Change Rooms

Wrote this randomly in the middle of the night cos i couldn't sleep so it may suck in quality.

SUMMARY: Unable to beat Haru in the pool, Rin finds other places… and other ways. Where Rin loves to dominate Haru. Sharkbait.

Disclaimer: Free isn't mine, but this plot - err... plotless story is mine! If i catch anyone plagarising, i will MURDER you.

Warnings: It's M rated. 'Nuff said. Oh, wait - Unbeta-d, sorry.


"Stop it, Rin."

Haru shifted on his feet to brush off the exploring hands, his exasperated tone laced with annoyance. He slipped his arms through a crisp white school shirt and buttoned it slowly, focusing on ignoring Rin and instead remembering the way the water at Samezuka glided against his skin during the joint practice. Rin had yet to change, with only a black towel draped over is shoulders that held one or two droplets dripping his almost-dry hair. The lockers were empty except for him and Rin – they had stayed back to swim when everyone else had left. Makoto had left earlier that day because he had to take care of his siblings, so no one nagged Haru into leaving.

Rin's smile widened even more. Haru frowned inwardly. No… rather, it was a smirk. Rin did not smile – he sneered and smirked. Sometimes, Haru wondered if it was those abnormally pointed teeth that made him like that. Teeth that reminded him of sharks. For a moment, he wondered how many likenesses Rin had to a shark outside the pool. Did his teeth regrow no matter how many times he lost them? Was his nose as sensitive?

"Why?" asked Rin.

Feeling that the question was self explanatory and rather childish, Haru turned and plucked his towel off the wall hangers. He closed his eyes and started to massage his scalp with it, ridding any extra moisture. He didn't realise two arms encircling him from behind before he felt rough palms graze the skin on his abdomen, sending jolts of electricity up his spine.

"Stop." Haru surprised himself with the quietness of his voice because by God, he was getting annoyed now. He swatted the hands away, twisted away from the hold while grabbing the arm strap of his duffel bag in one smooth motion.

Rin's hands reached for him again. Intent on ignoring the red head, Haru turned and purposefully strode towards the exit, the quiet sound of his school shoes tapping against the wet tiles echoing throughout the change rooms. He was barely a few feet away when a louder and faster stride began. There was no time to process it – or anything really – when a strong hand encircled his elbow and twisted him around to shove him against a wall, because the back of his head slammed into the concrete. Grunting, he winced. Shit, that was probably going to leave a bruise.

"Oi," Rin said, and Haru shuddered at the ticklish sensation of having Rin whisper in his ear. Compelling himself to ignore the discomfort of having his personal space invaded, he levelled his azure eyes to Rin's crimson ones only to once again realise how goddamn close they were standing. The thought of running away flickered briefly through his mind, but he realised his simple and obvious plan to push Rin away and continue on his merry way was ruined, because his wrists were being held captive against the wall.


Haru turned his gaze from his trapped hands to Rin, whose face was mere inches away from his.

"What," asked Haru blankly.

"Who said you could leave?"

"Who said I couldn't leave?"

Rin snorted, hands tightened against his wrists. "Real funny, Haru."

Not seeing where this was going, Haru stared back blankly. Rin acting strange was no new information – but this ignorance of the concept of 'personal space' was something only belonged to the 'old Rin'. The Rin that had returned from Australia had been distant, both physically and conversationally. And yet, today, Rin had done a complete 180 albeit Haru couldn't tell if the change was good. The old Rin had been warm and friendly. This Rin, although similar in antics, was cold, bastardised and eerie.

Rin called another 'oi' and Haru's eyes refocused to him.

"Pay attention to me," growled Rin.

"Let go of me."

"Seems like I still have some water in my ears… speak up a little would you?"

Haru frowned, and turned his head to his side only to have Rin's vice like hands grip his chin and twist his head back to face him. He opened his mouth to complain, only to give a quiet mewl.

Shocked, his blue orbs widened and he slapped one of his hands over his mouth (the other, unfortunately still trapped by something called Matsuoka Rin's hands). A thigh brushed against his crotch again, and he couldn't decide if he felt relief for stopping himself from making any more embarrassing voices, or absolute horror that Rin was doing this.

Rin apparently, wasn't content with the lack of noise. Haru jolted when his hand was shoved to the side and pinned against the wall again.

"Rin!" Haru winced at his own voice's shrillness.

Rin shot him a devilish grin, his pointed teeth gleaming. "Come on, make that sound again." His thigh pushed against Haru's clothed dick, much harder than the last two times. It took all of himself for Haru not to whimper, as he bit down on his bottom lip and his eyes twitched.

Think about other things. Other things.

Water water water. Water. Water – oh god

Rin's thigh became more insistent and his hands abandoned their prisoner to slip under Haru's white shirt and map the chest under it – chiselled and firm, but not quite like his. More feminine – but Haru would glare at him if he told him that.

Water was good and all, but Haru realised it wasn't helping the him rid the hardness growing in his pants. Instead, Haru found himself comparing Rin's touches to water and speeding up the process if anything.

Haru's resistance crumbled under questing fingers, and he found his usually clear head fogging to the point he fumbled to make a complete two worded sentence: 'Stop, Rin'. He practically sat on Rin's thigh, his jello-turned legs far from being able to hold him up. His hands opted to hold onto the red hairs shoulders. His eyes glazed and half lidded, he barely noted that Rin was watching him with amused eyes.

Fingertips danced at the waistband of his swimming trunks (First of all, when and how did they even get under his pants?! Second, why did he let Rin get so far?!) while another set tortured a nipple.

Disgust washed over Haru as he realised he was doing this with Rin of all people. With his grip on Rin's shoulders, he tried to push him away, but Rin was strong – much stronger than him. His feeble attempts were ignored and Rin gave a breathy chuckle in his ear. Suddenly, Haru could feel… something hard poke at his stomach and he jumped in surprise.

Rin was hard.

The implications were all too much, and Haru found himself falling. Falling hard.

And not by falling did he mean in love. Haru meant the falling into a deep, black, stoney-edged pitt, probably the bottom of an empty well. Doomed to dehydration and starvation – that is, if the fall didn't kill him first.

Haru's head snapped up, wincing when he felt the back of his already-abused head collide with hard tiles. Yep, definitely going to bruise.

Rin had set him on the floor (or he himself had fallen down) in the middle of his little revelation. His eyes were wide and the blue was turbulent with confusion, his hand rubbing his wrist, relieving some blood flow to his hands. It burned. Everywhere Rin had touched him.

His neck.

His face

His stomach.

His lips.

His chest.


Haru blinked. "… what?"

Haru watched as Rin's lips curved into a feral grin in slow motion, and felt a pang of despair and foreboding. His grip on his wrist tightened while he watched, entranced, as Rin's gripped the end of the towel.

"If I can't beat you in swimming…"

Black filled his vision, and Haru found himself disoriented. Pulling the towel off his face, he managed to catch a glimpse of Rin disappearing around the corner.

"… I'll fucking dominate you in bed."



Those things are like drugs to me. What I imagine them to be like, anyway. Happiness inducing, addictive… but without the nasty side-effects. If you could liquidize it and bottle that shit, it would cure cancer and AIDS.

Thank you!