This is my first attempt at an OITNB fanfic. This first Chapter is more of a teaser than anything. It's set after the finale. My take has several changes from the actual episode. I hope I get the characters right and that you enjoy it :) More to come soon! And I'm pretty upset that Alex won't be in as many episodes and all that. So, yeah, I need an Alex/Piper fix.

"He broke it off." Piper whispered before Alex could continue to tell her to fuck off.

She left again after that. Not like she was welcome. She felt like shit. The one person who had held her together had left her and she felt her world breaking apart. She needed Larry. She needed him for when she got out. Needed to know someone out there was waiting for her. Someone she could safely be with. No matter how much they both had fucked up, she needed him. Now she didn't know how to do this anymore. By herself. She had thought it would be somewhat okay to be without Alex and deal with her anger and ignoring her so long she had Larry. But now she had neither and she couldn't even go to Alex as a friend anymore. It was killing her. Piper felt empty.

Maybe the pageant would help a little. It was Christmas after all, right?

Alex was still staring at the door long after Piper had disappeared through it. Nicky was looking at her with a frown on her face.

"You okay?"

"Yeah... Yeah. I'm tired of giving in with her. It's fine."

Nicky nodded absently. If she said so. She didn't quite look okay though. She looked lost in thoughts and she wasn't sure what to make of it.

"So, the fiancé broke up. She looked out of it."

"Yeah, that's not my problem anymore. She made her decision. She's on her own in dealing with that now."

As much as Alex hated to admit it, it still broke her heart to see Piper like that. She had looked heartbroken and lost but she had chosen Larry and Alex was too tired of getting her own heart broken over her. Again. So she let her go and pushed her away. Selfish or not, she wasn't a stand-in.