It had been 2 months since Kono found out she was pregnant with either Steve or Danny's child. She wasn't sure about it, but one thing she know for sure: she was very pregnant. She's 3 and a half months along now and her belly starts growing for a bit, She's not sure how long she could hide this from others. There were a lot of things going through her mind; who was the father? could she handle raising a baby with her busy job? when should she tell the others and how would they react?

"is Kono ok? she seems very different these days." Danny asked, obviously being concerned something was going on with her. "i'm not sure, she's very quiet and absent these days i noticed... maybe someone should talk to her?" Steve looked up at her cousin Chin, they were like best friends and they could tell each other everything. "me? well i'm not pushing her to say something but i could try, maybe something happend back home" Chin stood up, looking at his cousin through the glass, she was staring out the window, feeling eyes burn in her back so she looked up right in the eyes of her elder cousin. Chin knocked on the door before he stepped in. "are you ok? Steve and Danny were wondering if there was something going on, and to be honest i'm pretty much concerned myself as well... did something happen?" Chin leaned against the desk for support, and looked her. Kono decided to act like nothing happend and just showed a smile. "i'm doing fine , really no need to worry i'm just still shocked by our last case." Chin nodded, but he didn't really believe it, Kono was never shocked she was just a very serious woman. "ok i can't hold it anymore " she said after looking at her cousin, she couldn't lie to him now could she? " Chin, listen up please don't be mad at me " he looked surprised "mad at you? why would i?" "because i've been keeping a secret from you for almost 4 months now and it's killing me." Chin stood up and wrapped his arms around his cousin, feeling the hard belly. "i... " she took a deep breath, it was hard for her since she hadn't made her decisions yet of keeping the baby or give it up for adoption so it could have a better life. "i just don't know what to do ok? i'm confused, i don't know who the father is and i don't know if i'm ready or not!" she brought up, Chin looking confused "wait what? what is this what are you talking about? are you pregnant?" Chin looked up at his cousin's belly as she rubbed her hand over it. She looked sad, wich was pretty obvious, she shared the bed with both of her collegues and she doesn't even know if she likes Danny or Steve better. She nodded slowly. "Kono, seriously? you're young! who could be the possible father?" Chin didn't sound mad but he did sound shocked, he wanted the best for his cousin, and he wasn't sure if a baby was such a good idea for her. Kono paused, how could she tell him that one of his collegues could be the father of this child? "listen up, don't tell anyone ok? but... i don't know. " "what do you mean you don't know? this is something serious, this is a little baby that has the right to know who it's father is. " " Danny. " Kono sighed " Danny? you mean Danny Williams? " "or Steve..." Chin's eyes whidened. " McGarrett? are you kidding me! " Kono looked scared, she noticed Chin was getting upset now, and she didn't like upsetting her family. "i don't know ok? i like both of the guys and i just don't know who i like better... this child might change everything i just need to know who the father is. " Chin looked up at Steve and Danny, Danny was joking around with Steve, while Steve looked irritated and pushed him back. "they need to know Kono, you can't wait any longer, your belly is showing and you don't want them to find out themselves now do you? " Kono felt defeated and started crying "no... no need to cry i'm sorry. " Chin said and pulled her into a tight hug, Kono just couldn't handle the stress anymore, she knew she needed to tell the guys and hurt one of them or maybe even both. "i just don't know how to tell them, i'm scared i'll hurt them and it's killing me " Chin pressed a kiss on her forehead. " i will support you ok? i will help you get through this i promise. " Kono nodded, it made her feel safe, her cousin's arms around her and him telling her that she'll be fine in the end. "i just need to come up with a plan, the baby will be here before we all know it. " Chin released his cousin "let's just get back to work and forget about this for a while, stress isn't good for the both of you, i would say calling them is the best option, but it's all up to you. " Chin opened the glass door back to the office, and Kono followed him, feeling a bit better just a small hug is what she needed to make it through the day and feel better about the future.