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Chapter 36: Anniversaries

And there the little family sat, the parents smiling, kissing, and soon falling asleep watching their babies dream of little ghouls and goblins, candy, and of course, a lot of loving laughter.

"He's going to kill you, you know that right?" Éponine drawled, the phone pressed between her ear and shoulder as she wrestled Ben into shirt.

"Naw, he won't, he loves me too much to do that." Grantaire's marbled voice came through.

"Where that is true, you're playing a big risk on today of all days." She warned carefully, finishing with Ben's shirt and tickled the little boy's tummy.

"Momma, stopit." He laughed, his little hands batting away his mother's fingers.

Éponine smiled at her son, bopping his nose before tuning her attention back to Grantaire.

"I didn't put this holiday on the anniversary, you can't blame me." Grantaire argued, but Éponine only rolled her eyes.

"Taire, it's not even a French holiday."

"Doesn't matter Ép, it's been done." He quipped, she could practically hear his cheeky grin through the phone.

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you." Éponine sang, pushing herself back to a standing position, now in search of Sarah.

"Duly noted my dear, anyway, I'm not doing it at the parade, that would be suicidal, no this is for the café, plus the kids'll love it!"

Éponine snorted, finally finding Sarah who was still running around in only a diaper.

"Taire, hang on, HENRI!" She shouted, hearing Grantaire laughing through the phone.

The guilty emerged from their bedroom, cheek red and small innocent smile on his face.

"Yes love?" He responded, going over to kiss her cheek.

"No way Henri Combeferre, we have to be at the parade in twenty minutes, is there a reason your daughter has no dress on? Dare I ask if Gav is even out of bed?"

"I'm up! I swear! Don shoot!" The nine year-old shouted, darting out of his room, shirt over his head only and one pant leg on.

"She's been running away from me Pon, it's hard to catch a very active one and a half year old who takes after her mother."

"Uh-huh, please get her dressed, I'm attempting to warn Grantaire of his inevitable murder."

Combeferre shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Went through with it didn't he?"

"SURE DID FERRE!" The disembodied voice shouted through the phone, causing Éponine to screech.

"JESUS TAIRE!" She shouted. "You're still connected to my ear!"

Combeferre laughed and stopped down to finally catch his daughter. Nodding towards the twins' room, he left Éponine on the landing.

"Anyway Ép, the kids will love it." Grantaire reiterated.

"Taire, there are only three that could participate in this insanity, unless you're counting the rest of the boys as kids."

"C'mon Ép, Alex is five months old!"

"Yes, and his parents are Cossette and Marius, the latter bubble wrapped his entire living room when the kid rolled over for the first time."

"Then Jessie."

"The infant?"

"Chetta won't mind."

"Taire, I'll help Chetta bring you back after Enj killed you to do it again, no corrupting infants."

Grantaire laughed into the receiver.

"Anyway Taire, I've got to wrangle two toddlers into car seats and a nine year old away from his video games, I'll see you at the parade?"

"Course Babe, see you then!"

Éponine blew a kiss into the phone before hanging it up on the closet cradle. Looking around for a moment, she saw Ben sitting quietly by the baby gate at the top of the stair. Éponine couldn't help but smile at her baby boy who always seemed to be the first (and only one) ready.

Stopping down, she scooped him into her arms and pressed a sloppy kiss on his cheek, leaving the boy in a fit of giggles.

"Momma! I ready!"

"I know that baby. You're my smart boy." She cooed, adjusting him to her hip.

"Momma! I ready too!" Sarah shouted, darting from her room and attaching herself to her mother's leg.

"I can see that baby girl, and you look so pretty, did Papa do your hair?" She questioned, glaring at Combeferre who was once again smiling sheepishly.

"No, Momma do it." Sarah persisted, reaching her stubby arms up towards her mother.

Éponine sighed, shaking her head. She passed Ben to Combeferre and picked Sarah up in return.

"Alright Princess, Momma will do your hair and when we're done, we're gonna hope Daddy, Gav, and Ben are in the car alright?" She smiled, butterfly kissing her daughter's nose.

Combeferre did not miss the underlying threat in his wife's voice and audibly gulped.

"Gav, your sister expects us in the car in about five minutes, so get there please." He called, nearly tripping with Ben in his arms when Gav flew from his room and down the stairs, barely taking the time to undo the baby gate.

To Éponine's relief, by the time Sarah's curls were done up in their pigtails, her boys were packaged in the car and Combeferre was ready to drive them off to the parade.

Just over half a decade ago, the group gathered along the parade route with a very different feeling.

Just over half a decade ago, they were preparing to build their barricade, preparing to nearly given their lives to their cause. Now, now they gathered as a growing family, waving flags and cheering at a parade that celebrated life and passion.

Enjolras was beaming as he saw the mock funeral chariot roll down the cobbled street, several performers imitating them standing atop it, waving university and French flags. Grantaire was right next to him, arms wrapped around his waste, whopping in his ear.

Right beside them was Courfeyac and Jehan. The latter was sporting his nationality outfit, blue, white, and red covering every inch of his body, his hair spun with roses and daisies. Courfeyac was singing his boyfriend's lyrics the loudest. On the center's shoulders was Ben, shivering slightly from the sudden rise in height, was waving one hand while the other one buried itself in Courfeyac's wild hair for dear life.

At level with her brother, Sarah was atop Bahorel's shoulders. Unlike her brother, she was squealing with delight, waving her little flag rapidly, not noticing when it hit Bahorel in the face. The man in question couldn't keep the smile off his face as he too clapped along with the beat. Feuilly was on his left and Azelma on his right, both with their arms tight around their fighter, hands intertwined at the small of his back.

Éponine stood next to her sister, watching her babies carefully, and keeping an eye on Gavroche, who had managed to push himself to the front of the crowd. Gav was the loudest of them all, his badge proudly on his chest and his voice rising high above the others.

Combeferre was stood behind his wife, arms wrapped around her middle, much like Grantaire's were to Enjolras. He too had his eyes trained on each of his children, but he also watched the parade pass by with pride. Six years ago he never thought he'd be watching this parade with an air of excitement and celebration surrounding him. Six years ago he half thought he wouldn't live to see the next parade.

But as he sighed in contentment, he looked down at the rest of their party, two small growing families who were shielding their bundles (well, one pair was.) as well as trying to enjoy the spectacle.

Cossette was very happy to wave young Alexander's arms in celebration as she bounced him on his papoose. He sported an infant's toothless grin and waved his other hand in celebration with his mother. Marius on the other hand looked very nervous about the whole ordeal, not really watching the parade, but more not taking his eyes off his son in fear the little boy might burst into tears at the loud noises.

Not far off, Joly was trying very hard to hold his fretting as he kept checking the small bundle Musichetta had insisted to carry rather than bring in her carrier.

Combeferre could just make out the worrying father's words.

"Chetta, she hasn't had all of her shots! She could get a cold! Chetta, I think she's sneezing!"

Bousset laughed, taking his daughter from her mother's arms. "Jol, she's fine, look she's smiling."

Joly continued to fret, but Musichetta threw her now free arms around both of her boys, her eyes training lovingly to her daughter's face.

They stayed at the parade until every float had passed, until the school song, their anthem, played once more. Until the infants were fast asleep and the twins were drooping on their perches.

When they started to near the café, Grantaire suddenly sprinted ahead, darting into the café doors and turning off all the lights.

Enjolras rolled his eyes. "Does anyone know what my dofus of a boyfriend has planned for us? He said it was important."

Éponine starting laughing, adjusting a nodding Sarah on her hip. "It's a surprise Enj."

"That's what he's afraid of." Musichetta cackled, her arms around Bousset's neck while Joly pushed Jessie's stroller.

When the group finally made it into the café, Enjolras sighed when both Jehan and Courfeyac happily put their hands over his eyes.

"Alright Enj, you must promise to enjoy this and not be a sour puss about it." Courfeyac demanded.

The once marble statue of a leader laughed slightly and nodded his head.

"Alright guys, Feuilly, you recorded that right?" He could hear Grantaire question and when there was no audible response other than laughter, he assumed the ginger artist nodded in reply.

"Fey, Jehan, if you'd remove your hands."

The two removed their hands from Enjolras' eyes to reveal Grantaire's big surprise.

Every surface of the café was covered in Donuts. Donuts of every color, every flavor, every size and shape all put onto tabletops and seats. Munchkins were in the light fixtures and jelly covered the rims of glasses.

Enjolras was silent for a moment, simply taking in the scene before him. Blinking for a few moments, he looked toward his boyfriend who had the most stupid smile on his face.

"Um, Taire, what?" Was all he managed to get out before Grantaire burst into laughter.

"Happy National Donut day Enj!"

Despite their leader's silence the group couldn't help but burst into laughter at the truly ridiculous feat Grantaire had accomplished. What they hadn't expected was what Grantaire was doing next.

"I know it's the anniversary, but it's also this holiday in America and I know you try to put on this tough guy act and say you don't eat sweets, but I know for a fact that this is your favorite junky breakfast food and I felt that this was the perfect and only way I could ask this of you. Well, the perfect way was if I had dyed myself in the colors of the French flag and called myself Patria, but this is my ridiculous way of doing this, because you make me crazy. Gabriel Enjolras, I love you so much."

Grantaire had made it directly in front of the blonde, who was covering his mouth his hand and the extremity was trembling slightly. In an instant, Grantaire fell to one knee. In his hand was one of the many munchkins that littered the café, except this one had a ring squished in it. A small white gold band with a blue sapphire on the left, a gap, and a ruby on right, both cut in baguette form. The configuration made up a small French flag.

"Gabriel Enjolras, will you marry me?"

Enjolras openly wept now, tears streamed down his marbelesque cheeks.


The group broke into loud and ridiculous applause. The noise caused the babies to awake and their shrill cries joined in the fanfare of excitement.

Everyone went around to congratulate the now engaged couple, the twins were clapping in their sleepy state and the champagne bottles were popped and poured into the jelly-rimmed flutes.

They laughed well into the night. Éponine was ready to throttle the lot of them when she realized they'd let the twins and Gav consume nearly half the donuts in the vicinity. Combeferre quelled her anger when he pulled her into his lap and buried his head into her neck.

Soon they were all spread around the couches and armchairs, spent and drunk with happiness.

Musichetta was spread over her boys lap, her daughter asleep on her chest. Azelma was in a similar position, front end on Bahorel's lap, bottom in Feuilly's. On the first love seat, Courfeyac and Jehan were curled together, Jehan playing with his boyfriend's hair. In the adjacent seat, Grantaire and Enjolras were wrapped together like a sailor's knot, Gavroche sat on the ground in front of them, his brother supporting his hand on his head.

Across the coffee table Éponine was still in Combeferre's lap, only now she also supported a snoozing Ben, his thumb dangling from his slightly open mouth. Sarah had managed to worm her way onto her father's lap. Curled up like a cat, the little pigtailed girl burrowed in Combeferre's chest and fast asleep like her brother.

On the last available arm chair, Cossette sat on Marius' lap when she rocked their infant son to a gentle sleep.

Together they were family. A Family that had been through so many hardships in the last six years alone like nearly losing their lives, the life of their first enfant. But they had also witnessed, in this very café, the expansion of their group in the form of their once second youngest members.

They'd seen weddings and deaths, more births and now engagements.

Combeferre was the last to fall asleep among the group, smiling at each and everyone of his brothers, sisters, children, nieces, nephews, wife, and sighed.

This was where they were meant to be and man, the future was going to be quite the adventure.

But then again, with these people surrounding him, his comrades and family, adventure was always out there and always there's for the taking.

He slept, excited for what tomorrow would bring.

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