie. No more sleepless nights shagging, it was just sleepless nights with a bottle and a diaper in our hands. It was the hardest life changer in my life. You know where they tell you about all the intimicy being gone and all you want to do is sleep and yell at each other, and you'd just think in your head "Yeah, right. That's just you, wanker"? They were right, the first two months were us snapping at each other about doing something. Either feeding, or changing Natalie or keeping up with daily house work. One night I even got kicked (litterally) out of my own bed, why? Because it was "my turn to feed and change Natalie" when I clearly sat up the whole night before doing it. How do I know? Ask the bags under my eyes, Natalie was up the whole night with a stomach ache and a burp that would not exit her stomach.


I woke up to a screaming child on the baby monitor. I sighed as I rolled over on my stomach and tried to block it out until Emily got up.

"Naoms, get up. Natalie wants you." Emily murmured into her pillow.

"Nice try, I did it last night." I said as i rubbed my eyes.

"No, you did not. Get up it's your turn."

"No, Em it's yours. So you might as well get up off your back and go fucking do it." I mumbled as I closed my eyes again and tried to fall asleep, I thought she'd remember by now. Next thing I knew was my face meeting the floor. It took me a moment to realise she had literally kicked me out of bed, I stumbled to get up and flipped on the light. "Emily, what the fuck?" I got no reply so I did what she wouldn't do and went to take car of Natalie. After calming her down from her fit and changing her. I gave her a bottle and sat down in the rocking chair with only her dreamlight keeping the room lit. I rocked her as she nursed her bottle. "Natalie, your mothers a forgetful twat, you do know that right?" I asked in a quiet voice as she blinked up at me, not knowing what I was really saying. "It's okay though atleast you can see me two nights in a row though." I smiled as she wrapped her small finger around my index and she was slowly closing her eyes.

That morning I woke up still in the rocking chair, and still holding Natalie. The only problem was I was the last the wake up, and she decided to wake me up by tugging on my hair. She was acting as my alarm clock. I changed her diaper again and brought her into the kitchen to grab another bottle for her, and I knew Emily had already came and made breakfast. I was just expecting eggs and a simple thing of toast. But turned out it was buttermilk pancakes, poached eggs and a cup of our expensive Sunday only coffee. Emily was sat at the table, reading the newspaper. I felt like I just walked into a 50's sitcom.

"What's all this?" I asked as I set Natalie down in her small chair on the table, and buckled her in. She just watched us like she knew this was Emily's apology for forgetting. Almost like she had a little smirk on her face but she was just waving her arms and cooing.

"My apology. I was half asleep last night and I had forgotten it was my night." I raised my eyebrow as I sat down.

"Are you sure? Or did you just hear me talking to Nat when you got up to pee?" I asked with a pleased smile on my lips.

"That too, but I figured I'd just wait and apologise today and Katie's picking up Nat for the night so we can both have a good night tonight and then I can really apologise." She murmured as she leant closer and kissed my lips softly.

Things got tougher when Natalie started to crawl, she would bang her head on a toy. Or crawl so fast whilst watching her hands she'd bang into the side of the coffee table. Some nights I'd even make up a lie about buying diapers just to take a breather.

But soon they started to calm down and we both got into our routines. We'd trade off every other night with Nat. Then the one who takes care of her the night before let's the other sleep atleast 20 minutes more. Every Saturday night was Katie's babysitting night, and if I was not buried nose deep in paperwork I'd sleep a solid 10 or 12 hours. And then every Sunday night everyone even Cook and Effy would make an appearence when it was our weekend, other weekends we'd either go to Cook's, Effy's, Katie's or JJ's. It was something we'd gotten used to as Nat grew up. But, not everyday was our family on a good day. But, I'll save those stories for later.