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Chapter 8: And the conclusion is…

"It's him!" Aomine suddenly stood up, clenching his fists.

"That scary man~" Murasakibara said lazily

"We must go after him!" Midorima suggested

"He may turn us back!" Kise shouted excited.

"We have no time to waste here…" Akashi went straight to the exit of the snack bar.

GoM members and their friends started their chase of the so called "sorcerer". Although some of them were walking discretely (Akashi, Kuroko and Midorima), others were walking soundly (like Bakagami, Ahomine…)

The man looked with suspicion at the strange men and teenagers following his steps. He frowned and took larger steps, walking faster.

They hurried to not lose sight of him. Then, the "sorcerer" hurried too, trying to mix with the crowd walking on the street. He looked over his shoulders, and saw the red haired man which was following him whispering something on a bluenette man's ears. The bluenette nodded, in a second he lost sight of that suspicious bluenette man.

The sorcerer looked straight in front, stepping soundly and nervously, trying to foil their chase.

He looked round again to see if there was still someone following him, but fortunately, there wasn't. He closed his eyes and sighed in relief. But it didn't last longer, because he bumped into someone.

"Ouch!" he stepped back and touched his nose that was aching now. "I'm sor-"

His sight caught the figure of a tall, purple haired man standing right in front of him…


The sorcerer's blood boiled, he started sweating, nervously, and projected his body to run to his right side, but stopped moving when he saw, near him a familiar tanned man blocking his way. He looked to his left side, there was a green haired blocking his path too, his only route left to escape was…

"We won't let you run away…" a voice sounded behind him

"AAH!" he turned round to see the bluenette staring at him with an expressionless face.

"Y-you!" the sorcerer frowned in irritation.

"Now, Mister…" a strong voice called the sorcerer "Would you mind telling us everything you know about curses…?"

The sorcerer gulped, feeling a killing intent hitting his back, a dangerous killing intent which makes him tremble internally. He turned to see the owner of that voice, a red haired man.

"So, Mister…" Akashi narrowed his frivolous eyes "Shall we start our discussion?"

And a frightened sorcerer was dragged by the men before he could react.




On a restaurant, near that place, the sorcerer was sited, surrounded by GoM members and their friends. He felt intimidated by the glances the men , dangerously falling upon him.

"I'm Momoi… And you… Who are you?" the only girl of the group that seemed to be the most comprehensive among that bunch of furious men.

"I'm Hikaru…" He said reluctantly

"Then…" Kagami frowned "You're the man who cursed them?"

"I didn't curse them!" he answered offended

"Are you really a sorcerer?" Miyaji looked disrespectfully to the man "I mean, you aren't even wearing that sorcery clothes…"

"Of course I'm not a sorcerer!" he retorted as if that was absurd.

"No?" Aomine raised his brows

"So why were you at that temple?" Midorima asked puzzled

"I'm a touristic guide, and I work showing that temple, the employers said it would attract more people if I wear sorcery clothes!"

"So how did you know we were cursed?" Kise asked.

"Well because you threw that coin into the fountain, of course…" he rolled his eyes, sighing as if it was stupid asking him that.

"You admit you know about that cursed fountain…" Akashi said "So, you may also know how to turn us back…"

"Fountain?" the sorcerer was astounded. "Which cursed fountain?"

"There was a fountain, on that temple…" Kuroko said calmly "It was cursed, that's why we are in this form…"

"Ah" Hikaru rolled his eyes. Sighing heavily and waving his head in a negative manner "There's nothing like a cursed fountain idiots!"

"So why are they cursed right now?" Himuro frowned, irritated with the man's attitude

"You threw something into the fountain, right?" he asked rhetorically.

"Yes-ssu" Kise said timidly "I had thrown a coin…"

"And where did you pick that coin from?" Hikaru proceeded with the interrogatory

"From the ground-ssu" the blond said with a guilty tone.

"So it was his fault?" Sakurai asked.

"Yes, it was his fault!" the sorcerer growled

"So we were cursed because I threw something in the fountain?" the blond was at the verge of crying

"Not 'something', you picked a damn cursed coin from the ground and threw into a sacred fountain, that's why you were punished, all of you!"

"How a 'cursed coin'?" Aomine howled.

"Don't you know what means cursed?!" the sorcerer growled.

"What?!" Aomine grabbed the man's shirt.

"Whaa!"Sakurai tried to refrain the sorcerer from getting hit.

"Just explain how you knew that coin was cursed-ssu" Momoi asked.

"I particularly believe in legends…" Hikaru glanced to the blond model "And that coin you picked was a part of a cursed treasure that we were showing at the temple… We had lost that coin and I was searching for it when you all came. I observed what you were doing on the temple so late at that night and when I was going to expulse you, that blonde picked the cursed coin, when I noticed, he had already thrown it into the fountain, that was when I appeared to you guys… "

"So… All time it was the coin… Not the fountain?" Momoi's jaw dropped.

"Yes" he affirmed.

"Can't we turn back?" Muaraskibara munched nervously some marshmallows.

"No, I didn't say that!" the sorcerer gestured "Don't put words on my mouth!"

"We only brought you here to explain how to turn back…" Akashi narrowed his eyes "Get to the point already… I'm getting tired of you…" a dark aura raised from his body

"W-well…" Hikaru cleared his throat "The only way to turn you back is take that coin off from the fountain and dry it or wash it with anything that is not sacred…"

"Just… It?" Kagami asked astonished.





To make sure the man wasn't trying to deceive them, GoM members escorted Hikaru along with them to the temple.

"Kise, you take the coin…" Aomine ordered

"Why me?!" The blonde whined

"You're the one who threw it, right?" Midorima retorted irritated.


He reached the fountain, and nervously looked. There were lots of coins, he gulped.

"How will he find that coin inside that amount of other coins?" Kagami asked worriedly.

"No idea…" Aomine responded.

"Ah-" the blond smiled "I found it!" he showed the gold piece.

"How did you find it so fast?!" Seirin's ace was surprised.

"Because it's different from all the others… See?" he played with the coin.

"Now, dry it…" Hikaru instructed.

Kise tried to dry with his clothes, but it wasn't working well.

"It's not drying completely!" he got desperate.

"Just wash it with something!" the sorcerer said nervous.

"Water, do we have water?" Aomine asked loud.

"It doesn't need to be water, any liquid will do!" Hikaru said

"Ah!" Kagami remembered something "Murasakibara, didn't you buy a drink earlier?!"

"Eh~"the purple haired looked to the red head "That's right~"

He picked a bottle of water and a bottle of Pocari sweat from his bag.

"Perfect!" Kise picked a bottle and spouted it on the coin.

Once it was washed, GoM's gaze fell upon the coin, expecting their bodies changes.

Suddenly, their bodies shrunk, and they smiled happily. Their friends who were accompanying them also were happy. Finally, it was the end of that nightmare.

"We're back!" Kise yelled enjoyed.

"Finally…" Midorima sighed in relief.

"…"Akashi looked at his own hand, narrowing his eyes.

"There's something wrong…" Kuroko's voice sounded concerned.

GoM member looked at their friends who were wearing a worried expression on their faces and Momoi was exchanging glances with their friends, anf if she was trying to hid something from GoM.

"What's wrong?" Aomine retorted.

"Don't you think those clothes are too big for us?" Kuroko asked.

"Now that you said…" the tanned boy looked at his hand

"Murasakibara looks smaller too…" Midorima commented

"E-Eh… Tetsu… Your face looks chubby…" Aomine noticed.

"Yeah… Not only Kurokocchi… Aominecchi you too" The blonde said.

"Kurochin looks tiny~" The purple haired played with Kuroko's hair.

"…" Hikaru gulped.

"Ryota" a dark aura merged from Akashi. "What did you use to wash the coin…?"

"Eh… Akashicchi…? I used the Pocari…"

"…" the red haired dark's aura increased.

"Moron…" the sorcerer shook his head in disagreement with the blonde's act "I said anything would be fine… But that was in the heat of the moment… Why didn't you use the water…?"

"I though the water could affect us again-ssu" he cried ""B-because the last time it made us grown, then I tried the Pocari this time, but-" he uselessly tried to excuse himself, nervous by the negative mood around the other GoM members. "I didn't know we would become children this time~" he wailed.

"…" a moment of silence.

Then Takao burst into laugh, Miyaji face slapped himself, Sakurai tried to calm down an angry Aomine; Momoi sighed, Kagami tried to grasp Kise's neck to strangle him, but Himuro stopped him. And another ruckus started.

"How will we turn back…?" Aomine said clenching his fist

"Kise-chin~" Muaraskibara smashed the marshmallows onto his grasp.

"…" Kuroko's face darkened.

"…"Midorima had a shady expression on his face, lifting his glasses.

"E-eh-ssu?!" the blonde started to tremble in fear.

"Don't' worry…" Hikaru said "You only need to wash it again, but with the right liquid this time… Onl-" he couldn't end the phrase, it was too late… "Ah…"


"Ryota…" Akashi took out his scissors

A moment of silence.


The GoM yelled in unison, and that yell echoed on the temple, with a new commotion breaking the peace on the calm temple and a new story starting to unfold, but that is a story to tell another time...

And the conclusion is

Pocari sweat is always the best!



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