Beca Mitchell is sitting at her desk making music mixes like always. She is a sophomore at Barden University and the leader of the Barden Bellas. The Bellas are the ICCA, International Championship of Collegiate a Cappella, national champions. She is enjoying her music when she hears a banging on the door.

"Beca! Beca!" Beca is very frustrated as she walks over to the door. Jesse is standing at the door hopping back and forth.

"Jesse! What is the matter? Why are you here?" Beca questions his anxiousness.

"Auditions start in five minutes. Five minutes Beca. Where have you been?" Jesse grabs her hand and starts fast walking down the hallway towards the theater.

"You are kidding me right? This is ridiculous." Beca follows down the hall towards the theater.

Jesse Swanson is Beca's boyfriend of six months. He is a member of the Treblemakers, the Barden Bellas a cappella rival. Last year at the ICCA finals, Jesse and Beca got together. Beca and Jesse arrive in the theater and he kisses her on the forehead.

"Listen up a-ca-ballers, I have been rejected by the army, shoved into a Dora the Explorer backpack, and pushed into the girls locker room wearing nothing but 'spenders. But no matter. I am in the world that I love. And with the assistance of my boy Justin…" Tommy says.

"My liege…" Justin replies.

"I launch this year's auditions." Tommy finishes.

Justin drums on his stomach creating the drum roll sound.

"The most recent ICCA national champion winners get to pick the audition song." Tommy says as her motions to Beca and the other Bellas. The Bellas whisper amongst themselves as they try to decide on an audition song. On the table in front of the Bellas is the large trophy they won at the national competition.

"All right nerds. Let's go with Payphone by Maroon 5." Beca says after a minute of deliberation amongst the other girls.

"Good choice!" Fat Amy tells Beca. Fat Amy joined the Barden Bellas last year alongside Beca. Fat Amy is Australian and is one of the most entertaining members of the close knit group.

"You picked a good one." Cynthia Rose comments on Beca's choice. She is… well… lesbihonest now…

Seven girls and four guys auditioned for the chance to be included in the Barden Bellas, Barden Treblemakers, BU Harmonics, or the Highnotes. Two girls join the Bellas, two guys join the Treblemakers and the remaining singers join the BU Harmonics. No one actually auditions for the Highnotes.

"Great job, everyone." Tommy said as everyone makes their way to the door. Beca meets up with Jesse outside the theater. They walk toward the Bellas house which had been built over the summer with donations and help from Beca Mitchell's dad, Dr. Mitchell, who works at the school as a professor.

"We have a movication planned tonight right?" Jesse asked Beca. Jesse started to give Beca movie educations or "movications" because Beca did not like movies and Jesse loves them. He has gotten her to watch several movies now.

"We have the aca-initiation." Beca replies, clearly distracted.

"Dang. I was going to introduce you to Harry Potter." Jesse tells her.

"Who?" Beca asks uncertain about what he was talking about.

"Well I have my work cut out, don't I?" Jesse says to himself.

Later that night was the aca-initiation. The aca-initiation was the joining of new members into the a capella groups and a party to celebrate. Beca is talking to one of the new Bellas.

"Oh, he's cute." Lindsey says, pointing in the direction of Jesse.

"That's Jesse." Beca says to her.

"Yeah, I talked to him a few minutes ago. He is so sweet and very good looking." Lindsey says to her.

"Yeah. I know. He's my boyfriend." Beca tries to say without being mean.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Lindsey says, very embarrassed.

"It's ok. I understand where you're coming from." Beca says making things less weird.

"Well, umm. I'm going to get a drink. Yeah." Lindsey says and walks away. At the party Beca notices Fat Amy standing alone talking on the phone. She walks over to say hi as Fat Amy kisses into the phone and hangs up.

"Who was that?" Beca asks Fat Amy.

"No one…" Fat Amy replies with a suspicious tone in her voice.

"Right." Beca says as her phone starts to ring. Her ringtone, "Don't You (Forget About Me)" By Simple Minds, starts to play. She pulls out her phone and is shocked to see it is Chloe Beale, her good friend. Chloe was co-leader of the Barden Bellas alongside Aubrey Posen, but she and Aubrey graduated last year passing the leadership onto Beca.

"Hey Chloe!" Beca says into the phone.

"Hi Beca! Would you like to come to Sydney with the Bellas and Treblemakers?" Chloe asks Beca. Chloe is standing outside the Sydney Opera House. Aubrey, Bumper, and Donald are standing by her.

"Sydney? Like Australia?" Beca asks.

"Yup!" Chloe responds.

"Why would I do that?" Beca inquires.

"The international championship of course!" Chloe says.

"There is an international a capella championship?" Beca asks.

"Yes and we are going to compete in it." Chloe tells her before hanging up.

Beca walks over to Fat Amy and tells her what was going on.

"Aca – Awesome!" Fat Amy responds. Fat Amy walks over to the DJ. She yells at everyone to listen.

"Thanks Amy. I need to talk to the Treblemakers and Bellas. I would like to meet everyone in the Bellas house tomorrow at one. Thanks!" Beca finishes her announcement then leaves the party to go work on her mixes.

The next day at one Beca walks down the stairs as the Treblemakers and the Bellas come to talk with Beca. They are all gathered in the living room. She tells them about the conversation she had with Chloe. They become excited and they immediately fundraise to afford the trip. The collect the money and leave for Sydney on December thirtieth.

Three days before leaving for Sydney, Beca gets back to her room in the Bellas house to find rose petals on her bed and a note:

Meet me under our tree at 7:15. Wear something nice.



She smiles and puts on a nice outfit. She goes down to the "quad" and sees Jesse standing under the tree, holding a bouquet of flowers. She starts to walk a little faster and ends up running to him.

"What is this all about?" Beca asks him.

"You will see." They get in his car and put on the radio which is playing one of her mixes. He pulls up to a fancy restaurant. Beca doesn't get out, because she does not think this is the place they were going.

"What's wrong?" Jesse says as he opens her door and helps her out.

"I just didn't think this was where we were going." Beca says. "I thought a movie was going to be involved."

"Oh, you are right. That's just after we eat." Jesse says holding her hand and taking her into the restaurant. They get their table and enjoy a nice meal.

"Well that was great." Beca says as she gets back in the car.

"It's not done yet." Jesse says as they drive to the movie theater. They go directly into the movie theater because Jesse already has tickets. They go in and the movie is just starting. There is no one there and in two seats are rose petals surrounding it and little name stickers.

"You did all this?" Beca asks him.

"Yes. Are getting emotional, Little Miss Titanium?" Jesse says to her.

"Shut up, nerd." She says laughing as tears roll down her face. He kisses her and takes her to her seat. They watch the movie and after it is finished she whispers that this was really amazing.