By Ninetalesuk.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:Digimon is a registered trademark of Toei, Saban AND Disney!. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a
registered trademarks of KAZUKI TAKAHASHI and 4KIDS Entertainment. Some Digimon you never heard
of will be owned by me.


It has been over a year since the D-Reaper has been defeated and one of the 4 Digimon Sovereigns,
Zhuqiaomon, has let go of his hatred for humans since he figured that if he kept his grudge
against humans going, there will be no more peace and quiet left in the Digital World.

The Digimon were happy when Zhuqiaomon let his hatred for the humans go, except a few. They tried
to attack Zhuqiaomon but they were overcome. Zhuqiaomon then banished them to a far-away area
of the Digital World.

After that, nothing ever happened at the Digital World since... until now!

Far, far away in the Digital World was a huge black tower. It was made by the Digimon that tried
to attack Zhuqiaomon and failed. It was known as the Digi-Fortress.

Standing in the main room was a Digimon that was a cross between the black dragon Devidramon and
the brave warrior WarGreymon.

"Zhuqiaomon..." the mysterious Digimon said, in a cold voice. "You are a fool to let go of your
hatred for the humans... We Digimon are superior to them! Why give it all up!"

"WarDevidramon!" came a voice. WarDevidramon turned around to see a small black ball with wings.

"Ah, DemiDevimon!" WarDevidramon said, still in his cold voice. "I trust you have good news for
me about our secret project?"

"Yes, sir!" DemiDevimon said, saluting. "It's ready for you to be pleased!"

"Excellent!" WarDevidramon said, smiling. "Then, get the show on the road!"

"Yes, sir!" DemiDevimon said, flying away. "Right away, sir!"

WarDevidramon turns back to the window he was staring out of and gave a small cruel chuckle.
"Now, Zhuqiaomon..." WarDevidramon mumbled. "Now is the time for Digimon to take over the
world! I will make the humans bow down before me! Just watch me!"

WarDevidramon gave out the traditional villain laughter as it echoed throughout the tower...


'Hi! My name is Takato, a Digimon Tamer. As soon as I found a Digital Portal inside the old shed
in the park, I was reunited with my Digimon, Guilmon. Henry and Terriermon were reunited though,
Terriermon STILL has his big mouth with him. Rika was thrilled to see Renamon and so was Susie
when she found Lopmon. Kazu and Kenta's Digimon, Guardromon and MarineAngemon, are now back
together and knowing those two, they will start bragging about their Digimon. Impmon was REALLY
happy to be back with his Tamers, Ai and Mako. Ryo was back with Monodramon, and also decided
that its best not for Monodramon to become Cyberdramon and the ever hyper Calumon is back with
Jeri. And the most surprising thing is, Leomon is also back! Leomon came back after Azulongmon
took Leomon's data out of Impmon and brought him back to life. Guilmon and the others were happy
to see Leomon again, except Impmon complained about having a stomach ache for a week. Anyway, a
year has passed by since we stopped the D-Reaper and now, we are happy to spend time with our
Digimon. We know that nothing will happen now... Till one day...'

Stopping at a bus stop, a small group of teenagers got off the bus before walking to a cafe.

"Here we are" said a boy called Tristan. "This is where that mass of purple blob appeared!"

The girl in the group, Tea, groaned and looked at Tristan. "That 'mass of purple blob' was called
the D-Reaper, Tristan!"

Joey laughed. "She got you there, Tristan!"

"Got me where!" Tristan said. "Anyway, you didn't know the name as well!"

Joey stopped laughing and looked down to the floor "Oh yeah," said Joey. "So I have..."

The other 2 boys, Yugi and Bakura, laughed. "Don't worry, Joey." Yugi said. "As it said on the
news, the D-Reaper was destroyed by a group of children known as the Tamers and their Digimon."

Bakura nodded. "And that big purple Digimon is still alive. I'm glad."

"Thats right, Bakura" Yugi said. "I'm glad that Digimon is safe."

"Hey, Yug," Joey said. "Wheres the place where we can do a team battle against Kaiba and Mai?"

"Well," Yugi begins. "If I recall from Grandpa, they should be in that building!" He pointed to
a huge building far away. "Some guy called Yamaki will help us there."

"Right!" Said Joey, giving out his usual grin. "Let's go!"

As they ran towards the building, a strange figure covered in a brown blanket watched them
running towards the building. "They are not the Tamers," he mumbled "But, they will be helpful!
I must follow them!" He hid into the shadows and vanished into thin air...

At the park, Takato was walking with Guilmon in the forest so no one could see the digital red
dinosaur. Takato looked at his golden D-Power and turns back to Guilmon.

"Guilmon," Takato said, smiling, "I'm so glad your back. How many times I said that?"

"Heh, about 700," Guilmon chuckled. "And as always, I'm glad to be back with you too, Takatomon."

"Guilmon, for the last time. I'm not a 'mon'!" Takato smiled. "And also, don't chase anymore
squirells. Okay?"

"Aww, okay". Guilmon laughed and then, stared up into the sky, sighing.

Guilmon looked at Takato with a worried face. "Hey, Takato?"

"Yeah, Guilmon?" Takato said.

"I'm getting a strange feeling that something bads gonna happen!" Guilmon said, looking worried.

Takato was worried as well. "Really? What going to happen, boy?"

"I dunno." Guilmon said. "But, I got that feeling."

Takato chuckled. "Oh, don't worry, Guilmon. If there is something bad happening, we'll be there!
Fighting together!"

"Yeah!" Guilmon said, jumping onto Takato and knocking him to the ground. "When we are
Gallantmon, we are the ultimate fighting team!"

"You mean, we are the Mega fighting team!" Takato said, laughing as Guilmon started to lick his
face. "Guilmon! Stop it! Your tickling me!"

"Heh, sorry." Guilmon stopped licking Takato's face and got off "You're right, Takato. Nothing is
going to go wrong"

"I hope your right, boy!" Takato thought. "I hope your right..."


I know this a short story, but its a start. Stay tuned when WarDevidramon reveals his master
plan! Next time!