Somewhere, far away, the Oods continued to sing the Doctor's song.

Clara, as she always did, waited downstairs for the TARDIS to appear, watching the doorbell monitor screen. She was slightly surprised to see a strange man stumble out of the TARDIS, but then the Doctor was always full of surprises.

Clara flung open the door and smiled at the tall gray-haired man. She asked him who he was, and why he came with the Doctor, and where they were going. The man smiled.

"Follow me."

Clara obeyed and followed him into the TARDIS.

Inside, it was as she had never seen it before. The interior was completely different. It was brighter, with spinning contraptions on the ceiling and what seemed like roots interlining the walls. The console glowed faintly with its own light.

Then Clara saw, placed on a chair on the TARDIS, the Doctor's familiar clothes. They were tattered and ragged. Fallen onto the floor next to the chair was a bowtie, burned at the tips.

Perplexed and apprehensive, she questioned him: Who was he? Where was the Doctor? What did he do with him?

It took a while for the man to convince Clara of his identity as the Doctor. When she did believe him, Clara realized that the TARDIS and the Doctor, though the former was different on the inside, and the latter different on the outside, were still one and the same.

The past chapter had ended, the new chapter begun.

El Fine.

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