The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: #25

Pen Name: SophiaCorgi

Pairing/Character(s): Bella/Edward

Rating: M

Word Count: 500 (according to gdocs)

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The line at the campus post office is a complete shit show. Hundreds of pre-med students piled on top of each other trying to get to their mailboxes for the letter that will change their lives.

I push my hands through my unruly hair and grown in frustration. I know this is important to everybody here, but it's really important to me. The past four years I've spent across the country and away from my wife. We've all made sacrifices, but damn if mine wasn't the extreme.

Bella and I were best friends and high school sweethearts from a small town in Washington State. Nobody blinked when we got married right after high school. It was the norm where we were from. People expected it, especially from us. We were all set to move to Boston and start college and our new lives together when tragedy struck.

Bella's father had a heart attack while fishing. Since she wasn't expecting him home until late in the day, it was a while before she got alarmed enough to go looking for him. We're not sure if getting to the hospital sooner would have made of difference or not. The heart attack was severe and he would need extensive rehab and constant care.

I was prepared to withdraw from school, stay in Forks, and help Bella and Charlie. She was my wife. I wasn't moving across the country from her. Bella would not allow it. She through a fit of epic proportions and we fought for days. Finally I accepted defeat to my stubborn wife.

I went on to Boston with the hope she would be able to join me by the start of the spring semester. Charlie's recovery took longer than expected, though. One semester turned into, and then turned into years. It was obvious Charlie wasn't going to fully recover and Bella refused to trust his care to strangers.

By this point, I was too far into my program to transfer and Bella held firm. I was not withdrawing. This was my dream. We would make it work. We were making it work. We texted constantly and skyped every night. It was miserable. I missed her so much, but my girl was so strong. She pushed me through these last four years.

Now I'm finally holding the letter that will determine our fate and I'm terrified to open it. I cannot spend another four years away from her. I won't. I don't have to be a doctor. I will make Bella see reason.

I'm back in my room with my phone in one hand and the letter in the other. Now or never. I rip into the envelope and almost tear the pages pulling them free. When I see the words I drop to my knees. I'm in a complete daze as I hit the speed dial for my wife. I'm unable to speak when she answers the phone.

"Edward- are you there?"

"I matched in Seattle, baby. I'm coming home."

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