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The boys had just left the school yard and started their usual route home, talking a little louder to hear themselves over Clark's Ipod. Having to walk shoulder to shoulder was a bit awkward, but the two friends - brothers - didn't mind. They were nearing the stop sign where they normally split ways, but Dean kept walking.

''Hey, isn't this your turn?'' Clark asked, slowing.

''Yeah, but I'm going to the barber's to get my hair trimmed.''

''You want company? I can text Mom, tell her I'll be a little late.''

''Sure, if you want. You'll like Frank, he hilarious.''

So Clark pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to his mom explaining his tardiness. It wasn't long before she sent back the okay, and the boys made their way into town.


The bell on the door chimed as the boys exited. After waving to Frank through the window, Clark turned to Dean.

''So how does it really look?'' Clark asked, running his fingers through his hair.

''Honestly, it looks good.''

''My parents are gonna freak.''

''They'll probably never let you walk home with me again.''

''Just in case that happens, it was nice knowing you.''

''You too.''

Each placing a earbud in their ear, they continued their after-school ritual. Along the way, Clark completely forgot about his hair cut, instead focusing on the conversation and the music. This time, when they got to the stop sign, they exchanged a brief one-armed hug, and parted ways.


As Clark rounded the corner, he noticed his dad's car in the driveway. Oh yeah, Dad had the early shift. I guess we get to eat dinner together tonight. I really hope he doesn't try to help me with my homework tonight. That last science project took us both three hours cleaning my room just to get it back to it's original state. Clark unlocked the door and stepped inside. Remembering his shoes, he stepped back out on the rug, wipped his feet, and went back in, locking the door behind him. He had just passed the entrance way when he heard a shriek coming from the kitchen. Turning to the right, he saw his mom staring at him, with her vegetable knife clutched protectively in front of her. His dad suddenly stood in front of the kitchen doorway, his gun drawn. Ed squinted his eyes and cocked his head to the side.

''Clark, is that you?''

''Yeah, Dad, what's going on?''

Ed exhaled loudly and turned on the safety to his off-duty weapon. Sofie came out from behind Ed.

''Clark.'' Sophie held her hand over her heart in an attempt to steady it.

''Yes, what's going on?''

''What happened to your hair?''

Clark ran his hand over his head, remembering his cut hair. ''Nothing. Dean went to get his hair trimmed, I thought I would too. Still doesn't explain what was going on here.''

''I'm sorry, son. I kinda, thought you were a burglar.'' Ed said, mirroring his son's actions by running his hand over his head.

''A burglar. Since when do burglars take the time to make keys before they break into a house?''

''I'm sorry, you just look so different.''

''Okay. Mom, I've been positively ID'd, you can drop the knife.''

''Oh,'' Sofie said, lowering the knife to her side.

''I'm gonna go upstairs and put up my books. I'll be back in a minute. When I come down remember, it's just me.''

Clark made his way up the stairs and pulled out his phone to text Dean. Don't worry, buddy, you're off the hook. I on the other hand almost got arrested. I'll explain tomorrow - you're not going to believe this. After putting his phone on the charger, he went back downstairs for dinner. Slowly.