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"What do you think you are doing?"

Naruto froze. Not good. That was the tone Sakura used when she was about to punch him all the way to Water Country. It didn't help that there was something hard poking him in the back of his head. He turned around and came face to face with a stick. Naruto almost laughed in relief until he realized what it was. A wand. Those wooden things used to cast spells. He gulped as he looked up to find a pair of blue eyes.

A pair of lively blue eyes.


But then he realized the eyes were the wrong shade of blue and belonged to a different face. The face of an angry Fleur Isabelle Delacour.

Oh shit.


"Stupefy!" Naruto narrowly dodged a red streak of light that whizzed past his ear. He wanted to slap himself. So much for making a good impression. At least she looked surprised that he'd managed to avoid her spell.

"Hey! You almost killed me!" Fleur lowered her wand. Naruto was just about to let out the breath he'd been holding until he realized she had only faltered because she couldn't understand him. Then his breath hitched right back and he tried to speak and swallow at the same time. Bad idea. His eyes watered as he choked on the spit that had gone down the wrong way.

"Wait…can't talk now," he coughed, his face reddening even further when he realized he was still speaking Japanese. Naruto cleared his throat one last time before offering his hand to Fleur.

"Sorry. I start switching to different languages when I get surprised," He made sure he was speaking French. "My name's Uzumaki Naruto and I come from Konoha. I like ramen, especially the kind at Ichiraku Ramen, learning cool new jutsus, and my precious people. I dislike the three minute wait after you pour boiling water into the ramen cup. My hobbies are eating ramen and training. And my dream…my dream is to protect my village and my precious people, dattebayo!"

"Dattebayo?" Fleur Delacour was not impressed. "Give me one reason why I should not hex you into next week."

"You wouldn't be able to anyway."

She raised a delicate eyebrow, "Are youchallenging me, Monsieur Uzumaki?"

"No sorry." Naruto took a hasty step back, "I think I'm supposed to be protecting you."

"You are the man my father hired as a bodyguard?" She frowned, "I thought he would at least find someone competent."

"Hey!" Naruto was about to protest, when he heard a familiar giggle. "Why didn't you help me when she tried to curse my head off?!" He hissed.

"It was funny." The eight year old had a mischievous glint in her eye.

"You were getting me back for earlier, weren't you?" She giggled again. Naruto was about to get his revenge until he remembered that he was supposed to be a bodyguard. A mature bodyguard. He sighed and settled for a scowl instead.

"So, Fleur, how will I meet the client?"

"You will not."

"What?" Naruto turned around to find her surrounded by a pleasantly strange glow.

"You will not protect me. You will go home, and never come back." Fleur Isabelle Delacour was now frighteningly beautiful. She was untouchable…something beyond this world. Her long hair flowing smoothly behind her, eyes darkened by an alluring fire. She met his gaze, staring straight into his soul—

"Are you okay?"

"What?" She looked stunned.

He was staring at her, but not in the way she expected him to. Naruto frowned and felt her forehead. Fleur flinched, slapping his hand away.

"I asked if you were okay. Are you?" He checked his own temperature and shook his head.

"Are you homosexual?"

"WHAT?!" He shrieked.

"Are you homosexual, as in gay?"

He gaped at her.

"So you are gay." Fleur analyzed Naruto from head to toe as if seeing him in a new light. "That is why my allure did not work…No wonder Papa chose you." She paused, noticing he was still staring, open mouthed. "Do not worry. It is fine. I will not judge you for your sexual preferences." That seemed to snap him out of his trance.

"Wait," He stretched the word out nice and long. Naruto didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. He felt like doing both. "Let me get this straight…So you think I'm gay?" Fleur nodded.

"I AM NOTGAY!" She met his frustrated glare with questioning eyes. Naruto wanted to rip his hair out. Why did he have to switch to Japanese at the most inconvenient times?

"I. Am. Not. Gay." He repeated, this time in the correct language.

"But you just said yo—"

"No I didn't! I don't swing that way or any way. I'm straight. Seriously, do I even look gay?"

"Well, you are dressed very peculiarly—"

Naruto sighed, "Don't answer that. It's not my fault no one warned me about the dress code over here." He glanced at his black jumpsuit wistfully. I guess I'll have to find something else with orange soon.

"So you aren't gay?"


"Then how did you resist my allure?"

"What allure?" He scrunched up his face in concentration, "Oh right! You mean that part when your hair started floating and you got all pretty and stuff? That was weird."

She looked at him expectantly.

Naruto fidgeted as he started to sweat under her intense gaze, "...Okay, it was really weird." He caught the incredulous expression on her face. "What? I was just trying to be nice. Ba-chan said I'll scare off all the foreign clients if I'm not polite." And mature, he added silently.

After a few seconds of studying this strange blonde who was probably homosexual but didn't want to admit it, Fleur sighed. She still had trouble believing that a man besides her father was immune to her Veela heritage. And this Naruto wasn't like her father at all. So far he'd been obnoxious, ignorant, and a little slow in the head.

Fleur sighed again, "I guess I am going to have to find another way to get rid of you. You would not be smart enough to leave on your own, would you?"

"Now, where have your manners gone? Zat is no way to greet a guest." Fleur turned around to find her father standing on the doorstep, his lips twitching as he fought down an amused smile.

"PAPA!" An excited Gabrielle flew into the man's arms so quickly, Naruto was sure she had used the Hirashin.

"Well," Sebastian Delacour chuckled as he ruffled the girl's hair, "Zis is not ze way I 'ad intended for you two to meet." He glanced at Fleur, then Naruto. "Since you are not yet unconscious or already back in Konoha, I was correct to choose you, Monsieur Uzumaki."

That's because she thinks I'm gay.

"Yeah…We're friends already," Naruto draped an arm around Fleur's shoulders, careful not to actually touch her. She smacked him anyway.

"I trust you will not hex Monsieur Uzumaki the second I leave the two of you alone, Fleur." Sebastian said in French, looking at his eldest daughter pointedly. Naruto resisted the urge to tell him she had already stupefied him a moment ago. At least she had the decency to look embarrassed.

"Of course she won't do that!" Naruto jumped in with his infamous grin, "Right?" He elbowed Fleur.

"Yes, Papa." She sent a cold glare at Naruto. One that clearly told him to fuck off. He either ignored her or didn't see anything because he still had that shit-eating smile on his face.

"Good. Monsieur Uzumaki—"

"Naruto. I hate being formal."

Sebastian smiled, "Alright, then Naruto. I wasn't aware that you knew French as well as English."

"Well, I…I made Ba-chan, I mean, Tsunade-sama, mad." He winced, "Really mad."

"What did you do?" Gabrielle asked curiously.

"Haha," Naruto laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head, "I kind of painted her monument black and yellow."

Fleur coughed hastily. Naruto stared at her.

"Did you just snort?"

"No! Of course not." Despite her words, she flushed a crimson red. Sebastian laughed, "I have not heard you do that for years!" Fleur now looked like a tomato. A very angry one that was glowering at Naruto.

"Is there something on my face?" The oblivious ninja rubbed his cheek subconsciously.

"Are you doing this on purpose or are you really this stupid?"

"I am not stupid!" He protested indignantly. Something told Fleur she was not the first one to comment on his intelligence. Or, rather, lack of one. "And I didn't even do anything!"

Fleur was about to say otherwise when her father interrupted her.

"Now why don't we go inside the house to discuss matters and meet my wife, Apolline?" It wasn't a question. But, of course, Naruto didn't notice.

"Sure!" He straightened the overstuffed bag on his shoulders and went after Sebastian, holding the door open for a reluctant Fleur. She didn't bother thanking him.

"Wow, this place is huge!" The excited blonde exclaimed, staring at everything he saw. Fleur wouldn't have been surprised if he started jumping up and down. Luckily (for him), he had enough sense to stay put and follow her father to the dining room. She frowned as she studied his strange reactions. She knew the manor was impressive, but no one had ogled at it like he did. She wrinkled her nose. He was currently fascinated with the restroom and was playing with the flushing sensor. Her frown deepened when she saw Gabrielle escape from her father's arms and leap excitedly into the bathroom, joining the blonde in having fun with the toilet. She almost felt bad for it.

Shaking off her urge to sigh as she heard the tenth flush, she found her father suppressing an amused smile. He had already told her about the hidden villages, ninjas, and an old friend named Jiraiya. At first, Fleur hadn't believed him, but when Uzumaki Naruto showed up wearing that ridiculous outfit and speaking a foreign language, she realized there was no denying it. Ninjas were real. However, she never would have guessed how different the Elemental Nations were from the rest of the world. But of course, that was not an excuse for the blonde's idiotic behavior.

"Fleur, I want you to give Uzumaki Naruto a chance." Sebastian Delacour said, as if he knew what she was thinking.

"I have already done so. And he has proved to be nothing but a fool."

"Has he? Hexing him without warning would not be a very fair chance, would it?"

Fleur scowled, "I do not need a bodyguard to watch after me as if I were some child."

"And so far, Naruto has treated you as nothing but an equal."

She ignored him, "Papa, I want to join this tournament to prove myself. How will I do so when others think that I cannot even take care of myself? This Uzumaki Naruto will do more harm than good."

"Do not be so quick to judge him. There is more than what meets the eye. You, of all people, should know that." Fleur stiffened.

"I know you do not want to be hurt again. But you must let go, or you will never make any progress. Do you really want him to be the reason you cannot find happiness? " The cold mask of indifference that she had perfected over the years was on her face before he'd finished his sentence. "It is time for you to move on. I know you have Anne, but try to make new friends. From what I have heard, Uzumaki Naruto is a good man, loyal to a fault. Do not let his appearance fool you. Despite his young age, he has been through war. You are not the only one who is burdened by the past. Just give it a try, chérie. Your mother has been very worried about you."

"Yes Papa."

Sebastian sighed. Even he couldn't decipher what his daughter was thinking once she put up that façade. He could only hope that she had taken his words to heart.

"That was so cool!" Naruto popped out of the bathroom with a giggling Gabrielle on his back. They were both dripping wet. Fleur didn't want to know where the water came from.

"I hope you are not attending dinner like that." A new voice came from the other end of the hallway.

"Maman!" Apolline Delacour was tackled by the eight year old, who was as energetic as ever.

"Gabrielle, what have you been doing? You will need to get a change of clothes," The half veela smoothed her daughter's hair fondly. "It will not do to catch a cold."

"Yes Maman!" With that, she ran off to her room, in search of her pajamas. Apolline turned to Naruto, "So you are the Monsieur Uzumaki that my husband has been talking about for the past two months?"

He nodded, looking a little embarrassed of the disheveled state that he was in, "Just Naruto, Madam Delacour."

"Then you will call me Apolline. Madam makes me feel old." Naruto nodded again. She looked like she was only in her early thirties. Why did all women hate to feel old? He decided he would stay on his best behavior around Apolline Delacour if she reacted the same way as Tsunade did when she felt insecure. 'Insecure' probably wasn't the right term though…

"What are those clothes? I have never seen anything like them!" Naruto looked up from his thoughts hopefully. Finally, someone who appreciated his sense of fashion! "Do not tell me you will be wearing that to dinner, or anywhere else. Black and orange clashes horribly!" And without Naruto's consent, she flicked her wand a couple of times and his trusty old jumpsuit was dried and transformed into black dress robes with dark blue lining, which in his opinion, looked like shit.

Naturally, Apolline seemed satisfied with her work and allowed herself a pleased smile. Naruto just sighed and followed her to the dining room, grumbling the entire way.

If only she'd made the robes orange.

French cuisine tasted good, Naruto decided as he munched on his stake thoughtfully. Not as good as ramen though.

He shoved another piece in his mouth.

Screw eating etiquette. He was hungry.

Suddenly, Apolline announced, "Naruto, we will have to go shopping for new clothes tomorrow if all of yours are like that jumpsuit."


Gabrielle giggled.

Sebastian looked relieved that he had work the next day.

Fleur's lips twitched.

Naruto groaned. He should have known.

Shopping sucked, one very unhappy Uzumaki Naruto sulked. Today, he had gone to Madam Agnès' Finest Robes for the Finest French and tried on weird flappy clothing that was useless in combat. Fortunately, Madam Agnès agreed to alter his robes so that they were form fitting and did not restrict his movements.

As if one store wasn't enough, Apolline had dragged him to the "muggle" shopping district, claiming that he needed some comfortable, casual clothes. He had told her that his jumpsuits were perfectly fine. Unsurprisingly, she ignored him. Of course, neither Gabrielle, who had been too busy giggling, nor Fleur, who he suspected enjoyed watching him suffer, protested. And so, he had spent an entire five hours complaining about how much he hated shopping and six hours trying on various clothing. Gabrielle had managed to convince him that the current fashion in France was something called a tutu. She'd ended up making him try on the hideous pink skirt when Apolline had disappeared to a register to pay for his new wardrobe. The nearby customers thought his outfit was hilarious and had decided to crowd around him to take pictures. It had taken him a full ten minutes to realize he had been tricked. Well, at least he'd almost made Fleur crack a smile. That was progress, right?

Naruto sighed and looked at the outrageous number of bags in his hands. Now he was stuck in front of the wizarding store called Oostende's Jewelries because Apolline and her daughters had to visit the bank and the tiny wouldn't cart couldn't fit all the shopping bags. He glanced at them again, guiltily. He had tried to persuade Apolline to let him pay for his own clothes and had almost succeeded when he realized that France didn't except ryō notes. Instead, the magical community used gallons, knuts, and sickles, and the muggles used a currency called euro. Naruto thought that this was ridiculous. But there was nothing he could do except grudgingly accept Apolline's offer and change all the contents in Gama-chan to wizarding money as soon as possible. In fact, he had already done that. Just in case of an emergency. He didn't want to trouble the Sebastian and his wife any further. They had already done enough by shopping for him the entire day. And for that, he was grateful.

Glancing around, Naruto caught no sign of the Delacours and sighed again. Although he was unwilling to admit he was hyperactive, he was aware that he was bored very easily. Because he was supposed to be a mature bodyguard, he couldn't go around playing pranks on random people anymore. He gazed at the crowd one more time and shrugged. Since they weren't back yet, he might as well explore a little. Looking at his surroundings, he suddenly remembered something when his eyes lay upon the jewelry store behind him. Oostende's Jewelries…he mused. Fleur! Her file had stated that her birthday was on the 31st, three days from now. Grinning, Naruto entered the shop and was greeted by an elderly man who looked like he belonged in a museum.

"Hello, young man. Would you like any help?"

"No thanks, old man, I'm just looking." Damn, old habits die hard. Naruto was glad that the man was still smiling.

He glanced around the room. There were necklaces, bracelets, rings, and a red gem that gleamed brightly under the lights. Naruto frowned. He hated red.

"Hey, mister" he turned to the store owner, "Do you have something unusual? Something cool?"

"Unusual…" Oostende echoed. "I may have just the right thing." He hurriedly made his way to the back of the shop and returned with an old metal box. Handing the rusty container to his blonde customer, he wet his lips excitedly before he spoke, "Go on. Open it." Naruto did as he was told, and found himself staring at a beautifully crafted dagger. Despite its age, the blade gleamed wickedly under the candlelight. The only decoration was a blue gem in the end of the hilt. It contained so many shades of blue—the lightest as bright as Ino's eyes, and the darkest as entrancing as Fleur's. If he tilted the handle at the correct angle, the gem became the hue of his own eyes. The weapon was a bit rusty, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of sharpening and some oil. With a little fiddling, he could even attach a Hirashin seal.

A dagger for a birthday present.

Naruto grinned.


"Hey, old man…How much is this?"

With his present in hand, Naruto exited the jewelry store after thanking Oostende one last time. There was still no trace of the Delacours. He frowned. If his inner clock was correct, it had been forty-one minutes since they had left for Gringotts. Something wasn't right.

And then he remembered that they were veelas.

Fuck. How could I have been so stupid?

Breaking into a sprint, Naruto was a yellow blur as he sped through the crowds, looking for any sign of silvery hair and dark blue eyes. His search was short-lived when he spotted a group of men, most likely drunk, cornering Gabrielle, who was trapped against the wall of a dark alley. He stuffed the dagger in the pouch with his kunai, knowing that he wouldn't need either of them.





The eight year-old was still screaming when he had finished dealing with them. It took her five minutes to realize that the men were lying on the floor, unconscious. And another three minutes to realize Naruto was the one in front of her. It took her two seconds to latch on to his leg and start sobbing.

"…Gabrielle. Don't cry," Naruto gently wiped away the wet streaks on her cheeks and knelt down to pick her up. "Shh, it's okay. You're safe now. No one's going to hurt you." He smoothed her hair and whispered all things he'd wanted to hear when he had been beaten as a child. Naruto comforted her until the tears stopped and gave way to shuddering breaths.

"Do you feel a little better now?" He asked softly. Gabrielle nodded and blew her nose on his shirt.

"Where are your mother and sister?"

"I don't k-know." She hiccupped, "I got lost in the crowd. I let go of Maman's hand." Her eyes started watering again.

"It's alright. Don't worry. They're probably looking for you right now. Do you want to go find them?" Gabrielle nodded again and wiped some more snot on Naruto.

"Let's go!" He gave her a big grin. "Stop crying and I'll show you something cool." She stopped crying.

"Here," he lowered Gabrielle to the ground and offered his back to her. "Get on." Once she was safe and secure, he rushed off with a burst of inhuman speed. A delighted squeal was heard a second later.

"Faster!" Gabrielle tugged on his hair, forgetting how upset she had been moments ago. "Go, go, go!"

"Hold on tight!" Naruto doubled his efforts, easily slipping through the crowd with a happy eight year old on his back.

Much to her dismay, it only took five minutes to locate her mother and sister.

"Gabrielle!" Apolline hurriedly made her way to them and enveloped her daughter in a tight embrace.

"Don't you ever do that again!" Fleur said sharply, although her relief was evident as she wrapped her arms around Gabrielle.

"I'm s-sorry," Gabrielle sniffled as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I was so s-scared." She choked on a sob. "N-Naruto beat up all the bad men."

Fleur looked up at the blonde, wanting to thank him for saving her sister, but her mouth clamped shut.

She was the only one who saw that sad, wistful smile.

"Don't cry…" Your eye…

"Don't die…" I know.

"Don't cry…" I won't.

"Move on." I can't.

And then he heard the birds again—the chirping of one thousand birds.

"No…I can't...STOP!" Another scream was building at the back of his throat. A scream that he almost choked on when his jerked awake to see a pair of dark blue eyes.

Naruto grabbed the kunai under his pillow and was about to slash it across her neck until he realized this was Fleur. Fleur Isabelle Delacour. His client. The one he was supposed to protect.

He blinked.

"Fuck. I'm so sorry." Naruto quickly dropped the weapon on the bed and checked if he'd managed to hurt her somewhere. He let out a breath of relief when he realized she was just startled. "Are you okay?" he asked. And he immediately regretted it. Of course she wasn't okay. He had almost killed her! He was lucky he hadn't accidentally slit her throat.

"I lost control," Naruto dropped his head, "and I know apologizing won't help." How could he have lowered his guard so easily? If someone had attempted to attack Fleur, both of them would be dead right now. "I tried to harm you, despite the fact that I am supposed to protect you. I understand if you feel that I am incompetent for this mission. I will report to Hokage-sama of my failure and a ninja who is more suitable for this task will be arranged."

"No. You will not be leaving." There was an expression on Fleur's face that reminded Naruto of something dangerous. Curiosity.


"I said you will not leave. I…" She paused, "I believe you are perfectly competent as a bodyguard. My bodyguard."

"But I just—"

"Tried to kill me." She finished for him. "Yes, I know. But that was my own fault for not heeding my father's warning that you were a man who had been through war." A flash of surprise came across his face, but it was quickly replaced by regret and self-loathing and an emotion that Fleur couldn't decipher.

"A true man would have never lost control. A true man would have protected you. A true man wouldn't have made my mistakes." And a true man wouldn't have been too late.

"Too late?"

"Nothing." Naruto grimaced. He really needed to keep his mouth shut.

"Tell me." She commanded. An invisible pull forced him to look into her eyes. They were beautiful… just like Ino's. Why were their eyes so alike? Blue eyes weren't that uncommon. …It was the spirit, he realized. The same spark of defiance and courage. Unbreakable. That was the spirit he had fallen in love with. Tell her why you were too late, a voice in the back of his head said. No, he shook his head, Fleur wasn't Ino. This was just her allure.

Damn it. Focus on something else, anything else.

"Did you know that there's a pimple right in the middle of your nose?"


"It's right there! A pimple—"

"Yes I heard you. Stop lying," she snapped, sounding annoyed. Veelas didn't grow pimples. How did he come up with these ridiculous questions anyway? Hadn't he been depressed just a second ago? Fleur frowned. She had never met someone as confusing as this insufferable blonde before. That made him…special. And not in a good way.

"What I want to know is how you are resisting me."

"Oh don't worry, Fleur-chan, you're irresistible." Naruto grinned. "…Hey, are you blushing?"

She scowled. Fleur knew he was joking, so what was wrong with her? She was made of ice…everyone knew that. And what was a chan anyway? Storing her questions away for later, she glared at him irritably, "Just answer the question. How do you resist my allure?"

"I just ignore the urge. It's easy."


"Yep." Naruto grabbed his bag, checking that his instant noodles were still in there.

"What are you doing?"


"I thought I said you will not be going."

"I thought you said that too."

"So why are you packing?"

"Because I'm going back to Konoha."

"No, you are not." She declared. Naruto tore himself from her determined gaze, and continued cramming things into his backpack.

"I have to."

"No you don't."

"I thought you didn't want a bodyguard."

"I don't. I want a friend." Naruto dropped his ramen. Fleur's mouth clamped shut. She hadn't meant to say that. In fact, she hadn't realized what she'd said until it came out of her mouth. But now that she thought of it, it was true. Kind of. No, she just found him interesting. That was all.

"A friend?" A moment of hesitation crossed his face, but it was quickly replaced by a harsh determination.

"Yes. A friend." She was surprised by how sure she sounded.

"Look," he ran a hand through his hair, and Fleur found herself wondering it how it felt, "even if you actually want me to stay, I can't. Your parents would never agree."

"Not if they do not know." There was a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"You're not going to do what I think you're going to, right?"

She ignored him, "You are not going to tell anyone about your…accidental slip of the hand."

"Make me," Naruto challenged, jutting his chin out inadvertently. He wasn't going risk her life because of a stupid mistake.

"I will." She crossed her arms haughtily. "Since my father, the client, has hired you to protect me, you will also have to protect my privacy—which in this case, is what happened this morning."

"So you're saying that it's part of my mission to not tell anyone that you almost died?"

She nodded.

Naruto stared at her. He could think of so many ways that he could defy her. Hell, he could just walk out and tell the Delacours that he'd just tried to slit their daughter's throat right now. Yet, he didn't. He wouldn't. Naruto knew this was a mistake. But for some brain dead reason, he went with it anyway.

I won't fail you. That's a promise of a life time.

"I won't tell and I'll stay…but only on one condition."


"You have to do one thing I say." Hiding his analyzing eyes with a foxy grin, Naruto studied Fleur's reaction carefully. A sudden wariness had wormed its way into her eyes, and she met his gaze with a calculating expression that went together perfectly with her cold, guarded mask. A startling realization hit him; Tsunade was right, she really was beautiful, even with her façade. A façade that he intended to break down bit by bit until he found the true Fleur Isabelle Delacour.

"Fine." She looked upset with herself.

Naruto smiled. A shy smile. A genuine smile. A smile that promised friendship and loyalty. A smile that would never betray the trust she had just placed in him. Fleur's lips twitched, and before she could stop herself, there was a tentative smile on her face as well. For the first time, Uzumaki Naruto caught a glimpse of what lay beyond the surface. A feeling that had not stirred for one year, ten months, and twenty-three days ignited in his chest. And it was then that Naruto knew this would not end well.


He tore his eyes away from her smile and stomped out the growing spark of something that was supposed be long dead. For the second, and not the last, time Naruto wished he had made the right decision.

"What do you want me to do?" She eyed him suspiciously.

He sighed—she still doubted him.

"I can't say. But you'll know when the time comes." Naruto gave her one of his most infuriating grins. Fleur opened her mouth to protest, only to change her mind halfway.

"Since you are my bodyguard for the year, we must get to know each other, oui?" Her smile became predatory. "So tell me about that dream you were having. Who is Kakashi?"

Naruto winced. I really need to keep my mouth shut.

"Well?" She prompted.

"Don't we need to go to some Quiddy World Cup?" He said loudly. "Let's hurry up and get going. We wouldn't want your parents to find out that I almost killed you, now would we?" She huffed in annoyance. Naruto's grin was cut short when he spotted the expression on her face. Curiosity. Curiosity and determination. Not a good combination.

The intensity of her gaze sent shivers down his spine.

"Uzumaki Naruto," Fleur whispered, tasting the name as it rolled off her tongue, "you are an…enigma that I intend to solve."

And then she was gone, leaving him rooted to the ground, alone in a room that still held the lingering traces of her flowery scent. He inhaled.


Red roses.



He hated red.

Naruto slammed his head against the wall, effectively clearing his thoughts.

This really wasn't going to end well.

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