Change Rooms

Chapter 2

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The next time Haru met Rin was a week later. Wednesday, to be precise. And here he stood, stifling down the blush that was threatening to expose itself (and ultimately embarrass him), because Rin was across the room, his towel slung around his shoulders, chest bare. His red eyes on were him, predatory as his wide, toothy leer.

"Haru-chan, why aren't you going in?"

Haru started, and realisation dawned on him that he had been blocking the entrance to Samezuka's swimming pool for the last few minutes. Or hours. Time seemed to be of no importance when Rin was right there.

He sidestepped, mumbling a quiet 'don't-call-me-Haru-chan'. A confused looking Nagisa entered the cool, chlorine smelling environment he had come to love. From his peripheral, he could see Rei and Makoto looking at him funny, and but he gave a little reassuring shake of the head. They seemed to have gotten the point, because they didn't ask about it.

Rin however, didn't seemed to have gotten the memo, because Haru could still feel those eyes on him, boring into the back of his skull. A career such as neurosurgery, Haru decided, was not fit for Rin, because the intensity of the stare was beginning to give him heart palpitations. That was never a good sign.

In the change rooms, his mind still somewhat focused on Rin (and the pool, of course, but that went without saying – he was always thinking about water), he half-heartedly shrugged off his jumper and draped it over the hanger next to his towel. Kicking his flipflops off, he let himself be pulled back towards the pool by Nagisa's eager hands.

Throughout the whole practice, Rin's eyes stayed trained on him, even while the red hair was talking to his little friend (Itori, Santori, Nitori, whatever) or his captain. For once, Haru wished that their time trials would be at the same time, because it made him unsettled and slightly self-conscientious at the thought Rin watching him swim.

In all honesty, Rin had always watched him, but the kind of watching then and now were worlds apart. At first, Rin had watched with fascination and child-like happiness, before it had reared an ugly head of anger, jealousy and pure loathing. Now, Rin was looking at him like… he wanted to fuck him, quite frankly. Right here. On the floor. In front of everyone.

Haru shivered at the thought. He floated, feeling the water glide over his skin, distantly hearing squelching footsteps and chattering as everyone left.

A pang of agitation squeezed his chest when he realised he had done nothing but think of Rin today. Even water had become second to his self-proclaimed rival in his mind. He sighed, twisting his torso to the side and propelling himself to resurface easily, pulling his cap and goggles off and tossing them to the side carelessly.

He looked around, blue eyes searching for the familiar head of red hair and chiselled chest, feeling somewhat strange at the thought that he was alone in the pool. Odd, that the Samezuka team would trust him enough to leave him alone. Had they left behind a key for him? Or did they forget?

He disappeared underwater, only to reappear a second later at the edge of the pool. Bracing his hands against the pool tiles, he began heaving himself out.

Suddenly, a pressure around his ankle jerked him back into the depths of water, and fumbling with only one foot, he couldn't regain his balance. Kicking his legs in an attempt to shake off whatever, or whoever, he managed to break the surface and take a deep breath, before he was dragged back under, down towards the deeper end. He had enough sense to keep his mouth shut and save his breath (no pun intended).

His trusty goggles flickered through his flailing thoughts, but he pushed that aside when he remembered he had taken them off moments ago with his cap.

Trying to catch a glimpse of his captor, he thrashed and whirled, and in midst of all the chaos, Haru caught a mixture of red, white and black, and managed to and a clean kick to something like a rock. A mass of bubbles to explode into his face - whatever it was, it breathed. Good. Because that meant Haru could kill the fucking thing… later. Oxygen came first.

Ankle freed, he swam to the shallow side once more (away from the damn thing), and re-emerged panting, skin flushed a pale pink, and slightly traumatised.

"God dammit, Haru, you kick fucking hard."

"Rin!" Haru peered at Rin, who had followed him, through wet, inky black hair in surprise, promises of bloody murder shoved aside. It took a moment for him to digest the information, his eyebrows pulled together, a look of pure confusion on his face. "Why were you trying to kill me?"

Rin scowled, pushing his hair out of his face with one hand, another cradling his stomach. "What the hell… I wasn't trying to kill you, moron." A large calloused hand reached out pulled at Haru's forearm, splashing water everywhere. He stilled immediately. Another hand gripped his chin and tilted his head up, and before he could even wonder was going on now, he felt lips roughly press against his.

Haru's azure blue eyes doubled in size, and any protests he might have had were lost in the kiss. His hands firmly grasped Rin's shoulders, pushing him away. Rin's name was muffled by the pressure on his mouth, and Haru immediately regretted opening his mouth, because Rin took the invitation and thought it would be cool to stick his tongue into his mouth. Haru gasped in shock, more than pain when his hair was yanked, allowing Rin full access to his mouth. The taste of chlorine and spices that came with Rin's probing tongue invaded his mind, absolutely crushing any idea or motivation to struggle against Rin. Fingers that used to push away now gripped tighter, pulling the body forward. They both stumbled back, until the ledge dug into Haru's back almost painfully.

Rin, deeming Haru compliant enough, removed his hands from Haru's head. He traced his fingertips down the side of the slightly muscles torso, till they reached the almost undefinable curve of a male hip. His lips still locked with Haru, he lifted the smaller male onto the ledge before guiding the legs apart so he could accommodate himself between them.

After what seemed like forever, they broke apart. Haru gasped for air quietly, pressed his forehead against the crook of Rins shoulder. Haru shivered when he felt Rin's body press against his own – his growing erection, to be truthful.

"… Rin," he mumbled, his skin flushed and eyes half-mast as he grappled for oxygen. "What are you – we – doing?"

"What do you think?" asked Rin dryly, raising a fine brow. He pulled the brunets lips back to his, and Haru felt slightly miffed when he could feel a smirk against his lips. Before Haru could reply, Rin ground his hips against his and a strangled moan left his lips instead, deepening the shade of red on his face. His back arched and his bent knees tightened around Rin's hips. Haru shuddered when he felt Rin's tongue against his neck, the very tips of sharp teeth skimming his skin. Haru found himself tilting his head to the side to give Rin more access.

Teeth sank into the junction of his collarbone and neck, and he gasped in pain, eyes flickering open. "Ah! – Rin."

He received a non-committal grunt in reply that did nothing to ease his tenseness. But he relaxed when a tongue returned to lapping at the sensitive skin, alternating with sucks.

It took a while for realisation to dawn him. "What the hell – Rin!"

"What?" hissed Rin. "Stop interrupting!"

Haru's tone and eyes were accusing. "You're giving me a hickey!"

Rin's face transformed into a savage and triumphant leer, his fingertips skimming the tops of Haru's swimming trunks. "Yeah."

Haru was lost for words in uncharacteristic shock (well okay, yeah the hands were distracting too). "Everyone will see! Are you out of your mind?!"

"Nah," said Rin, looking thoroughly amused. He hooked his fingertips under the purple and black swimwear and slipped them off in one smooth flourish, his leer widening by the millisecond. Haru barely had time to realise the state of his complete and utter undress before Rin's burning hands gripped his manhood. "Now shut up."

"Ahh…" Haru slapped his hand over his mouth, somewhat horrified through hazy thoughts. He watched his trunks drift away, but couldn't find it in himself to care. He shuddered when a rough thumb skimmed over his tip, and arched into the touch feverishly. He barely managed to catch the low chuckle Rin let out. Frustration overwhelmed him when the hand didn't move, instead opting to stay still. Before he could help himself, a strangled whine slipped past his lips. He looked up quickly to see Rin smirking down at him, eyes narrowed and hazy with lust.

"Impatient, are we?"

"Shut – nngh!"

Haru writhed when hands began stroking fast and hard, any plans for replying now lost somewhere in midst of the lusty haze in his brain. Rin's hands, lubricated with water, were completely random and unpredictable, leaving Haru unable to brace himself for the changes in pace and bite back moans. He stayed relatively quiet, but every time Rin swiped his tip with a thumb or stroked faster, he groaned especially loud. He didn't miss Rin's lecherous smile.

"Rin, stop. Stop," gasped Haru, his fingernails scratching at Rin's pale back, leaving light pink stripes in their wake. "Cumming… cumming!"

Rin, if anything at all, sped up. Haru squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the coil tighten in his stomach almost unbearably. But what sent him careening off the edge, white exploding behind his eyes, was Rin's hot mouth enveloping his head, giving a hard suck. Blue eyes clenched shut, he let out a silent scream, arching into Rin in a way that would have nearly snapped his back in half.

He slumped, his forehead resting against shoulder, barely noticing that Rin was furiously yanking at his own cock. Within seconds, streams of white splattered against both their stomachs.

It was minutes, maybe hours, before Haru could think again. Again, it was hard to tell when Matsuoka Rin was thrown into the equation.

He heard chuckling, and blearily blinked his eyes open and tilted his head to the side, only to catch a sight that made his heart clench in nostalgia. Rin was smiling, his eyes dancing with a mischievous light that promised trouble, and many headaches.

"Next time, let's try it in the change rooms."



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