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Summary: After defeating Madara, everything was peaceful, boring, and very boring. But then Naruto was sent on a mission beyond the elemental nations to protect a French ambassador's daughter. Suddenly, things weren't so boring anymore. Partly because he didn't know what a French, ambassador or veela was. And mostly because prophecies from different worlds never clashed well together.

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"Alright, in celebration of the three month anniversary of defeating Uchiha Madara, everything you eat is on the house today." Teuchi ruffled the hair of his number one customer and immediately started cooking. He knew he would have to work fast if he wanted to keep up with the blonde's eating.

"You and your ramen are the best, old man!" Naruto exclaimed as a bowl of steaming noodles appeared on the table before him. "Itadakimasu!" He started wolfing down the food at a speed that horrified the nearby customers who were watching him.

"You know, it's a wonder you managed to grow so tall when you only ate ramen for seventeen years." A familiar voice reached Naruto's ears. He perked up.

An excited yelp of "Sakura-chan!" was the only warning the pink head got before she was tackled by a yellow blur.

"You're back!"

"Yeah... Naruto, can you get off me? You're really heavy."

"Oops, sorry," he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he helped her up. Sakura smiled—at least there were some things that never change.

"Would you like anything?" Ayame asked as she guided Sakura to a seat next to Naruto's.

"One miso ramen please."

"Only one?" The blonde stared at her incredulously.

"Not everyone's like you, Naruto."

"But seriously, only one?" Then a look of understanding came across his face. "Ooh, I get it. You're on a diet!"

Sakura scowled, "Are you implying that I need to go on a diet?" She clenched her fists.

Realizing where this was going, Naruto quickly backtracked. "No, no. I meant that if you were on a diet, I would understand." Her expression darkened even further.

"No, wait. That came out wrong. I meant I would understand why you're only eating one bowl of ramen if it's because you want to be skinny. Er, skinnier." Sakura was cracking her knuckles.

"Would you give me a two minute head start?"

She smiled sweetly.


Naruto's head now sported a good sized bump as he slurped his ramen, sulking.

"You didn't have to hit so hard, Sakura-chan."

"Oh, sorry, did my hand slip a bit?"

"Yeah, 'a bit'." Naruto snorted and piled another addition to his collection of ten, now eleven, empty bowls.

"Would you like me to treat your injury?"

Recognizing the sadistic gleam in her eye, Naruto chuckled nervously. "Haha, did I mention that it doesn't really hurt—I mean it doesn't hurt at all anymore. I appreciate it, but no thanks."

Sakura laughed. Although it was fun getting him worked up, she let it go. This time. After all, it wouldn't do to have the village hero miss the three month anniversary festival because he ended up in the hospital.

"When did you get so big? I had a hard time hitting your head." Naruto winced at the reminder of his injury before remembering that he was no longer a short, scrawny kid. After a mouthful of noodles, he grinned, "Growth spurt, I guess."

"How tall are you? Six feet?"

Naruto puffed up his chest, "Six feet and 1½ inches. Now you can't call me a shrimp."

Sakura smiled, "Sure, shrimp."

Naruto growled before returning to his ramen grumpily, muttering something about sadistic women and how it wasn't fair.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." He said quickly.

"Coward." The other customers laughed.

"Itadakimasu." Sakura picked up her chopsticks and started eating. She stopped when she realized Naruto was unusually quiet. She sighed. Naruto was having one of those moments as he stared into space, reliving memories of the war. He was so close, yet so distant. Sometimes Sakura wondered just how much Naruto had changed. But then he would say something like "Ramen forever!" and she would be reminded of how much he hadn't changed.

Sakura sighed again. She really wished he would move on. She hadn't seen his true, genuine smile for too long. But she knew that was almost impossible, especially after what happened with Ino. Naruto hid his pain well. No matter how hard he tried though, she knew he was living behind a mask. She knew he, like her, hadn't gotten over the deaths and sorrows. The people close to Naruto could see this as well. Tsunade had expressed her worries and asked her if she thought Naruto needed a break. Sakura had said yes. Speaking of which…

"Aren't you supposed to be reporting for a mission right now?"

Naruto shot out of his seat. "Oh shit! I totally forgot!"

Sakura buried her face in her hands. "Why am I even surprised?"

"Damn it. Sorry Sakura-chan, Ayame-chan, Teuchi-jisan! I gotta go. Ba-chan's gonna kill me!" With that, he tightened his forehead protector, which covered his left eye, and shunshined out of Ichiraku Ramen, oblivious to the relieved smile on Teuchi's face.

He's hopeless. She sighed. Again. I really need to stop doing that. She dropped a few thousand ryō on the counter.

"Keep the change," Sakura waved, and left the restaurant in a swirl of leaves with thoughts of Naruto on her mind.

At least he got rid of that horrible orange jump suit.

"Ba-chan, you wanted to see me?" Naruto strutted in with an infuriating grin that fooled no one.

"I wanted to see you two hours ago." The short-tempered Hokage said quietly. Too quietly.

"Heh heh," he laughed weakly, "A black cat crossed my path."


"Would you believe me if I told you I was lost on the road of life?"


"Would it help if I was lost on the road of ramen instead?"

"What do you think?"

"…Yes?" Naruto glanced at her hopefully.

"Wrong answer." Flick!

It took thirty minutes and a bucket of ice for Naruto to be conscious again. And when he did, he was not happy. Neither was Tsunade.

"You know you're still in trouble, right?"

"Damn it, Ba-chan." Seeing the throbbing vein in the Hokage's temple, Naruto cleared his throat, "Yes, my apologies, Hokage-sama."

She nodded, satisfied. For now.

"Down to business," she announced. Although Naruto still looked like the stereotypical stupid blonde (did Tsunade just insult herself?), the newfound sharpness in his eyes told her that he was paying close attention.

"Naruto, I know that the war has changed you." She saw him stiffen. "Believe me; I know the horrors of war. I think you need to take a break from all this dying and killing."

"You're sending me away, aren't you?" For a second, his smile slipped, showing the insecurities that were usually hidden well.

"Yes. I believe a change of surroundings will help you. Of course, it isn't permanent. Just for a year."

"A WHOLE YEAR?!" Naruto gaped at her, "But that's so long! I can't just leave the village right after the war—I promised to finish rebuilding Konohamaru's house! Plus, Ichiraku Ramen doesn't have branch stores!"

"Konohamaru's dead, Naruto."

His grin dropped and he looked at her seriously, "I know; he died a hero. That's why I'm building the house. It's in honor of him and all the other brave genins who gave their lives to the war."

The Hokage sighed. She knew how hard Naruto was taking Konohamaru's death. It was one of the reasons she wanted him leave the village for a while. "I'm sure Udon and Moegi can take care of that." His mouth was already open, ready to protest. She continued, looking at him pointedly and reminding him of who was in charge here, "Due to the unknown factors, this is an S-ranked mission."

"Unknown factors?" His eyes became wary.

Tsunade nodded, "You will be traveling beyond the Elemental Nations." Naruto was too distracted to bother picking up his jaw from the ground when he realized it had dropped.

"There's a place beyond the Elemental Nations?"

"Yes, I was surprised as well. According to the client, the Elemental Nations is actually very small, hidden somewhere near a country called Japan."

"The Elemental Nations is very small!"

"Yes. In fact," Tsunade pulled out a map that was hidden under the mountains of paper work. "The client, Sebastian Delacour, told me that this is the map of the world, and this," she pointed at a marked dot near a tiny island on the right side of the map, "is the Elemental Nations. The rest is other countries."

"…The rest is other countries."

"I know it's hard to believe, but it's true."

"How do you know? Are you sure the man isn't just crazy?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Delacour-san discovered the existence of the Elemental Nations when he met Jiraiya, who was still on his journey at that time." Naruto sobered at the mention of his mentor.

"Delacour-san was Jiraiya's friend," Tsunade added. She felt bad for using her deceased teammate to guilt trip Naruto, but there was no other way for Naruto to willingly leave Konoha. He kept on thinking that his village would be attacked any second. Even though this seemed paranoid of him, she couldn't blame him, considering Sasuke's departing words.

"Alright, I'll accept this mission. What am I supposed to do?" Naruto declared after a moment of hesitation.

"Sebastian Delacour has a daughter, Fleur Delacour, who is turning seventeen this August. You will be her bodyguard for a year. This is the information we have on her." The Hokage handed him a piece of rolled up parchment.

"Why is the paper so ugly?" Naruto frowned as he unfurled the rough material.

"It's called parchment. It's what their people use to write on."

"Weird." Naruto scanned the file.

Name: Fleur Isabelle Delacour

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: August 31, 1977

Blood Type: N/A

Hair Color: Silvery blonde

Eye Color: Dark blue

Skin Color: Light

Species: Quarter- Vee—

"AAHHHH!" A girly shriek was heard throughout the building. Tsunade winced. She hadn't expected him to be that loud.

"Naruto, what is wrong with yo—"

"IT'S MOVING! THE PICTURE, I-IT'S LAUGHING AT ME! KYAAH!" He screamed, throwing the parchment on the floor. He was just about to perform a fire jutsu that would burn the file, along with the entire Hokage Tower, when Tsunade told him to shut up and stop being a sissy.

"But it was moving," Naruto exclaimed, wide-eyed. "It was moving!"

"Oh my, I must've forgotten to warn you beforehand," she smiled not very apologetically, "Anyway, the place that you are going to is magical. The people there are called wizards, which are the men, and witches, which are magical women. There are also non magical people called mugs. Wait no, muggles. They use these small wooden sticks called wands to cast spells. Spells are similar to jutsus. There are types that heal, damage, defend, change objects into living things, and conjur—"

"MAGIC?! MAGIC IS REAL?! THEY HAVE WANDS? CAN THEY MAKE HOT RAMEN WITHOUT THE THREE MINUTE HEAT UP?!" Naruto was almost bouncing up and down. There was a childish excitement in his eyes that had been missing for a long time. "THAT IS SO COOL! THEY'VE GOTTA TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!"

"Can you not speak at a normal volume?" Tsunade winced. She wanted to send him flying to France right now. She knew the mission would be good for Naruto, but this really wasn't helping her hangover.

"Sorry," he smiled, embarrassed. "But seriously, that is so cool! Can I get one of those stick thingies?"

"No, you can't have a wand. You're supposed to be a mature bodyguard, remember?" The Hokage felt like snorting. "Now, pick up the document nicely. And continue reading it. I will answer any other questions you have." Tsunade paused when she saw the hopeful expression on his face, then she added, "No, you can't bring a bag full of instant ramen on the mission." Naruto pouted, picked up the scary file grumpily, and returned to reading it.

Species: Quarter-Veela

"Wait, she's—"

"Very pretty, right?" Tsunade finished for him, with an expression that reminded Naruto of Jiraiya.

"Uh, no. Wait, yes. I mean I don't know." He frowned and studied the picture, "I guess she's pretty pretty. But that's not what I was gonna ask." Tsunade sighed. Trust Naruto to not recognize a one in a million beauty. Sometimes, she really wondered if he was gay.

"Hey, Ba-chan. What's a quarter-veela?" The Hokage was interrupted from her thoughts.

"Veelas are a race of semi-human, semi-magical beings. They are very beautiful and they have an allure which reduces most men to blubbering fools." Seeing the look on Naruto's face, Tsunade quickly assured him, "Don't worry, you probably won't be affected by it.

"You should also know that when Veela are angered, they transform to birds that can shoot fireballs," Ignoring the "that's so awesome!" comment from Naruto, she continued, "So you probably wouldn't want to upset Fleur Delacour's grandmother, Isabelle, who is a Veela. Isabelle married a wizard and gave birth to Apolline Delacour, who married Sebastian Delacour, a wizard, which is why Fleur is a quarter-veela."

"What do I protect her from? Are there assholes in the magical world as well?"

"Due to Fleur's veela heritage, some people don't view her as a human. Instead, they think of her as a creature that is below humans. Of course, there are also men who will try to approach her with ill intentions due to her allure.

"However, the main reason that she needs protection is a competition called the Triwizard Tournament that is taking place during this school year. Fleur goes to a magical school called Beauxbatons. Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, another wizarding school, Hogwarts, the magical school in Britain, are all part of this event which consists of all the other schools to go to Hogwarts so that a chosen representative of each school can compete in the tournament. Fleur is determined to become the champion of Beauxbatons. The Triwizard Tournament is known for the number of people who have died because of how dangerous it is, which is why Delacour-san felt the need to hire a ninja so that his daughter would be safe even if she becomes a champion."

Naruto looked dazed. All this new information was too much for him to absorb.

"Wait, so if this tournament is so dangerous, why do they even hold it?" He asked.

"Think of it as the Chunin Exam, a chance to prove yourself. Delacour-san suspects that Fleur is so keen on competing because she wants to prove that she is as much of a witch as everyone else is."

Naruto grinned a little. This Fleur character didn't sound so bad. He could actually relate to her. Judged for something she couldn't control and struggling to prove herself, she was just like him. He was actually looking forward to this mission now. Magic sounded really awesome.

"So when does the mission start?"

"August 27th"

"What? But that's two months away!" Naruto whined, "What am I going to do before that? It's gonna be so boring."

"Oh, don't worry, you definitely won't be bored," The Hokage smiled pleasantly. Naruto paled. "After all, you have a new language to learn."


"Shut up or I'll make you learn French as well."

"What's French?"

"It's the language the people in France speak."

"What's a france?"

"France is a country." Tsunade clenched her teeth. His questions were starting to get annoying.

"Why do I have to learn a new language?"

"Because the people there don't speak ours."


"So you're learning English and French now."

"No, I'm sorry! Engarish is fine."

"Good," Tsunade pulled out a huge stack of books, "It's English by the way." Naruto stared at her, horrified.

"Don't tell me I have to read all of them."

"I'm afraid this is the only way. I'm sorry, Naruto." She didn't sound sorry at all. Naruto smiled weakly, "On a second thought, I don't think I can do this mission, Hokage-sama."

"You know, catching the Daimyo's wife's cat, sweet little Tora, is always an option…"

"Are all old women this evil?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I'll definitely learn Engelish and complete the mission, Hokage-sama!"

"Great. Any other questions?"

"No, Hokage-sama."

"You're dismissed." Despite how terrified and threatened Naruto felt, he couldn't help but pull down his eyelid and stick his tongue out at Tsunade when he thought she had gone back to her paperwork. He was just about to leave the office, when…

"Wait, Naruto. Get back here." She grabbed another book from the drawer and handed it to him, "I forgot to give you this. It's called A History of Magic. You have to read it too."

"You're kidding me. That's like five billion pages"

"Did I mention there was a sequel?"

"No thanks, I'll be going. Bye." He tucked the books under one arm and ran out of the building like a bat out of hell.

The Hokage smiled, grabbing a bottle of sake from her secret stash.

That was way too easy.

Blood. Blood was everywhere. He could taste the metallic stench that clouded his senses.

Blood. This was Hatake Kakashi's blood.

Hatake Kakashi, with his most prized jutsu thrust straight through his heart.

Hatake Kakashi, whose eyes were still wide with shock.

Hatake Kakashi, blood leaking from his mouth.

Hatake Kakashi smiling when his favorite student arrived.

Hatake Kakashi shaking his head, saying it was okay.

Hatake Kakashi telling him it wasn't his fault.

"Don't cry…Naruto."

And then Hatake Kakashi was gone, and the scene became a battlefield. A battlefield full of blood.

Blood. Blood again. So much blood. Too much blood. It was Konohamaru's blood.

Konohamaru with blank eyes and blood dripping from his barely recognizable face.

Now it was Sai's blood.

Sai, not smiling, impossibly pale, still clutching the drawing of him and his brother holding hands and smiling.

And then Sai's features melted away, morphing into her—

"No...Stop it...NO!" His eyes snapped open. A scream threatened to rip from his throat. Sunlight peeked through the curtains, illuminating the photograph of Team Seven that was propped up on his desk. Too much alcohol and chirping birds always gave him that dream. He shook his head. And blinked back the tears. He wouldn't cry.

"Urgh." His already throbbing headache worsened when he dispelled all one hundred and thirty clones, his brain working harder than ever to sort the sudden flow of information. Naruto wanted to strangle Tsunade for forcing this task on him. But he didn't want to die early so all he could do when he was frustrated was try to pull all his hair out.

He stared at the page before him blankly. His right eye was bloodshot and hurting. What the fuck is a verb? Naruto slammed the book shut.

That was it. He was going to paint Tsunade black and yellow. Well, her monument, of course.

Naruto groaned. He really shouldn't have done that. He knew, knew, painting her face was a bad idea, even though he personally thought the sculpture now looked better than before. Wisely, he had decided to keep that to himself.

But now he was in the hospital, with a nurse lecturing him about how disrespectful it was to paint the Hokage Monument and two languages to learn.

Naruto wanted to cry.

"I expect that you're fluent in both English and French now." He winced at the memories of painful learning, "Yes, Ba-chan."

"Good. Now go show them what the Will of Fire is!"

"You bet, Ba-chan! I'll definitely protect Fleur Delacour and beat up those stupid bastards! That's a promise, Dattebayo!" Naruto couldn't help but grin and pump his fist. He frowned—he was supposed to be mad at Tsunade, dammit.

But to tell the truth, Naruto was bursting with energy. He was almost as excited as the time he went on his first C-rank mission. After reading A History of Magic (well, the first chapter or so), Naruto became more familiar with the wizarding world. Magic sounded so cool! He really wanted one of those stick thingies.

"Naruto…" He looked up to see Sakura entering the office. One look at her face and he knew things weren't good.

"I can't believe you never told me you were going on a one year mission! One year, S-ranked mission! If Tsunade-shishou didn't tell me about it, I won't see you for another year!"

"I was kind of busy…" Naruto rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"You're going to need a better excuse than that."

"But it's not my fault Ba-chan made me learn English and French!"


"I'll explain later," Tsunade interrupted. "Naruto has to go."

"Alright, Shishou" Sakura said a bit reluctantly. Then she turned to her teammate. "Naruto…" She looked up at him and hesitated. Then she did the most surprising thing ever, she hugged Naruto.

"Wha…you…I" Not knowing what to say, he tentatively put an arm around her shoulder. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. Sakura never did anything like this! He had been expecting a knock on the head for not letting her know about the mission. Naruto smiled, and tightened his hold. This isn't bad, he thought. It felt good to know someone cared about him

When she broke the embrace, he felt as if he'd found a long lost sister.

"Don't die, you idiot." She said softly.

"I won't." He smiled one of his rare, shy smiles.

Tsunade cleared her throat. The two jounin jumped.

"Do you have all your things?"

"Yep." Naruto grinned, showing the bulging backpack that was on his shoulders.

"I trust there won't be any ramen in that."

"Haha," he scratched his head nervously, "Of course."

The Hokage suppressed the urge to send him flying into the wall. She would let him get away with it this time. After all, who knew what kind of food the foreign countries had?

"Oh right! Naruto, you're going to have to read this." Tsunade pulled out a roll of parchment from nowhere and handed it to him.

"Oh, it's the ugly paper," he exclaimed as he started reading out loud, forgetting that he was the only one who could understand English.

"Dear Mr. Uzumaki Naruto,

Hello, I am Sebastian Delacour, a French ambassador. I have been informed that the ninja that I am hiring the disciple of Jiraiya, my old friend. I am sure that you are more than competent to handle this mission.

Firstly, I must thank you for agreeing to protect Fleur, my eldest daughter. In case you were not aware, she is a part veela, meaning she has a natural allure that inevitably draws men to her. This is why she is very wary of the opposite gender and tries to push men away. I am afraid that she may be a little cold and harsh towards you when you first meet her. After all, she strongly opposed of my hiring a bodyguard, especially a male one. However, if you are the man I am told you are, the two of you should get along quite splendidly.

Second, this is a magical device called a—what is this? Por—Portekey? Weird—portkey which will activate at noon—AHH—" There was a yellow blur and then nothing. Sakura blinked. She knew Naruto had mastered the Hirashin but why would he use it now?


The Legendary Sucker smirked, "Oh my, I must've forgotten to warn him that the paper was a device that would transport him to France. Oops." Sakura heaved an exasperated sigh and palmed her face in her hands. She didn't know what France was but she knew Tsunade "I can't even... ugh…Shishou…"

"He didn't think making him learn French was all I was going to do."

"Naruto was in the hospital for three days. And you know how fast he heals!"

"He painted my monument black and yellow."


"He called me 'grandma' three times today."

Sakura sighed, "I should've known when you didn't say anything about it."

"That's my student! Now help me with the paperwork." Tsunade said brightly.

Sakura sighed. Again.

Why can't I get a break as well?

Female? Check.

Silvery blonde? Check.

Dark blue eyes? Check.

Light skin? Check.

Fleur Isabelle Delacour? Probably not.

She stared at him. He stared back. Then she started blubbering excitedly in French. Naruto smiled and told her to climb on his back, and he gave her a piggy back ride. Okay, definitely not Fleur Delacour, he thought as he walked strolled across the porch with a delighted eight year old on his back.

"Who are you?" he asked as he placed her back on ground. The girl giggled, "You sound funny."

"What are you talking about?! My French is awesome!" Naruto declared, not willing to believe that all his hard work was for nothing.

"No. It's weird! It's like donkey trying to say pig language. Oink!"

"Hey, you just called me an ass!"

"What?" The little veela furrowed her eyebrows, "You sound even funnier now!"

Naruto blinked. He hadn't realized he'd switched to English. He scowled, "I don't sound weird!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Do not!" Then Naruto realized he was arguing with a kid. This meant he didn't have to play fair! His infamous grin wormed its way on to his face. Suddenly, he tackled the girl and started tickling her mercilessly.

"AHHHHH...Stop it!" She squealed between fits of laughter as she squirmed on the ground and slapped him in the face repeatedly.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Naruto froze. Not good. That was the tone Sakura used when she was about to punch him into the next century. It didn't help that there was something hard poking him in the back of his head. He turned around and came face to face with a stick. Naruto almost laughed in relief until he realized what it was. A wand. Those wooden things used to cast spells. He gulped as he looked up to find a pair of blue eyes.

A pair of lively blue eyes.


But then he realized the eyes were the wrong shade of blue and belonged to a different face. The face of an angry Fleur Isabelle Delacour.

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