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25: Family

Gandalf began the long descent down the narrow stairs of the Carrock and the dwarves began to follow. Bilbo started to walk, but his legs were unsteady and he stumbled slightly, being caught by Bombur, who smiled merrily at Bilbo with a twinkle in his eye.

Bilbo tried again to take a step but the sheer relief, the aftermath of the adrenaline and the exhaustion he felt were all catching up with him and his legs buckled again, Bombur catching him once more.

'Don't worry, lad,' Bombur rumbled kindly. 'I'll help ye. You're more than light enough for me to manage.'

He hooked an arm around Bilbo's torso and held him up, Bofur and Dori and all the others trying to help him as he traversed the narrow stairs.

As they helped him, each watching out for him, Bilbo felt affection rise up something silly in his heart. He'd known them for just a few months and already, deep down, Bilbo felt like part of a family such as he hadn't felt since his parents died. It was enough to make him grin widely even with his cuts and scrapes and dirt and ripped clothing.

Judging by the sly smile Gandalf sent his way, the wizard knew exactly how Bilbo felt, and was very smug about it all too. No matter; they were his dwarves, and he would do anything to protect them.

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