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Chapter 1: An Ending and a Beginning

The sound of clattering suit cases, parading feet, talking, shouting, and racket awoke Ichigo from his deep sleep. He flipped over, hoping to get more sleep. An unusually large thump stopped him.

Muttering curse words as he sat up, he scratched his head. A headache from last night's "Fun" with Renji and his Girlfriend, Rukia, was present.

So, at 10:34 on Sunday morning, a hung over Ichigo Kurosaki rolled out of bed.

He stood up and made his way to the fridge, opening it with a stiff tug, and stared blankly into it for seconds before closing it.

Muffled voices in the hall way reminded Ichigo of the reason he was even awake. Slowly, he made his way to his apartment door, and opened it. "What's the big-"He started off on a rant, but was interrupted by strong lips on his own. He pushed his tongue into his attacker's mouth, tasting him.

His attacker pushed back, reducing the two to sinful kissing. "Mmm. Grimmjow." Ichigo purred when they stopped for a breath. Grimmjow placed one finger over Ichigo's lips. "Listen Ichi, I'm leaving."

Ichigo, Flabbergasted, opened his mouth to protest, but was stopped with Grimmjow's lips on his once again. After they finished once again, Grimmjow continued. "I messed up Ichi. My boss is angry with me, I lost my spot, and all of the members of the gang want to tan my hide. I can't stay anymore."

"What about us?" Ichigo wisped quietly under his breath.

Grimmjow frowned. "There will be no more 'us.' I don't do long distance relationships. I am sorry." And with that he turned away from Ichigo. Ichigo felt lost. "So that's it? You are just leaving me!?" He said as a shadow crossing his eyes.

Grimmjow just kept walking, signing a clip board handed to him by one of the movers. He signed quickly, and grabbed a bag he packed himself. Soon all the movers were gone, along with all of Grimmjow's things.

Before Grimmjow entered the elevator for the last time, Ichigo grabbed his shoulder with an iron grip. "So this is it? You're just leaving…?"

Grimmjow gave him a backwards glance, before yanking his shoulder free from Ichigo's grip and entering the elevator. The door closed a few seconds later, and the person inside started his decent.

Ichigo sunk to his knees, and began to sob. Hours passed of his just sitting by the elevator shaft and crying. Eventually, Ichigo fell asleep right there.


-2 weeks later-

Ichigo shut himself off from the world. He only ate at home, and when Renji and Rukia came looking for him, he locked the door and pretended not to be there. He didn't want human contact; he didn't want contact at all.

He felt betrayed. Betrayed by Grimmjow. Betrayed by the world.

It was 3:00 on a Sunday when Ichigo finally decided to leave his apartment for the first time after Grimmjow left. Driven by the noises from across the hall, he slowly walked across the room and out the door.

Movers where moving boxes and bags into Grimmjow's old room. He looked around hopefully, trying to find someone not wearing the same blue uniform as the movers. He hoped to see Grimmjow. Instead he saw a tall man, wearing glasses and a white lab coat. His short-long brown hair looked a bit messy.

He was talking in hushed voices about a rather large tall round container with a white sheet covering it. It sat on a dolly, waiting to be moved. The mover pointed at it and made a rather exasperated sigh, throwing up his hands.

The brown haired man pushed up his glasses, and said something simply, pointing to the bottom of the thing. Then they turned away to look at something else.

Curiosity got the better of Ichigo, and he found himself wandering over to the tall round container. He lifted up the cloth a bit to peek under it. It was a thin wall of glass, and what appeared to be water on the inside. The light and reflections kept him from seeing well under it and he was about to get closer and peer in deeper when a voice sounded from behind him.

"Please refrain from doing that."

Ichigo spun around to see the man with glasses. "Uh, sorry." He said, scratching the back of his head.

"It's fine." He said.

An awkward silence fell between them, and then the man extended his hand out. "I am Dr. Sosuke Aizen." Ichigo too his hand. "Ichigo Kurosaki. Are you moving in across the hall?" he asked as their hands unclasped.

"Yes." He said, and Ichigo looked down sad. "So, uh what kind of doctor are you?" Ichigo said, eyeing the tube-like container that was now being wheeled into Grimmjow's old room.

Aizen smiled warmly. "I am a Psychiatrist."

Ichigo scratched his head. "So what was in that thing?"

Aizen's smile faltered a bit. "Just a project. I would like it if you don't go snooping into my things from now on."

Ichigo took a step back. "Of course sir."

Aizen once again smiled. "Are you okay, you seem a bit… detached."

"It's nothing…" Ichigo said, a bit guarded.

"Tell me." Aizen replied, straight forward.

"My boyfriend lived in your new apartment and when he left he broke it off, leaving me to detach myself from the world." Ichigo mumbled, looking down at the floor.

"I see." The doctor said reaching into his breast pocket. "You should come see me. We can work out this problem of yours."

"Thanks." The orange head said taking the card.

"We could do it right in your apartment, if it would make you feel comfortable."

"That would be great, thanks."

Aizen turned away from him and began to help the movers take the boxes in, scolding some for not being careful with his belongings.

Ichigo made his way back to his room and closed the door behind him with his back, sliding down the door, and began sobbing quietly. Grimmjow was gone, And he would most likely never be back.