A/N: This is my 'advent calendar', if you like, for the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It will be a collection of 25 one-shots - fluffy, sometimes funny moments between Bilbo and the other members of Thorin and Company. I will update about twice a week, but it may be less or more depending on how busy my life gets!

I really hope you enjoy. ^.^

Desolation of Smaug Countdown Calendar

1: A Sleepless Night

Bilbo lay on his bed in the quiet of his room, listening to the sounds of the dwarves' low chatter as they prepared for bed, punctuated occasionally by a cry of indignation as a misplaced foot caught someone's leg, or a mug of ale - his ale, Bilbo might add - overturned.

Eventually the noise from the rest of the smial lessened, and Bilbo felt himself being lulled into sleep. His eyes grew heavy, and he rolled over, nestling deeper into his feather pillow...

A great snore rent the silence, and Bilbo's eyes flew open at the sudden rasping noise. Bewildered, he looked around, his sleep-befuddled mind expecting a huge bear or other night creature to be towering over him; but there was nothing there. Relieved, he lay back down again...

Only to be jolted straight back to wakefulness by another snore, louder than the first. As he listened, more snores sounded as each of the dwarves fell asleep. It sounded like there was a whole forest of bears in Bilbo's home; not a baker's dozen dwarves.

As the snores of the dwarves rumbled through the smial so loudly Bilbo fancied he could almost feel his teeth rattle, he tried covering his head with his pillow, with his blanket, with his pillow and his blanket; but to no avail. The snoring still permeated the layers and reverberated in his chest.

Bother those dwarves! Bilbo thought dejectedly. Giving up on sleep, he stared up at his ceiling.

There was no way in all of Middle-earth he would go on this 'adventure' with those dwarves. If tree roots and rocks weren't bad enough, this snoring was impossible! No, best he let them go... while he stayed and enjoyed his... feather pillows...

As dawn began to creep over the Shire, Bilbo finally fell asleep.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this first one! Please do let me know what you think :)