I had a request for a sneakpeak for the next part of the series. To keep with the theme, it shall be bittersweet and a little bit heartbreaking *evil laugh*


They danced all night, slow ones and fast ones and cheesy ones that accompanied wedding receptions like theirs. She had surprised and delighted him in equal measure when she chucked her hands in the air, shaking back and forth in his 'drunken giraffe' dance he'd done at the Pond wedding. He'd laughed joyously, joining her to the dismay of everyone around him. They should have guessed his gracefulness wouldn't last too long.

He turned beam at her, she beamed right back before her eyes widened in horror, her arms still in the air as she disappeared in a flash of light, landing in the TARDIS from long ago. She lowered her arms, her happy tears replaced by ones of despair as she stood alone in Nine's TARDIS in her blue wedding dress, her husband hundreds of years away. Rose Tyler entered the room to find her friend stood there, shaking in her sobbing and she rushed over, hugging her close as Jack joined them.

"If I lay here," Danni whispered, heartbroken, "If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"