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Dean was sitting in the dorm he shared with Clark at the academy, looking over some books while eating what appeared to be cafeteria meatloaf. He looked up when he heard the door open.

''Yeah, you too. I'll talk to you later, bye.'' Clark tossed his coat and phone on his desk chair and plopped down on his bed. Getting comfortable, he glanced over at Dean, and noticed the curious look on his friends face. ''What?''

''Who was on the phone?''


''Your voice, it sounded different. It sounded more ... I don't know, different.''

''You could be your dad's mini-me, you know that?''

''Right back at you. Seriously, though.''

''I was talking the same way I always do.''

''Wait, you didn't deny the voice change. Maybe you did it on purpose, to sound more -'' Realization suddenly dawned on him. ''Are you dating someone?''

''None of your business,'' Clark said denfensively.

''You are, you are dating someone. Why didn't you tell me?'' Dean said excitedly, his face lighting up into one big grin.

''I just, I wanted to wait a bit, you know, see if it lasts.'' Clark huffed, knowing he wouldn't be able to deter Dean now.

''So, what's the name of this girl who's captured your heart,'' Dean said dramatically. ''That in and of itself is a great talent, normally whenever a girl tries to get your attention you brush it off.''

''Yeah well, I'd reather listen to music.''

''You're weird Clark, you know that? So anyway, whats her name?''

Clark stayed silent.

''Come on tell me.'' Dean begged.


''Okay, whats that short for, Elizabeth?''


''Well, what then? Eliza, Elenor, Elisha, Elana?''

''None of the above.''

''Just tell me already. You know pulling teeth is easier than this.'' Dean says, exasperatedly.

Clark mumbles something under his breath.

''What was that?''

''Lois, okay, her name is Lois.'' Clark says, throwing his hands up in the air.

''Lois.'' Dean's eyes widen as he repeated the name in his head a couple of times. His shoulders started shaking from the laughter he was trying to hold in. ''So, if you get married, she'd be Lois Lane?''

''No, she'll keep her maiden name.''

''Really Clark, you would deny her that pleasure.''

''I could always take her last name.''

''Ooo, ooo, if you have son, please name him Kent.''

''I'm not naming my son Kent.''

''Alright. For a girl then.''

''Can we please drop this conversation.'' Clark let out a sigh as his phone rang. ''Saved by the ring.'' He paused, reading the name on the caller id.

''Is that her?''


''Go on, answer it Superman, she's your kryptonite, you know you can't resist her.''

''You really are enjoying this, aren't you?''

''You think I'm bad, wait until you tell the team - Spike in particular.''

''This is exactly what I was trying to avoid.'' Clark opened the door and walked outside to take the call out of earshot from his friend.

''It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!'' Dean shouted as Clark shut the door. He was so having dinner at the Lane's this Saturday.