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Chapter 1: Wavering Feelings

It's my turn!

No way! Yamato and I want to watch our show!

You just watched that anime! Now I want to watch mine!

Sighing, I reached forward and plucked the channel changer out of Taichi's grasp. My two siblings had always fought over the television, which puzzled me. It's a box that displays moving pictures. What is so great about that when there is music, reading, and art in the world?

Hikari can watch her show, I said, pressing two of the buttons. We have homework to do.

Hikari gave a small cheer as she grabbed a hold of a pillow and hugged it tightly to her chest, staring like a zombie towards the television. It's rather odd how we all look like whilst watching it. Makes me wonder if television will succeed in turning us into brainless zombies.

Must we do homework, oh eldest? Taichi said, dramatically posing by lifting an arm across his forehead and the other over his heart.

I merely rolled my eyes. Taichi was older than me by two months, which had always bewildered the both of us. We would have to been in our mother's womb at the same time, but that wouldn't explain why we're born on different dates.

Sometimes, when I studied the four members of my family, I felt like a puzzle piece put in the wrong box. Their dark resembling features and tanned skin caused me to feel like an outcast, something I had grown very used to over the years.

You know very well that I'm not the eldest, I said, settling into the bottom bunk of the beds we share.

Taichi wiggled in next to me, sprawling himself across me. He brought his backpack on his lap and began digging around. Math or chemistry?

Both of us looked at each other and said,

It was an ordeal thing for the two of us to work on our homework together, mainly because we were in the same classes or had the same teachers if we weren't. We always would choose chemistry over math because of our teacher, who would skin us alive if we didn't finish our homework.

I don't understand this, Taichi said, groaning as he thumped his head against my shoulder.

For a moment, my heart sped up a beat and caused me to stop breathing. I forced myself to calm down immediately and sighed. You just opened your book.

I know, Taichi said pathetically.

I spent the next few minutes attempting to help my poor sibling to at least pass the test that we would be faced with in a matter of weeks. Not to mention, have complete homework so that he wouldn't be stuck in detention.

Think that Mr. Dontaoji thinks I copy your homework?

I laughed softly and nodded. But you don't copy Most of the time, anyway.

Why is it that you smell so good and I don't?

What kind of bizarre question is that? I asked, lifting my shoulder in an attempt to get his head off. No such luck.

Just something I was thinking about. We use the same shampoo, but my hair never smells the same. He finally lifted his head and looked down at the page on his lap. Oh, I get it now.

Do you really?

No, but it's good enough for me.


My brother and I had a love-take relationship. I would make myself a nice, healthy lunch; he would take it.

Taichi! Give it back to me now!

But it's so much better than mine, he said, laughing as he held the paper bag tightly against his chest.

I chased him down the stairs of our apartment building and followed him through the lobby doors. Just because your sandwiches are disgusting doesn't mean you can take mine!

Hey, mine aren't disgusting! Yours are just better than mine!

I finally slowed to a walk and crossed my arms, grumbling as I crossed the street. Taichi was waiting for me on the other side, grinning like a chesmiere cat.

Fine, you can have it back, he said, his hand extended, holding the brown paper bag.

I reached forward to grab it, but Taichi held it behind his back. What gives? I asked angrily.

You have to ask your big brother pretty please' first.

Pretty please?

A jelly filled marshmallow on top, I finished, receiving my lunch safely back in my possession.

Taichi broke into fits of laughter and we continued our path to school, talking about nothing really. I smiled as I looked at him; I found his carefree nature so intriguing. We were two different people, yet had many similarities. When I thought about it, we fit like two pieces in a small puzzle of our own box. His carefree nature with goofy quotes, whilst my composed nature with sarcastic comebacks. The only time I was as carefree as my dear brother was when I was writing lyrics or practicing my bass guitar.

We reached the school within a few minutes, Taichi speeding away towards his soccer buddies to start a short game before the bell rung. I surveyed the area, trying to locate my band mates. Frowning, I couldn't detect them and wandered inside the building, spotting them around Kenta's locker.

Hey Yamato, Shou said. Where's big head?

He was referring to Taichi. He and Taichi didn't get along very well for some preposterous reason and always threw insults at each other. It puzzled us other four members of the band and we pursued the issue dozens of times, but never found out why.

He's outside playing soccer. Turning, there was an unexpectant gleam within another one of my band mates', Ren, eyes. What's up with you?

I was waiting for everyone to be here to tell you the news, he said happily, chirping slightly.

Well go on, tell us, Kenta said. We don't have all day, although I do have first class with you.

We have a gig set for Saturday!

I raised my eyebrow. That's the great news?

He nodded and clasped his hands together.

We have one at least every week, Kairu said, backhanding Ren on the back of his head.

He yelped and scowled as Kairu. You didn't allow me to finish!

Go on then, Shou said.

I made my father contact one of the directors of the local music company and one of them is coming to watch! We may even get a record deal!

No way! Kenta shrieked, shoving Ren against the lockers.

He nodded, rubbing his now sore shoulder. It wasn't his fault Kenta had violent urgencies.

I can't believe this! Expectant surges of excitement flowed through my veins as the four people I held deeply to my heart hugged each other happily.

What's going on? Taichi asked, peering his head over my shoulder.

If it isn't Mr. Bighead.

I was surprised when Taichi ignored Shou and turned his attention to Kenta, the one he got along with best. Perhaps it was the fact that they both had uncanny large amounts of hair and tended to be rough at times.

A person from the record company is coming and we may get a record deal, I said, subconsciously smiling.

That's great. He threw his arms around me and I obliged merrily, wrapping my arms around his sturdy frame.

It is My heart began rapidly beating, causing my chest to tighten and a warm feeling spread to my groin.

I'll come for sure!

The bell rung after that, signally us to head towards our classes. Taichi and I had chemistry first and I realized we were both going to be late due to the interruption of the good news. He waited patiently as I located my books, telling me about the move he did to score against his friend, Naoki. I merely nodded, hardly hanging on any word he was saying. Instead, I intently studied my brother, bewildered of the feelings I had for him.

I was attracted to my own brother.

End of Chapter 1

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