One month. One week. Three days.

Forty one days all together.

It felt like an eternity. Every tick of the clock boring into her skull.


All that time alone. She hadn't had contact with anyone since she had gotten out of the sewers. The pantry and refrigerator once filled now bare. Two cans of beans, a can of fruit cocktail and one half empty box of spaghetti were all that remained. It would only last another day or two. She should have started rationing sooner. But she didn't and now she was going to have to face the city outside soon.

It was a different place out there now. The constant stream of reports on the television told the sad tale. Thousands dead, and just as many missing. Complete city blocks were gone. The Gotham City Museum of Art as well. Priceless paintings and sculptures destroyed by a blaze that had set to push the people who had taken refuge in it out into the open, where they were picked off.

After the first week, no one had bothered to try to break in again. She was thankful for that. Six times, six times that first week she sat in the corner of her bedroom, waiting. Waiting for the door to crash in and for her life to end.

But it didn't happen and she was still here. She had wasted most of the day debating, whether or not to leave, whether or not to eat, whether or not she should just end it now. That thought had been crossing her mind more often now, the idea of ending it, here with the idea of it being peaceful and not having it brutally stripped from her when they finally broke in, or when she finally ventured outside in search of food.

That is one of the worst parts of being alone for so long, there is all the time in the world to think.

She needed to pull herself together or she wouldn't get anything done. 'Look at that, it is already late. All this moping around has gotten you nowhere. Go ahead and eat, it is probably just low blood sugar talking.' She thought as she physically shook herself, attempting to rid her mind of the depressive thoughts that had been plaguing her.

Leaving the couch for the first time in hours, her muscles stretched and complained at their lack of use and sustenance. The loud grumble in her stomach, along with the dizzying sway of vertigo told her she made the correct decision. She cracked open the can of fruit salad, and dug in with a fork. The overly sweet pieces melted in her mouth, her headache subsiding as she drank down the last bits of pulp and corn syrup from the can. She opened one of the cans of black beans and set them to soak overnight, deciding tomorrow.

'Tomorrow will be a much better day to go looking for more supplies.' She told herself as she sprinkled some pepper over the beans before heading back to the couch.

She settled in after turning off the single light she had on. The evening was drawing near, the winter sky darkening earlier and earlier. She flipped the channels on the television, stopping on a movie she had seen many times. The characters and plot familiar and friendly enough to watch again. That was the odd thing, in the first few weeks as the city crumbled, the power would flicker and cut out. It was never off for more than a few hours though, and it hadn't gone out at all in last three weeks. It was as though he wanted everyone to have the comfort of electricity as their worlds collapsed around them.

Outside her little apartment on the third floor of the building on Davis Avenue, the sky darkened slowly from a blaze of color into the dark sky of night. The streets empty, no one out in the chilly weather of early December. The only people who roamed the streets were his men, armed with high-powered rifles and smaller submachine guns, their bodies decked out in bullet-proof armor. Anyone who was still left knew better than to roam around at night, it would just give them an excuse to kill you. He had spoke of taking back the city, well scurrying around like rats to avoid getting shot or worse doesn't seem like the people took it back.

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