This isn't a chapter, this is a teaser for the sequel that was requested by the one Only Towards The Future was written for. Tell me what you think :)

Leo was a very hyperactive kid. He could never sit still, and had a massive appetite. You could see him anywhere in town in the morning, and sleeping in the afternoon. Most of the time on the beach. One thing the people on the island couldn't figure out was the haunted look he would adapt after being woken up. The expression would vanish just as fast as it came, and he always claimed that he couldn't remember his dreams. But he was a very bad liar.

Zak was a very reserved teenager. Not many of his classmates understood his life and reasoning. Most of the time, Zak didn't either. He had no idea where the drive that led him to practice swordplay came from. Maybe it was the strange dreams he had every night. His sword masters always said he had a real talent with a blade. But all Zak was doing was remembering the movements he did in his dreams. That didn't bother him. What did bother him was the indescribable guilt that plagued him when he woke up.

Nicole loved tangerines. She didn't know why, since everyone else in her family hated them. She even had her own tree, planted in the back corner of the backyard, since her parents wouldn't buy them very often. She also loved travelling. The dreams she had at night brought her to wild and exotic places. Places she couldn't even imagine. Her dreams were also a place she could open up. The people she always saw in her dreams never failed to show up smiling. Especially that one boy, with the black hair and scar.

Eugene was a brave and fearless adventurer. At least that's what he told everyone. No one ever laughed at him, or even looked at him when he spoke of the many adventures he went on. Of course, he never mentioned that these adventures all happened at night, while he was sleeping. The people in his dreams always laughed at his tales. Or at least smiled. And there were those two people who would be awed. The small, furry creature and the black haired kid. None of them would scoff at him, or make fun. There was one thing he could brag about, though. He was the best shot on the island.

Seth dedicated his life to the ladies. When he wasn't in the kitchen, of course. He made sure every lady placed in his care, or even in his general vicinity was content. But he always kept an eye on every other person in the area. Because every night he dreamt of two beautiful girls. No, women. And he knew they were real. They had to be. There were others in his dreams too, but they were insignificant when compared to those two angels.

Carter always had a strange interest in animals. And in medicine. Deemed a child prodigy, he quickly became one of the best doctors on the island. Despite that, people tended to avoid him. The people in his dreams never ignored him the way the islanders did. The people in his dreams always made him feel welcome. Always talking to him without having someone else dare them to, and smiling at them. One day, he was going to get off the island and find those people.

Rachel never lived in the present. She was always either thinking about history or had her face in a book. All of the people in the island thought she was obsessed with history and left her alone. But she did have a reason for her obsession with the past. She had dreams. And the people that appeared in those dreams had a fashion sense that was popular about 500 years ago. And the ships that appeared as well were designed in that era. It made her extremely curious when she first figured this out, and she was going to figure out who those people were.

Felix was always a crafty person. His hands were never still, constantly in motion. Creating, building, disassembling and rebuilding. He especially liked machinery, and wood crafting came in a very close second. In his dreams, he always saw that beauty. Hard and durable wood smoothed down and shaped in such a fashion that it could stay afloat in even the most violent of weather. He wanted to build a masterpiece like that one day.

Mr. Bailey loved music. He reveled in it. He lived with it. There was something about it that made him feel… He didn't know. He strived to learn every instrument he could get his hands on. He mastered all he tried. And the songs… Fast paced, slow and gentile. Fortissimo, pianissimo. He loved them all. In his dreams, his music would bring a smile to their faces. He wanted to impress them. But why? Those people weren't real, right?

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