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Chapter 4: A Change Of Fate


It was a blood red world. Pain, everywhere. Mostly in Ichigo's chest. He only sort of remembered what had happened. It was like fuzz had enveloped his mind and memory. But, suddenly, it all came crashing back.

Shiro, Aizen, "Gifts," Being stabbed, and fainting.

Trying to look down at his chest, he realized he was floating in this red world. The red then seemed to drip, scab and peel away from all around Ichigo in one single movement, and he was no longer floating in the world. He was standing. The world around him was blue now and… sideways!? The clouds floated down, and he was standing on a WINDOW of a skyscraper. A SIDEWAYS skyscraper.

"Good. You've finally awoken." Purred a sweet voice.

Ichigo whirled around to see Shiro, arms crossed over his chest. "Where am I?" Ichigo asked the albino. Shiro smiled. "We are in your inner world, a place only few can be, other than you." Ichgio furrowed his brow. "Then why are you here?"

"The Gift. We are linked because I was the one who bestowed it on you. That's why I can access this world."

"I see…" Ichigo said slowly, looking down at his chest. His pain had lessened, but blood was still present on his chest. "Wait… You stabbed me!" Ichigo shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Shiro.

"That I did. But, I assure you, it was the fastest way to bestow my Gift to you."

Ichigo Sighed. "Fine… So why am I not dying?" Shiro frowned.

"You would be dead… If you where human."

"But I am Human!" Ichigo said, sweat dropping.

Shiro looked him in the eye, serious. "Not Anymore."


"I just can't believe you lost him. Bad blunder." Said a tall man, who's blue hair, closed eyed smiles and wide, ever present grin gave him the appearance of a scandalous fox.

"Shut up Gin," Aizen said rubbing his forehead. Gin Sighed. "So what now? You don't have Shiro's Gift, and without that, you can't be recognized as an Heir. You'll have to wait 100 years for the next conference, and by then your Youth will be gone. You're only a Half demon, Aizen, not full, you only age half as fast!"

"I know that." Aizen growled at the Fox-Man. "So what's the plan?" Gin said, leaning on the door frame. Aizen smiled, holding his hands under his chin. "I'm going to make Ichigo pass his Gift to me."


"What do you mean?" Ichigo said a bit angrily, voiced raised. "You are no longer human, because I made you like me, a demon."

Ichigo arched his eyebrow, skeptical. "A demon, you're kidding me right!? You think I'm just going to believe you!? Your absolutely nuts!"

"I am not, unknown to humans, they exist in this world, and a world Parallel to this one. Usually, one can only be born. Very rarely, humans are changed by one in our race, into half, quarter, and very, very rarely, complete demon."

Ichigo angered, and confused, asked "So what am I?" Shiro looked him in the eyes. "Your completely demon now."

Ichigo Immediately did a 360, and started heading away from Shiro. The albino sighed. "Where are you going?"

"Away from crazy people." The orange head said eyes forward.

"You are fated to return…" Shiro said, looking at the ground nonchalantly.

Suddenly, Ichigo turned around. "…Your right…" and began walking back to Shiro.

Then it dawned on Ichigo what he had just done. "WHY THE HELL DID I JUST FUCKING WALK BACK HERE AND SAY THAT! MY MIND WAS MADE UP!" He shouted at Shiro, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"I used my gift," Shiro said, ignoring the tantrum his chosen just made. He then pulled his arm up to reveal a pure white chain coiling up his arm, gracefully. It looked worn though; tiny scratches adorned the whole thing, making it appear as if it had been around for a while. Shiro continued to explain.

"Whenever I cut someone with my sword," He raised his hand and bits of white, coming out of nowhere flew together in his palm forming a pure white katanna with a white-on-red cloth wrapping, and a small white chain, (almost Identical to the one on his arm), hung on the end."You have the ability to slightly- or dramatically- change their fate. It is a powerful gift, one that cannot be misused, or taken for granted. Also, it is ours to command, and how I made you a demon.

Raising the sword, it shattered and Shiro began to walk towards Ichigo, Who didn't move from shock. He began pulling up his right sleeve, revealing a shiny, unscathed, black chain twirling up his own arm. "The power is also yours to command; but be warned, it is a powerful thing to have control over."

At this point, Ichigo had almost lost it. "I… I don't want this! I just want to go back to my life, and do the things I was planning on doing from the beginning. Be a doctor, grow older, and die of natural causes. I didn't want this!" He shouted pounding his fists on Shiro's chest. "Why can't I have that?"

"Fate. True, pure, unaltered fate."

Ichigo collapsed to his knees, and Shiro followed him down, supporting his weight.

At this point, Shiro was so close to Ichigo, and he could smell his musk sent, a dark, mysterious smell that sent his heart pounding. It was a sent like only one he has smelt before, and his heart was running rampant in his chest, a feeling he had not felt since…


"Grimmjow." Aizen said, closing a folder on his desk. "I know you have done a lot for me so far, by moving out of here, away from your life, just so I can be closer to where the conference is being held, and to keep a close eye on those involved."

The Blue haired man smiled a wry wire thin, line on his face. "Or course, but what do you want?"

Aizen leaned back in his chair, clamping his hands together. "I need some Grunt work." Grimmjow frowned. "Grunt work? Really? Becau-"Aizen held up a hand to silence him. "I need you to kill Hichigo Shirosaki, and bring the other that is with him to me, he is Shiro's Chosen, and I need him alive so I can obtain the gift, all in time for the conference."

"You're asking a lot of me, you know that right?" Aizen just smiled. "You are Panterna's chosen. I'm sure you will do fine.

"Of course, I will do as you say. But, remember, you're not in control of me." He said making a big deal of pushing up his sunglasses.

Aizen's eyes narrowed. "Of course." But his word where slow, and filled with concealed emotion.

Grimmjow then stood up, grabbed his coat and headed out of his old apartment. His eyes wandered to Ichigo's door. He worried about his ex-lover seeing him. He had lied to him about everything. Who he was, what he was, his job, - everything. He hoped he was staying out of trouble. "I still love ya, kid." Then He left.


Shiro's eyes slowly opened, and he looked at Ichigo's head, which lay in his lap. Lifting up a flap of Ichigo's torn shirt, he saw the scar over his heard, where his gift had been given.

They were in an abandoned factory, who's windows were broken and vines grew on the walls. He had fled here, to regain his power somewhat, and also to help Ichigo adjust. Yes, the man was a demon now, but the changes where yet to truly begin. It was a truth that he was hiding his true form, and Ichigo still had yet to discover that, about Shiro, and himself. The transformation into a demons form the first time was a painful process, never to wish on an individual. Those who had even a sliver of demon in them all had another form. It was an ugly truth, one any demon is to face.

Looking back down at Ichigo's face, he regretted bringing this man into it, condemning him to fight in this century long war between those hidden, and those who want to rule.

But, Shiro had become… Accustomed to Ichigo's blood. Even a bit addicted to it…

He placed a tenitive thumb on Ichigo's lips, moving it slowly, and a feeling spread through his chest. One he had not felt in a long time and at a time hoped to never feel again.

"Damnit. I have only known him for a few hours, but I… I've already fallen for this Berry."

"Damnit!" he swore again, this time out loud. "Why does love have to be so fucking weird?"


Ichigo- P-Pain? NO!


Ichigo- Like you knew.

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Shiro- Who forgot to give her her crazy pills!?

Aizen & Ichigo: *Wistling*

Shiro- Ughhhh.


SHIRO- *Facepalm*


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