A/N – Yes, I did say that this story was complete, that there was no more tale to tell. But the reality of it is, I love these three together and my Muse never seems to get them out of my head. So I have to add a chapter to their story. I hope you don't mind. This is a short one, just one simple chapter that needed to be told.


Sleep had eluded Daryl for weeks now, he had taken more than his share of watch shifts in the tower, held Carol while she slept, shushed baby Judith with walks through the halls or watched Rick sleep more times than he could count. An hour here or a cat nap there had been really all he could do lately and he didn't know why. He had taken Rick hunting with him these two days, not that Rick liked hunting or that Daryl really wanted the company, but his best friend had insisted on coming along because Daryl's lack of sleep was effecting his day to day functioning and it made the Sherriff uncomfortable to think of his friend out in the woods alone.

They had driven quiet a distance before pulling off into the woods where they then walked a few hours in silence to the cabin Daryl had found months ago. They had killed three Walkers on their way to the rickety cabin, more than Daryl had seen in this area in a long time. He knew that their presence would have a direct effect on their hunting today, but they had come to far not to try and Daryl liked being away from the prison, especially with Rick. They dropped their packs and the empty cooler into the tiny cabin, closed the door and headed for the hunting area.

The climb up to the tree stand was easy, putting the two of them on it back to back had been more of a challenge. It was built for one, a generous one, but still just one person. They leaned against each other in silence and scanned the area. Daryl had taught Rick the basics of bow hunting and though Rick would have been more confident with a shot gun, he knew that bow hunting was going to be the way to go. The sat for hours as the sun came up and drifted across the sky. They had both dozed off at one point or another as the sun warmed them. But they were both alert when the herd of eastern cottontail rabbits found their way into their clearing. Rick got off the first shot, cleaning killing the first one he saw. Daryl waited, just a bit as they scattered till he found the fattest of them and he claimed his kill just as cleanly.

The problem with bow hunting was that reloading took time, small kills were just that, small. But on the up side, they didn't attract unwanted attention from the living or the dead. They climbed down and took their kill back to the small cabin.

"Wanna go back out?" Rick wasn't sure if it was worth their time to sit in the tree stand or not again. He wasn't very versed in hunting.

Daryl closed the cooler and used it as a seat. "Nah, kinda tired." He was, the exhaustion was taking over. He had hoped that being out in the woods would help him sleep, he was glad his body was responding the way he wanted. "Think I'm gonna try and crash for a while." Rick nodded and shook out the ratty blanket that was on the makeshift bed on the floor. He took off his coat, grabbed his book and sat down with his back against the wall.

With his arms open Rick smiled. "Lay with me, get some rest." Daryl nodded and stripped down out of his coat and boots. Rick tried to make himself a comfortable pillow for Daryl as he curled on his side between the Sheriffs legs and rested his check on his thigh. Daryl had hoped that Rick would thread through his hair, but he never ask for it. It only took a minute for them to be comfortable and Rick slid his long fingers through Daryl's messy locks. When they had met his hair had been shorter and more sun bleached. But living in a prison during the end of the world had gotten it darker and longer. Rick missed the lighter color but he loved this length. He didn't let his mind wander to how much he liked pulling Daryl's hair when he was positioned for a long satisfying blowjob.

They were quiet and Rick just let his eyes wander the room, out the one window to the limited view of the woods. It didn't take long for Daryl to fall asleep, even though he had tried to fight it a bit, his breathing evened out and the faint sound of a snore filled the room. This would have made Rick happy if he knew it wasn't going to last long, Daryl hadn't slept much lately and it was really beginning to worry Rick. Carol too for that matter, they had talked about it a few times in the past two weeks. She knew better than anyone how little sleep he was getting. Rick listened to the rhythmic breathing as his eyes settled on the words carved into the wall near them.

'Matt still alive, still fighting'

'Me too – Daryl'

There were hash-marks next to Daryl's name, he carved one every time he came out here. There were four now, today would make five. No hash-marks near Matt's name. Rick assumed that Matt was no longer with the living, he wished he could think that Matt had just moved on to better hunting grounds, a safe place, a community with many people. But he was too realistic for that.

He played in Daryl's hair with both hands now, gently. Not wanting to stop as the change in pace might wake his friend. Dozing off would have been easy but Rick wanted to keep watch. Daryl murmured in his sleep. Rick couldn't understand him but he tried to listen.

Daryl ran for the fence, he could see Carol off in the distance, gun slung over her shoulder as she walked quietly through a herd of walkers. None had noticed her, none but one, he was screaming her name, drawing walkers toward his voice as he gripped at the fence, first fumbling to unlatch the emergency carabineer that held the quick release in place then next trying to climb over, but his boots were not designed for fence climbing. He could only watch as the walker in dark pants and shirt gained on her and reached for her. Daryl cried out her name and as she turned to his voice she was face to face with the walker. 'Run' was all he could say as she reached her hand up and touched the face of the walker. It all blurred as she was bitten, first in the hand, then pulled in and bit at her neck. Daryl dropped to his knees and screamed as the walker feasted on the slim, pale flesh. He was too far away to help her. Then the walker turned to the crying voice inside the fence and Daryl woke in a fit.

Rick held him, half leaned over to calm him, the dream had escalated quickly and then Daryl was awake, broken out in a sweat and ready to fight. Rick just spoke calmly, softly, "Shhh, I got ya." He held loosely at Daryl's shirt waiting for him to calm. Daryl always did, quick to acclimate to his surroundings. "'s'kay, I got ya, man. I go ya." Rick felt him calm in his arms as he nodded his understanding. He stopped breathing for a few seconds then let it all go. He had to. This dream, or some variation of it had been haunting him for weeks now. "Wanna tell me 'bout it?" Rick's voice was barely a whisper but he already knew the answer. They had done this twice before in the past week, once in Rick's cell when Daryl had climbed into his bed in the middle of the night then again when they had been in cell block A with Carol, the three of them wrapped together in post-coital bliss. Daryl just shook his head and rested his cheek back on Rick's thigh.

They eventually sat eating the lunch Carol had packed for them, talking about Carl and his girlfriend. Rick was thrilled that Carl was actually experiencing something resembling normal in their fucked up world. They were taking it slow, both too young to really know what they were doing. More just holding hands and hanging out, but Carl had gotten his first feel of breast, he had told Daryl this the other day and Daryl was finally telling Rick about it. "Think he's gonna be a breast man, seen him checking out Michonne a few times."

Daryl chuckled as he carved the fifth hashtag next to his name. "Not like you. You are such an ass man." It was true, Rick appreciated a good set of breasts but not as much as he liked to worship a beautiful ass. He was happy that Carol didn't seem to mind when his hands, kisses and tongue found their way to her shapely backside. He also loved Daryl's ass, but not so much for its shape and firmness but rather how it felt to be buried inside of it.

They walked back out into the woods, dusk brought out a different array of wild life and the found a boulder to sit on as they waited for something to cross their path. They sat close, thigh to thigh as they sat silently, the day was slipping by slowly but this was hunting, it couldn't be rushed, it couldn't be loud. It was all about waiting and focusing. It was boring as hell.

"Wanna fuck?" Daryl had been half hard all day and he knew Rick didn't care about the hunting, he had only come up to keep Daryl company. And though the hunters instincts made him believe that if they waited long enough a kill would come their way, the reality of it was, being this close to Rick this long just made him want to fuck.

Rick exhaled a breath, "Yeah." He sounded relieved. He turned and kissed Daryl, soft and almost sweetly. He kissed him out there on the boulder because he knew Daryl well enough to know that there would be no kissing when then got back in the shack. Whenever Daryl initiated sex it was hard and feral. If it got to the point of Daryl making the first move, it meant he was beyond turned on. Rick loved him this way. They kissed till Daryl was done kissing, he had groped at Rick's cock through his pants, gripping at the length of it till Rick pulled away, "Com'mon, wanna fuck." Rick lost most of his vocabulary when he and Daryl were like this.

As they reached back to the shack in the middle of the woods Daryl grabbed his lover and pushed his against the door. His mouth to Rick's ear he graveled out some words, "Gotta do it hard." He felt like he needed to warn his friend that he was going to top, it was going to be rough and that's all he could do right now. Rick nodded, he didn't mind, Daryl didn't often take for himself, especially not during sex. He constantly restrained himself with Carol and frequently ended up on his knees sucking off Rick or bottoming so the Sherriff could be in charge. It had taken a while, but Rick had finally gotten to the point of letting his own selfishness subside so that Daryl could work through whatever is was he needed to during sex. They were all fucked up. Daryl needed to fuck hard sometimes to chase away his demons. Rick needed to be in control but often 'topping from the bottom' so as to trick himself into thinking he wasn't in control. And Carol, she just needed to feel loved and needed, which was challenging when she was having sex with two men who had a hard time showing that type of intimacy and like to fuck each other as well as her. Over the past five months they had gotten pretty good at giving each other they needed, but sometimes they each had to be selfish, today was Daryl's turn.

Rick opened the door and started to strip as Daryl shut it behind them and barred it closed. He watched as the cop shed his clothes, dropping them in pile till he was completely naked. Daryl took off his boots but that was it. This wasn't going to take long and he didn't feel like getting naked. Rick had wished there was more furniture, hell any furniture. He liked it best when Daryl bent him over something and did him standing from behind, but that wasn't going to be an option. Rick stood face to face, gripped a handful of dark, shaggy hair, kissed him once then got down on all fours and waited to be taken.

Daryl knelt behind him and began to spit, there would be little foreplay, as soon as Rick's ass had been exposed Daryl was hard and ready to screw. He lubed up Rick as well as he could, sliding in a finger and adding more spit. Daryl had been too rough about a month ago and even through Rick didn't complain, he knew he had fucked up. When Rick felt ready Daryl stroked more spit onto himself then rubbed the head of his dick against his friends' ass. Daryl loved that feeling, the head slowly starting to push into that tight hole, Rick starting to pant as he tried to think about relaxing his body. Sliding in just a bit then being pushed back out. Daryl enjoyed the tease that came before the hard pounding. Rick body finally opened up, as if they hadn't done this dozens of times these past months, and Daryl slid deep, pushing till there was nothing else to slide inside. He gave Rick a change to adjust then he let the feral side of himself take over. He slammed hard, digging his fingers into his friends flesh as he gritted his teeth. He hadn't felt this good in a while, free and wild. He could never be like this with Carol and over the past few weeks they had been having more and more sex than ever before but he could never be this rough with her.

Rick buried his face in the broken mattress and took the pounding Daryl inflicted. But as he had learned over the months, he didn't mind being used this way, the bruised hips and sore ass that lasted for days made Rick happy. The fact that he had finally learned to put his own needs aside and let Daryl simply take from him made him happy. The fact that Daryl always seemed to stimulate his prostate and made Rick have an orgasm in the process also made him cool with the situation. Daryl fucked hard taking his own pleasure from Rick, getting close to orgasm then backing off a few times before he buried himself deed and came hard. He bit at Rick's shoulder as he did it, he knew how much Rick liked being bitten. Finally he slid out using a rag to catch the cum and clean himself up before ruining the pants that were just by his knees. He leaned against the wall, dick still out and closed his eyes. He wouldn't sleep, but he wouldn't cuddle either. Not after this encounter, not without Carol around. Rick panted a while then cleaned himself up, going outside to finish up and take a leak. When he came back in, Daryl was dressed and laying down, wide awake but comfortable.

Rick had fallen asleep touching Daryl only because the mattress was too small, not because Daryl wanted it.

There she stood in the doorway of the prison, so far away from him. He didn't know how she had died but she was dead now. Like the rest of the walkers she was dead, even though she was standing there, starting to walk. He watched her little body tumble down the stairs into a heap. Rick ran to her, he was closer than Daryl was. He watched Rick try and pick her up, seemingly oblivious to that fact that is was no longer Carol laying at the bottom of those stairs. It happened fast, too fast for Daryl to react; walker-Carol had wrapped her arm around Rick and sank her teeth into him before the hunter could react. Daryl screamed out but it was too late. It was always too late. He tried to run, to save Rick, but his feet were slow and by the time he reached them both, Rick had turned too.

Rick woke to Daryl's nightmare that had him tossing and talking in his sleep, he didn't know how long either one of them had been out, but once again he was wrapped around his friend, shushing the nightmare and telling him everything would be alright.


They rolled through the prison gates with their morning kill loaded in the back of the truck, Daryl had let Rick sleep during the hunt and the kill, but he woke him to help with the hauling. Though the doe was small, normally not something he would have shot at as it needed more time to grow, food was a bigger priority. They loaded the truck, closed up the shack and Daryl mumbled on his way out the door, "Keep fightin Matt, keep fightin." Those carved letters may be the only bit of Matt left in the world, and for some reason, Daryl wanted to keep his memory alive. Though they had never met, there was something about knowing there was a chance out there, Daryl hoped against hope that whoever Matt was, he was fighting the good fight, just like he was every day.

"Ya okay?" Daryl had been rough on Rick last night and he looked sore climbing into the cab of the truck. He nodded and leaned across the bench seat to kiss the concerned redneck. They kissed for a while, longer than they normally did.

Carl was at the gate with Michonne as the guys came through. They all felt better when the group was inside the fences. The team from Woodbury who seemed to like cleaning and prepping the kill were waiting by the slaughter room. It had been a while since they had seen this much fresh meat and they were going to make the best of it. The guys left them to their work as they parted ways. Rick wanted to check in on his gardens and talk with Carl. Daryl on the other hand had seen Carol standing at the top of the stairs waiting for him. She and Rick waved as Daryl walked, crossbow over his shoulder toward her. His dream from yesterday came flooding back. Her dead skin, blank eyes and a thirst for human flesh. He shook the memory away and took the stairs two at a time. When he got to the landing he hugged her and in a very unusual display of affection he kissed her, on the lips.

"Everything alright?" Carol knew that she should be happy that he was being affectionate, but it meant something more. She hugged him close not caring if people saw. Most folks knew they were together, though most had no clue that Rick was involved as well.

Daryl let go and took her hand, walking her back inside the prison walls. "Yeah. Just glad to be back. Glad you're okay."

She nodded. She had a hunch that his lack of sleep, dramatic nightmares and now this kiss were all tied together. She didn't know what he was dreaming about, but it was enough to make him not want to sleep. And since he had no reason to think that she would be in danger while he was gone, she pieced it all together pretty quick. "Still havin' bad dreams." He nodded. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." He always came home a little dirtier. They grabbed a gallon of wash water and headed up to their cell.

When they got inside and closed the sheet in the doorway, Daryl turned and kissed her again. Putting down the water jug and starting to undress her, his mouth covered hers, her skin, licking and kissing as he pulled up her top and started at her cargo pants. Her body responded immediately, her nipples hardening and moisture forming between her legs. But her brain knew something was off. "Hey, slow down there killer." He didn't slow down, his hands roamed her flesh finding her nipples, he knew how much she enjoyed them being played with. She didn't see him this way often, but there was usually a reason for it. A fight with Rick, loss of a loved one, something that made him aggressive to connect with her. "Don't tell me you didn't get enough last night." She had seen Rick's subtle limp, she had a good idea of how their night had gone.

"Want you." He looked through her when he said it. He did want her, he was hard for her. He had been since he had seen her on the stairs and he knew for sure his dream was just that, a dream. She had been alive and well at the top of those stairs this time and he wanted to hold her, kiss her and make love to her. Not that he was good at executing that emotion. By the time they had reached their cell his desire to make sweet love had turned to lust and he simply wanted. He finally looked at her, "Let me?" He had little use for vocabulary most days, today was no different. She watched his eyes, he wasn't out of control or feral, just lust-filled and she was fine with that. Carol replied by helping him undress her then started at his clothes. He always wore those damn boots that took unlacing but she did it. She knelt in front of him and unlaced his boots then started at his pants.

He was rock hard for her and she slipped his dick into her mouth, she loved sucking him, the way his body reacted, the moan that escaped his lips. To do this in their cell in the middle of the day was unusual to say the least, but she welcomed it. Even now, months since they had been together it wasn't uncommon for them to stick to oral sex. He was good at it. It's what she had expected out of today, she figured he just needed to cum so she planted herself against the bed and sucked him deep. His fingers laced in her hair, he tried not to force her mouth but she never minded when he did and somehow it just happened. She knew it was hard for him to stay in control and her eyes lit up, she loved making him happy. Carol sucked him deep and let the little bit of drool slide down from her mouth.

Daryl tipped his head back, she felt amazing. Warm and alive. Every time he had dreamt of her lately she was dead. He was always too late to save her. To save Rick too. It broke him every time. But now she was alive and he wanted to be with her. He stopped her from sucking and she looked up at him, a mouth full of dick with a confused look on her face. "Want you." He stepped back pulling out of her mouth and he knelt in front of her. Eye to eye he spoke, "I want you Carol, right now."

They kissed and melted into each other and worked their way onto the bed. It didn't matter that it was the middle of the day and that she wasn't always quiet when they were together. Daryl knew that there was a likely chance of someone walking by their cell, of someone looking for them at this time of day. He needed her now, like he needed Rick last night. Not in the same way but with the same passion and need. They both filled a different part of Daryl's heart. She straddled on top of him and eased herself down on his shaft. He filled her in a most satisfying way and she moaned out, just once, then gained control over herself. She rode him steady and he let his hands roam her body, he loved the slight curve of her hips and always loved to grab her ass. Though he was not the ass man Rick was, he loved hers. She trailed her fingers along his chest across his tattoos and scars. This was as close as they ever came to making love. They kissed and fondled and when he finally came it was him that groaned out, not caring who heard them.


It was late, dinner had been done hours ago, socializing and bed times had come and gone. Carol was waiting for Daryl to come to bed, he had gotten caught up talking with Glenn about nothing in particular. She was dozing off when he finally came to bed. He tried to be quiet but she always knew when he was around and it woke her completely. "You say goodnight to Rick?" Even though the three of them had been together for months, Rick still insisted on sleeping in his own cell three doors away. Daryl nodded. He always made a point of saying goodnight, usually because he liked the kiss Rick had for him. For the most part, no one at the prison had figured out the three of them were a triad. No one but Glenn. When the light finally came on over his head about them he didn't say anything for a while, but he finally let it slip to Carol that he knew. She was sure he had told Maggie by now, but no one else had ever pieced it together. If Daryl hadn't been Rick's number two for so long, it might have been more obvious.

She pulled back the blanket on their make shift double bed and he crawled in next to her. She snuggled in close, and he wrapped his arm around her pulling her cheek to his chest.

Carol was really starting to worry about him, "You gonna try and sleep tonight." He nodded. "Daryl, you really need to sleep." This insomnia was really beginning to effect his during the day. "Maybe Hershel has some pills stashed, something to get you to relax."

Daryl kissed her hair, "Don't need no pill, I got you." It was sweet of him and she smiled.

Carol didn't speak, she let go of him and got out of bed. When he asked where she was going she just ignored him. He would be pissed if she came back with a pill. Daryl didn't do drugs, it's wasn't his thing, that had been his brothers way. Daryl didn't need a pill. Hell, Daryl didn't want to sleep. Every time he closed his eyes to long the dreams came and they always brought the same thing. Death to the two people he loved the most. A fucking pill would just make him sleep longer, make the dreams last longer and make their deaths more powerful. Right now he could usually shake himself from sleep but a damn pill would keep him knocked out. Where the hell had she gone, down to ask the old man for something to knock him out. Jesus, why couldn't she just be happy with him holding her while she slept.

Rick came through the curtain first, Carol right behind him. He had his boots in one hand and pants in the other. She had taken him out of his bed. Daryl was pissed. He hated being ambushed and this sure did feel like one. If she thought Rick would be able to get him to take a pill she was dead wrong. Rick set his boots by the end of the bed and his pants on top of that. Carol climbed back in, over Daryl and against the wall. She pulled at his t-shirt, drawing him closer to her giving Rick room to join them in bed.

Daryl watched as Rick laid down, the three adjusted so that they were all reasonably comfortable. "The fuck?" Daryl didn't understand, this wasn't their arrangement.

Rick opened himself up to Daryl and his friend relaxed into him. "Just tonight." Rick kissed Daryl's hair. "You need to sleep and we're gonna be here so you don't have to worry about the nightmares." Carol moved half onto Daryl's chest and he wrapped an arm around her. There they all lay wrapped together, protecting Daryl, supporting each other. Rick had seen the nightmares first hand but Carol was right, if they were both with Daryl when he slept, his brain would figure it out, figure out he was safe. At least that's what they hoped would happen.

Daryl didn't speak, he couldn't. He hated being the one that needed taking care of. He wouldn't sleep, he'd wait till they were both out cold and he would rest his eyes, but he wouldn't sleep. Rick and Carol synced up their breathing to Daryl's and they all slowed to a rhythm without even realizing it. Rick stroked Daryl's hair and Carol held his hand. If it had been another time with different people, hell even just one person, this would have made Daryl feel like a caged animal. His eyes got heavy, he fought to stay awake but he was losing the battle. Maybe they were right, maybe his brain would feel protected and he would be consumed by nightmares this time. He dozed off.

The sun was high in the sky, noon as far as Daryl was concerned. They were all working on daily chores which today included reinforcing a section of fence that was weakening to the walkers. Daryl was out there with Glenn and Maggie as they dug a hole to add a post. He wiped the sweat off his brow and looked out to the field of walkers. So many of them had been there for a long time, he was almost used to seeing their faces. But some were new. Daryl dropped his shovel and watched as two new walkers staggered from the back of the pack.

Daryl woke himself before he let it all sink in, another dream where he had lost them both. Rick held him tight as Carol shushed him. "It's okay, we're right here." They didn't ask about the dream they just held him till he lost his battle to stay awake.

He sat at the table, the last one to eat. Not completely uncommon. He sat with a bowl of stew and slowly ate, not in a rush to get back out to the fences. It was raining out and Daryl really didn't want to work in the rain even though there was much repair work to be done. He finished his lunch and dragged himself back toward the sink. As he rounded the corner, there they were. Carol and Rick, standing together. He didn't know how they had died this time either, but there they were between him and the sink, his crossbow nowhere in sight. They just stood there, looking at him. He didn't bother to scream this time.

Rick couldn't take the thrashing anymore, he woke Daryl with a shake and held him as he woke. Whatever dream was consuming him would not let him go. It broke his heart to watch his lover this way. This time when Daryl woke, he didn't fight, didn't sweat, something was different. "'S'ok." He let his head fall back onto Rick's chest as Carol held his hand.

The bunk felt empty when Daryl woke, Carol was gone already. Sometimes she woke before him and let him hog all the blankets as she started the day. He laid in bed figuring out what he had to do today. The fence was secured, they had placed new posts and reinforced their main line of defense. The breaches were fixed and the wall between them and us had been fixed. Today would be spent working on the truck, Glenn had brought back some needed parts on his last run. The curtain in the door way opened and in walked Carol. For a moment, Daryl's heart stopped. For a moment he thought it was a walker, he sprang up in bed and grabbed for his crossbow. Rick followed in behind her and stepped in front of her when he realized Daryl was reaching for his bow. "Daryl…" They looked at each other. Daryl shook his head. He caught his breath and realized that everything was fine. He slumped as Carol walked to him and took his hand.

"You worry too much, about all of us." She knelt in front of him as Rick sat beside him.

Rick put an arm around Daryl, "Stop being on edge, we're all together. We can handle anything." Daryl leaned into Rick's hold as Carol wrapped around them both in a hug.

Rick wanted to wake him but Carol held him back. "He's calming down." She whispered. It was the first time in two weeks that Daryl had seem to let his dream come to completion and didn't wake himself up. They held him close till they all finally slept.


Daryl woke first, feeling a bit confused. It was still dark out and he realized he was sandwiched between his lovers. He wanted to stretch, move around, go take a piss. But it was warm and comfortable in their arms. He listened to the quiet of the prison, to Carol and Rick sleeping soundly. And then it hit him. He had been asleep too. For the first time in weeks he had slept. He didn't want to think about his dreams but he had to. He went back to walker-Carol and dead-Rick and forced himself to remember. Mending fencing and reinforcing their home and then he was safe in his cell. With Carol and Rick by his side. Like they were now. Daryl had finally figure it out. These dreams weren't about him losing his loves. They were about strengthening and reinforcing, bringing each other closer to him and being together as a unit. He couldn't keep them at arm's length any more, and Rick couldn't keep sleeping somewhere else. They were all together, in this bed, where they all needed to be.

He felt Rick playing in his hair again, he knew Rick was awake. "You got some sleep." Rick had listened to Daryl start to snore before he had let himself fall asleep. He woke a few times and checked on Daryl who had been out cold for a few hours. Daryl nodded in his hold.

Carol was asleep, more soundly than Daryl had seen her in a while. He looked around the dark cell and listened to the familiar noises of the prison, "Three of us, gotta sleep like this from now on." Daryl didn't make it a request, but more a command.

Rick shook his head.

"Though you didn't care if people knew." Rick had been the one to say that from the start even though he chose to sleep separate.

Rick kissed Daryl's hair. "I don't, but this bed isn't big enough for three." They were comfortable for one night, but this really was no way for them all to sleep.

"My god, can you two shut up so I can sleep. In the morning you find a way to make a bigger bed." She tickled Rick's side and gently bit Daryl in the shoulder. The all laughed and the held close together and dozed back off to sleep.