Fred and George Weasley's deaths.

"Look out Fred!" George called to his brother; Fred ducked down, avoiding a curse.

"I saw it, I saw it." Fred replied, spinning and firing straight at his attacker, who grunted when he was thrown down the corridor. The Corridor was packed, students running up and down it, death eaters attacking those who thought and others who just got in their way.

"Yeah right," George muttered, deflecting a spell aimed at him by a Hogwarts student he knew. He had no idea on the name of the Slytherin Student, but they were determined to kill him. George ran along, why spells hit the wall directly behind his head as he ran.

"Stupefy!" George shouted, his attacked deflected the spell and replied with one of his own. Fred stood straight and smacked the spell away. He flicked his wand and a red spell shot forward, and again, and again. Each time the young wizard deflected the spells.

"Hey, look!" George yelled, pointing at the wall behind the wizard, he turned around. "Stupefy." George said and his spell his the student in the back and he shot up, smacked harshly against the wall, before slumping down.

"Idiots." Fred, who had fought away his own enemy, said stumbling over.

"What can you do about em?' George said. They shrugged and ran down another hall, searching for their family. They spotted Angelina Johnson come crashing down some stairs and through a door. She looked badly injured, exhausted and barley able to go on.

"Angelina!" George yelled. He grabbed her and held her close. She cried as she hugged him.

A few years before she had been briefly dating Fred, but it had not worked out. Now she and George have been getting closer, and...he thought he loved her.

"Dead!" was all she could cry. "They're dead!" she yelled.

"Who are? Who's dead?" George asked.

"Padma, Dean, Seamus, Slughorn and McGonagall, she died saving me!" Angelina cried.

George and Fred looked at each other, taking in the horrifying news that so many of their friends and a beloved teacher was dead. Instead of breaking down. They held each other close into a hug before helping Angelina down the hall.

Suddenly their path was blocked by several hooded death eaters.

"Angelina...goes." George muttered, opening the door to their left and hurrying her through. George slammed the door shut and turned to the death eaters, who all raised their wands in union.

"Protego!" Fred shouted, creating a shield that stopped the hundreds of spells that fired at them over the next several minutes.

"We're not doing so well, Georgie!" Fred yelled, feeling the power overcoming him.

"We can do it, and after we'll-"

A green jet of light hit George from the back, he flashed green for a second before he fell to the floor.

Fred didn't know why his twin had fallen to the floor until he turned and saw another death eater behind them, his wand pointing at his brother.



"No!" Fred cried out! Tears forming in his eyes, but he, alone against eight death eaters didn't stand a chance.

But he would try.

He didn't even get top lift his wand before the life was knocked out of him.

And the Weasley brother's fell to the floor next to each other.


I apologise for it being short and not very well written but i'm running out of idea's and starting to think if I should end this story?