Title: A Sudden Request

Length: Drabble

Pairing: AoKise

Summary: So, how did Aomine ended up wearing a wedding dress?

A/N: Just a short drabble that I thought of while listening to TVXQ's Wedding Dress and then I suddenly remembered the photo I saw on Tumblr where Aomine wore a wedding dress. xD

Aomine knew how crazy Kise gets.

From the way he fawns over Kuroko to the way he giggles over everything. It was normal for Aomine to see Kise all smiles and rainbow unicorns and sprinkles. Though, he didn't know that he was crazy enough to walk up to Aomine and tell him—more like beg him—to wear a wedding dress, just for fun.

Of course, Aomine strongly objected to such idea. Not only it was already a ridiculous thing to do, it would hurt his man pride to wear a dress.

But Kise was persistent. He even whispered in Aomine's ear before going to bed. It sent creeps to Aomine's whole body. He even thought that Kise might be looking through his magazines and saw some kinks to make him bring up the idea of Aomine wearing a dress.

"Just a few minutes, and I'm taking that off, okay?" Aomine reminded Kise, who was already holding the white dress with a grin. The bluenette was already ashamed that he agreed to Kise's request. He will probably die in embarrassment and loss of man pride.

"I understand, Aominecchi~!" Kise chirped as he shoved the wedding dress against Aomine and pushed him into the bathroom so he can change into the dress.

After a few minutes of figuring out how to wear such complicated dress, Aomine finally succeeded in wearing the white dress. Aomine scratched his chest, feeling itchy all of a sudden. The clothing irritated him so much that he wanted to rip it off in pieces. Thinking that Kise had been waiting for a long time, Aomine decided to open the bathroom door. As he opened it, Kise hummed a wedding march, which pissed Aomine off.

Kise saw the evidence of Aomine's irritation from his glare. He chuckled, walking towards his boyfriend and hooking his left arm with Aomine's right.

"Waah~! You're so beautiful, Aominecchi!" He commented, receiving another glare from Aomine.

"Seriously, I'll freaking punch you after this nonsense." Aomine groaned and scratched his chest once again, grumbling about how itchy the fabric was.

"You're so mean! I even thought about giving you a reward since you accepted my request!"

Aomine's eyebrows perked up at the mention of reward. Of course he should be getting one! He freaking wore a girl's clothing for Pete's sake!

"What reward?"

"Hmmm, this!" Cupping his cheeks, Kise leaned in and pecked Aomine's lips, grinning after he did.

"Thank you, Aominecchi!"

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