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''Whoa, whoa, what is that?'' Ed exclaimed as he stepped out of the locker room shower.

''What's what?'' asked Greg, looking over at Ed.

''That. On Wordy's feet.'' Ed pointed. ''Is that nail polish?''

''Looks like it. Want to go ask, or should we forget we saw anything?'' Greg asked, leaning against the doorframe.

''Hey, Wordy?'' Ed started making his way over to the row of lockers where Wordy was hanging up his uniform.

''Guess that answers one question.'' Greg murmured. He pushed off the dooorframe and walked toward his friends.

''Wordy, are you wearing nail polish on your toes?'' Ed asked.

''Yeah.'' Wordy looked down, smiling at his multi-colored toes.

''Care to explain?'' Greg started pulling out his clothes to get dressed.

''It's simple really. Some guys carry pictures or notes in their wallets their kids made for them, I let my girls paint my nails. Toe nails, so that the people we're arresting don't laugh at me.'' Wordy ginned, then sighing upon seeing his friends faces. ''It's just something that helps me feel closer to my girls. It's no big deal.''

''Okay, tomorrow buddy, bright and early, the gun cage, you need it.'' Ed said, pulling his shirt over his head.

Sighing, Wordy said, ''You'll understand if you ever have a daughter Ed.''

''Ed, having a daughter? Do you want him to pull all his hair out?'' Greg teased his bald friend.

''Oh, haha. I thought we were talking about Wordy here.'' Ed grabbed his jacket and shut his locker.

''What's the matter, can't take the tables turning?'' Wordy laughed. Just wait until he has a daughter, he thought. Then he'll be taking back every word.