What if...

Characters: GoM members, Kuroko Tetsuya, Momoi Satsuki.

Pairing: None

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Chapter 01.1: What if GoM members suddenly turn into adults?

Aomine has been sleeping soundly for hours, however it was already time for him to wake up… The bed felt so comfortable, he could just stay there happily. But, as his parents had traveled yesterday, he had to wake up and warm his lunch or else he would be hungry.

He yawned and slowly, scratching his yes, rolled over the bed, slowly rolling to the ground and got up finally. He staggered while walking, still feeling sleepy. Then, washed his face and whilst was drying it with a towel, he felt, somewhat different.

"Humn?" mumbled.

He was just about to take the toothpaste inside the mirror from the bathroom, but something stopped him from moving.

He startled scared when he saw his face. His eyes opened wide and he got some adrenaline running through his body.

"HUMN?" grumbled.

Then he started touching his face. It seemed so… Adult. He looked like a man in the middle of his 20's. He could swear that there was some beard growing on his face, but almost invisible because of his tanned skin. Not only his face, but his body also changed, his pajamas were tight since his muscles had grown bigger.

"N-No way… I must be dreaming, right?" said in disbelief "I-I will just come back to my bed, lay down and wait until I wake up in real world."

So he did. But not has changed at all.




At Momoi's house she could hear the loud scream of despair coming from his neighbor's house.

"Wha-?" she shivered from fear "It came from Dai-chan's… What could have happened…? Maybe… he saw a ghost?" she breathed, trying to recover from the shock.

Her cellphone rang out loud, frightening her again, but she managed to answer it fast. It was Aomine.

"Sa-Satsuki, you must c-come over here! NOW!" said in a desperate and trembling tone.

"Wha- Dai-chan?!" before she could ask properly, he just ended the call "Geez, Why is he always like this…? Couldn't he be gentler? Anyways… For him to be so scared, he really had a big shock… I'll just check him…"





She entered the house, peeking at the opened door. How could he be so imprudent letting the door opened, she frowned when thinking about his best friend's carelessness.

Quickly she got at the entrance of the kitchen, and sited on a chair, there was a man wearing some tight clothes, with a tanned skin and a quite muscular body, tapping his left foot repeatedly on the ground, nervous.

"You came…" he noticed the young girl at the entrance looking with an expression of 'I need your help right now'

"Dai… Chan?" she asked astonished





"…And so, when I woke up my body had already grown…" explained calmly.

"Hum…" She didn't get surprised at his explanation about how he woke up as an adult version of himself.

"I've heard before, but I really didn't know when they said on TV that you grow when you sleep that it could happen so fast…"

"I should've know…" she said sighing heavily.

"What do you mean? It's no joke Satsuki! How can I go back to normal?!" said nervous. "It's not like I want to be an adult yet, I still need some time to grown, you know!"

"That's not it, Dai-chan… It's because just this morning I received a lot of calls from the others, and it seems you're not the one who woke up as an adult…" sighed. "I was about to go out and meet the others at an empty place, an abandoned construction near our school."

"What…?! How…"

"Firstly, you can't go out with these tight pajamas or the ladies will start fantasying some things with you, let's borrow temporally your father's clothes…"

He picked a dark T-shirt and kakis that fitted well on him.





It was an abandoned site, a ruined construction, dirty with dust from the walls and sand scattered all over the place.

"Are you sure it's the right place?" Aomine said whilst looking at every side, afraid of ghosts.

"Dai-chan, due the situation an empty place is the best choice, have you thought on the possibility of someone we know seeing you in this form?" she rolled her eyes, sighing for the fear of her friend.

"So you came…" a male and soft voice came from behind the two.

"WAAAAAAAAA" the two shouted, turning back to see who was that.

"T-Testu-kun?" Momoi blushed.

"Tetsu?!" Aomine gave a surprise tone to his voice.

Indeed, the man standing there was the sixth phantom player, however his face looked much more mature (without that chubby cheeks), he was a bit taller than before and his shoulder were larger, and he seemed also fatter (muscles) comparing to his tiny appearance in his sixteen's, but his flat expression didn't change at all.

He was wearing a short sleeved light blue shirt, a black tie and pants.

"Did you arrive here just now" Aomine asked with drops of sweat falling down his face.

"No, I was walking behind you since you entered this place…" answered with his gloomy face.

"As always… Tetsu-kun's lack of presence didn't change even when he's an adult" Momoi thought and her face reddened.

"Kurokocchi~!" A male distant voice shouted.

They didn't need to see to know who it was. The blonde came running from the entrance of the land to the construction site, and embraced the bluenette.

"I knew it was Kurokocchi~!" rubbed his cheek against Kuroko's.

Although he had to get his face down to rub his cheek. He was taller also, but not something notable, half of his bangs were combed behind his left ear and the other half stroking the right side of his face. His soft smile was bright as ever, but his face also seemed more mature. Though his body was not so muscular, his clothes looked just like the ones he was wearing on his photo's sessions: a brown tuxedo, a white shirt and jeans.

"Kise-kun, stop please, you're a growth man now, that's disgusting." Said with his flat tone.

"Waaaa! So cruel~!" the blonde whined.

"But Kise, you too…" Aomine got worried. "Don't tell me that the whole Generation of Miracles suddenly turned into adults…" said with irony.

"Yeah, actually when I said 'others', I was referring to Midorima-kun, Mukkun and… Well" she gulped. "You know, everyone"

The sand crackled as if someone was walking, then a voice came:

"So you turned into adults too-nanodayo"

"Midorimacchi?" Kise asked astounded.

Midorima was not taller, he didn't change much, but he was in fact like an adult, wearing a white long sleeved shirt, a red tie and social brown pants, he was similar to an ordinary executive from some company. And he seemed smarter than ever.

"Sheesh… I should have guessed, today Oha-asa said that all of zodiac signs would have bad luck…" said frowning his eyebrows and adjusting his glasses.

"Whoa… Everyone looks sooo big" a strong voice sounded, catching the attention of the others.

It was Murasakibara, he was not taller, of course, but his face looked serious, not so lazy, he was more muscular also, ten times more intimidating than in his teen ages. He was wearing casual clothes because the ones that he was used to wear still fitted him well: a white T-shirt and jeans. Eating snacks as always, but he didn't seem childish.

"Mukkun has not changed much" Momoi smiled.

"Eh~ Sacchin did not become an adult too? So unfair~" he chewed some candies.

"So we became adults but our mental age did not change…" Midorima said as if he was analyzing the situation.

"Momoicchi help us, you're the one who wasn't affected by this growth disease" Kise exclaimed almost crying.

"But I don't know why you turned… Big…"

"Sachin is small" the purple haired stroke the girl's hair

"I'm not a child Mukkun…"

"Where is Akashi-kun? Did he change…?" The older Kuroko asked.

"Ah, well… He has sent a message to my cellphone telling his situation… But… He is not here yet…"she said worried.

"He's always the same." The green-haired sighed "Being late, arriving just when everyone is already at the place…"

But each one of them was curious to see Akashi's older version, would him be as maniac as the teen one or maybe someone more quiet.

"So you're already here…" A strong and calm voice came from the entrance.

They looked at the man who was standing there and followed him with their eyes when he walked near them.

"Pardon for arriving late. For now we should discuss how to solve this problem, right? Shintaro, Daiki, Ryota, Atsushi and Tetsuya…"

The man was a bit taller, his voice was stronger, with larger shoulders, and his mismatched eyes were more serious than before. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a red shirt and a black tie and social black pants. His face was more mature and the air around him too due to his seriousness and coldness.

"Akashi/Akashi-kun/Akashicchi/Akachin!" everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Shall we start our discussion?" he said narrowing his eyes.


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