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Life's Little Adventures

2. Horse

Monday 27th June, 2011

"Joe, where are you taking me?" Mimi demanded as she stumbled a little over something. She raised her right arm, intent on removing the blindfold that was currently covering her eyes. But as she did, a gentle hand pulled her own hand back down to her side.

"I've told you. It's a surprise."

Mimi gritted her teeth in frustration. That was the fifth time he had said that to her. She was feeling a mix of excitement with a touch of anxiety. She usually liked surprises… but this particular one she wasn't sure if she would like it or not…

Joe had given no clues what so ever to where they were going. He had told her to be ready by eight o'clock that morning, and to not overdress. He had picked her up from her parents' apartment and fifteen minutes into the journey just as they were leaving the city he had pulled out the blindfold from his pocket and told her to put it on. It had taken a lot of persuading for her to finally agree to wear it, despite not knowing what he was up to.

Now, almost an hour later they had parked up and Joe was leading her somewhere.

She had a fairly rough idea where they were. It was quiet, with a few birds chirping and there was a distinct smell of hay mixed with fertilizer so they were definitely far from the city and in the countryside somewhere…

What he was going to surprise her with though she had no idea. The surprise in itself was a surprise. She never would have thought in a million years Joe would plan something like this.

After all, he wasn't too keen on surprises himself…

"Okay, we're here." Joe announced after a few more minutes breaking the short silence. With his hands resting gently on her shoulders he carefully manoeuvred her a little so she was stood in the exact spot he wanted her in.

"So can I take it off now?" she asked impatiently. The ground was hard underfoot and she felt as if they were inside somewhere, with the smell of hay just that little bit stronger.

She heard Joe chuckle from behind her. "Yes." He simply replied.

Mimi took no hesitation in pulling the blindfold from her face. When her eyes focused she found herself stood in the middle of a large, and not to mention smelly stable.

But what immediately caught her attention wasn't her surroundings or the smell… it was in fact the large brown animal in one of the paddocks that was munching away on a mouthful of hay whilst staring straight back at her with his big dark eyes.

"Happy Birthday." She heard Joe say from behind, smiling.

Mimi stared at the horse for a moment unsure of what to make of the situation before she slowly turned around to look at the blue haired man. "…. You bought me a horse?" she asked, almost speechless.

"What? No. I've booked you in for a riding lesson."

"What?" Mimi blinked. "A riding lesson?" she repeated. "A horse riding lesson?"

Joe nodded, chuckling. "Well, there's nothing else here that you can ride." He humoured. "You said yourself you always wanted to ride a horse."

"I said a pony Joe. A pony. There is a difference between a pony and a fully grown freaking horse!" she exclaimed, a little over dramatic. "Not to mention I was only eleven at the time! Most young girls want to ride ponies!"

"C'mon Mimi, it'll be fun. You'll enjoy it. You've always been into the cowgirl fashion so I thought why not complete the look by learning to ride a horse?" Joe said as he gently guided her closer to the animal.

"Whose idea was this? Was it Sora's?" Mimi demanded, struggling a little against him. "Or was it Tai? He's never let me forget the time I locked you all up in that dungeon-"

"It was my idea. I thought it would be a nice present for your birthday."

"But my birthday's not until Thursday…"

"I know. I was hoping to take you on your birthday but this was the only time they could fit us in. Besides, it was more of a surprise this way." Joe said with a chuckle.

"B-b-but look at the size of it!" Mimi exclaimed stuttering a little trying to think up excuses. "I'll need a ladder to board it!"

Joe laughed. "Mount, Mimi."

"Excuse me?"

"Mount. You don't board a horse, you mount one."


"I don't know what you're so nervous about. You've ridden loads of Digimon when we were kids. One of them Unimon; whom I might add happened to be a horse."

"That's different!" Mimi shot back. "Animals can be so unpredictable. Who knows what this horse would be thinking once I sit on him."

Just then the horse snorted loudly catching Mimi by surprise. She felt some of the air from his nostrils against her neck causing her to yelp and stumbled backwards, falling back into Joe.

"Relax he's not going to hurt you." A voice called out.

Releasing they weren't alone, Mimi stood up straight before the both of them looked to their left. A young blonde haired woman was stood at the other end of the stable dressed in riding gear and holding a pitch fork.

The woman made her way through the stable and towards the two friends. "Are you here for a riding lesson?" she asked, resting the pitch fork against one of the closed paddocks.

Joe nodded. "Yes. It's for Mimi."

"Well I'm Mae, one of the instructor's here." She paused and glanced at Mimi who was cautiously eyeing the horse as if it was about to break free from his paddock any moment now and chase her. "He's not going to bite… Have you never been this close to a horse before?"

"The closest I have gotten to horses was when my ex boyfriend from New York took me to see this awful western movie in 3D." Mimi retorted.

"So, I take it this is your first riding lesson then?"

Mimi was about to come back with a sarcastic remark when Joe cut in. "She's a little nervous."

"Don't worry. Lots of people are nervous before their first lesson. From falling or getting thrown off, or if the horse bolts-"

"Is this supposed to make me feel better?" Mimi interrupted. "Because if this thing is capable of bolting then I will not be mounting it."

"Oh you won't be riding Tokai here." Mae said, patting the horse gently on the side of the head. "He's for our more professional riders. We have horses that are more suited for first timer riders further down the in the stable." She explained. "In fact we've got the perfect horse for you. Wait here whilst I go and fetch her."

Mimi watched the young instructor leave, disappearing around the corner of the large stable, before she huffed under her breath. "You watch she'll bring out a Shetland pony for me."

Joe chuckled. "At least you'll get your wish. After all you did want to ride a pony in the first place."

Mimi shot him a look. "Oh the others would get a real kick out of that wouldn't they? Seeing photos of me riding something that's built for a five year old! You saw the look she gave me. That's all she thinks I'll be capable of riding."

"Mimi, try and be nice. Being an instructor she'll be used to people with different skill levels so she'll know which horse is right for you, even if it does turn out to be a pony. Everyone has to start somewhere."

"Are you sure she's an instructor? She looks a little young to me. She barely looks eighteen."

"Of course she's an instructor Mimi. She's probably been around horses all her life."

Just then the two friends heard the sound of soft clip clopping of hooves, and Mae reappeared leading a light brown horse by the reins.

It definitely wasn't a Shetland pony….

"This is Blossom." Mae said once she had reached them. "She's gentle and very friendly." She added as she stroked the horse's mane, which the horse nickered in response. "She'll be a perfect horse for you to start learning on."

"She's beautiful, isn't she Mimi?" Joe commented, trying to encourage her.

"Um… yeah." Mimi was a little hesitant at first as she observed Blossom in front of her. This horse wasn't as tall as Tokai and didn't look as intimidating, but she still felt nervous over how tall the mammal was compared to herself.

But she had to admit Joe was right. This horse was rather beautiful. Her chocolate coloured coat looked as soft as silk matching her glossy white mane and tail, and her big dark eyes did indeed look gentle and friendly.

"H-Hi there…" Mimi said as she stretched her arm out slowly, suddenly feeling as if she had a swarm of butterflies in her stomach. Why was she feeling nervous over something as simple as stroking a horse? She had faced many monsters in the past; some ten times the size of a horse… but then she knew what a horse was capable of doing if it were spooked in any way…

Perhaps she had watched too many movies… and perhaps it was the unpredictable side of it that made her nervous. Animals were unpredictable, no matter how well trained they were. At least with a Digimon she had a better understand of what they were thinking….

Blossom suddenly took a few steps forward towards Mimi breaking her from her thoughts and causing her to take a step back; withdrawing her hand a little.

"Don't worry. She's just saying hello. She won't bite." Mae said, gently stroking Blossom's back.

Mimi felt a gentle nudge from Joe behind, reminding her he was the reason she was stood here. She tried again slowly moving her hand a little closer this time.

Blossom snorted a little. She sniffed Mimi's hand before gently nuzzling it a little with her mouth.

Mimi couldn't help but smile, now feeling a bit more relaxed although there were still a few butterflies there. "Hey that tickles." She said, slowly tracing her hand up the side of Blossom's head and across her mane. "Wow… your hair is softer than mine." She commented humorously as she ran her fingers through the horse's hair.

The horse remained calm, nickering occasionally as she enjoyed the attention she was currently receiving.

Joe smiled, feeling quite proud of Mimi, and himself as well. "Well my first surprise turned out not so bad after all, don't you think? I should try arranging surprises more often." He half joked.

Mimi turned her head to look back at him and gave him a glimmer of a sly smile as she continued to stroke Blossom's mane. She did have to admit the thought of riding a horse didn't seem so daunting now, and it was rather sweet of Joe to plan something quite unique for her birthday…. But she still wasn't going to let him get away with it.

Now, she couldn't wait for his birthday to come around. Because when it did; he was going to be in for the surprise of his life.