By Ninetalesuk.


After the defeat of WarDevidramon and the mighty Gallantmon Crimson Mode absorbed his data, the Tamers and the Duelests arrived back at the Soverigns' lair with Imperialdramon FM and Angedramon. Megamon changed back into his Rookie form, Divinemon, and joined the group to arrive at his master's lair. They also brought Neo along, which he has a BIG surprise.

"I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" Yelled Neo Saiba as he saw Rika and Renamon, standing before him, Bio-Merge Digivolve into Sakuyamon.

"You better believe it, pal." Said Sakuyamon in Rika's voice.

Neo couldn't believe his eyes. A human and a Digimon, becoming one creating a Mega Digimon. "How? When? What? Why!"

"I'll tell you why." Sakuyamon said in Renamon's voice. "Rika and I have something that you don't have Neo, friendship."

"What?" Neo sneered.

Yugi stepped up. "Ever since you killed BlackMetalGreymon and showed no remorse for him, it proves that you have no heart."

Neo turned away and sneered. "I'm a powerful Tamer, you can't tell me what I can or can't do to raise my Digimon! If Devimon and Ogremon didn't die while I was searching for you with VenomMyotismon, I would have used the DNA Digivolve and destroy you all!"

Joey felt like running up to Neo and punch him, but he held himself back. "You know, you ARE a few meters away from death, pal! You killed BlackMetalGreymon, you killed Labramon, you almost killed LadyDevimon, Angedramon's Ultimate form and you also sided with the enemy! With all this, it looks like you will be in big trouble with your parents!"

"Yeah." Penguinmon smirked. "Grounded for life!"

Takato stepped up. "To be a true Digimon Tamer, you have to be friends with your Digimon. Working together as a team, you'll stand out as a true Tamer. That is why Rika and Renamon have Bio-Merged into Sakuyamon!"

"Thank you, Takato." Sakuyamon said.

"Hearing all that, you are not a true Tamer. You are a heartless beast!" Takato yelled.

"Calm down, Takato." Henry said, placing a hand on Takato's shoulder. "Now then, Neo, Imperialdramon talked about this to the Soverigns..."

"And...?" Neo asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Azulongmon?" Henry said, raising his head to the giant blue dragon.

Azulongmon hovered over Neo. "Listen to me, Saiba. The rule for doing such evil deeds in the Digital World could mean death for you."

"What?" Tea gasped.

Kazu slapped his head. "Great! Just great!"

Zhuqiaomon flew beside Azulongmon. "But, that only happens on Digimon. We have a new rule thanks to the mighty Imperialdramon. Tell him the new rule."

"Thank you." Imperialdramon FM said, bowing before looking at the boy. "Our new rule is that you'll be send back home..."

Neo smirked. "Sounds good to me."

"He hasn't finished yet!" Said the Irish head of Ebonwumon.

The Scottish head of Ebonwumon nodded. "Aye, keep on listening."

Joey sweatdropped and looked at Tristan. "Even though its been a long time, I still can remember how annoying having two heads are."

"Well, at least Ebonwumon has someone to talk to." Tristan said, sighing.

Divinemon flew beside Neo. "He hasn't finished yet. When you get home, you'll have no knowledge of being a Tamer."

"WHAT?" Neo gasped.

"Which means you won't remember killing BlackMetalGreymon and Labramon, trying to kill LadyDevimon, becoming a member of WarDevidramon's clan and, oh yes..." Divinemon mused.

"What?" Guardromon asked.

Divinemon smiled. "He won't remember the Digital World or losing the Card Match against Rika. Meaning you will NOT remember trying to get your revenge on Rika."

Neo couldn't believe it. "No! NO!"

"How ARE you going to do that?" Mai asks.

Angedramon stepped up, twirling her staff. "I am. Just a little magic and POOF! Neo will never remember ANYTHING about the Digital World! The only things he knows about the Digimon are the cards and the TV show."

Seto smiled. "Do it. It's time to teach him a lesson."

"I think so too." Angedramon said, picking Neo up. "Come on, my old 'friend'. It's time to you to forget me."

"No!" Neo yelled as Angedramon carried him to another room. "Rika! Someday, somewhere, I'll get my memories back and I'll get my revenge! Remember that! I'll get my revenge!"

Angedramon turned to the group and smiled. "Thank you, my friends. And goodbye."

Sakuyamon shook her head sadly as Angedramon closed the door behind her. "Goodbye, Neo Saiba... And goodbye, Angedramon..."

Lopmon hopped onto Divinemon's shoulder. "Now what are you going to do now, Divinemon? Since WarDevidramon is gone for good."

Divinemon looked at Lopmon, smiling. "Imperialdramon and I are going to work together and turn things from wrong to right."

"In other words, you guys are going to be Digimon Police?" Terriermon asked.

Imperialdramon FM laughed. "If that is the way you put it, yes."

As Sakuyamon changed back into Rika and Renamon, Baihumon stepped up and stood beside Azulongmon, Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon. "Tamers and Duelests, we should thank you for saving the Digital World. Without you, WarDevidramon will be unstoppable."

"Yes." Azulongmon said, nodding. "Now the chaos have calmed down, you may return to your world."

Zhuqiaomon raised his head to the roof. "Peace has restored to the Digital World. Its a shame WarDevidramon didn't accepted what I had to say a year ago."

Rika sighed. "It's too late to change the past."

"We can look to the future though." Seto said.

Henry dug through his backpack and brought out a small laptop. "I'll contact my dad and he can transport us back home." He pressed a button and the screen went on-line with Henry and Susie's dad appearing upon it. "Dad?"

"Henry?" Mr Wong said. "Did you do it?"

Terriermon hopped onto Henry's shoulder. "Mission done and done. Beam us back, Scotty."

"No more Star Terk for you, Terriermon." Henry said, chuckling.

"Momentai, Henry." Terriermon said before sighing. "Ah, nuts."

Mokuba picked up Penguinmon and smiled. "You coming with us, Penguinmon?"

"Kid, I'm your partner. I'm sticking with ya." Penguinmon said.

Tea kneeled beside SnowAgumon. "What about you?"

"I'm coming too, Tea." SnowAgumon said, smiling.

Joey turned to the Dark Magician, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon and the Harpy Sisters. "What about them?"

"Yes. Good point." Seto said. "Red Eyes and Blue Eyes are too big. And we can't leave them behind, unless they have a Rookie form."

"Not a problem." The Irish head of Ebonwumon said. "Hold out the cards that has the pictures and names of the beasties."

"Aye, hold them out." Said the Scottish head of Ebonwumon.

Yugi blinked. "Okay, if you say so."

Ebonwumon glowed as Yugi held out the Dark Magician card, Joey holding the Red Eyes Black Dragon card, Seto holding one of the 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon cards and Mai holding 3 Harpy Lady cards out. The 6 cards glowed as the 6 monsters glowed as well before being transferred into the cards that have their name on it.

"What happened?" Inumon asked.

Ebonwumon's Scottish head said. "I don't know."

"Oh, shut up!" The Irish head of Ebonwumon said. "Like a Pokemon is kept in a Poke-ball, your monsters will be summoned out and be summoned into their cards at any time. And we were able to add something for Joey and Seto. They can call out what size they want the Red Eyes and Blue Eyes when they call him out."

Yugi looked at the Dark Magician card before looking at Ebonwumon. "Arigatou."

"Huh?" Said BOTH Ebonwumon's heads.

Azulongmon chuckled. "That is Japanese for 'Thank you', Ebonwumon."

"Oh..." Said Irish Ebonwumon.

"We knew that..." Said Scottish Ebonwumon.

"Yeah, right." Rika scoffed.

A bright flash and a purple portal appeared beside Henry. "All right, it is time to go home!"

"Are you ready, Leomon?" Jeri asked her partner.

Leomon nodded and picked Jeri up onto his shoulder. "Yes, Jeri. I am." With that, Leomon and Jeri went through the portal

"We are going home!" Kazu yelled. "This is great!"

"Rightous, dude!" Guardromon said, following Kazu.

Kazu slapped his forhead. "Guardromon! Stop copying me!" With that, he and Guardromon went throught the portal as well.

Kenta was next with MarineAngemon floating beside him. "Good to know they haven't changed a bit. Right, buddy?"

"Ahuh." MarineAngemon said, nodding as he followed Kenta into the portal.

Joey, Tristan and Inumon walked towards the portal. "Man, I can't wait to go back into our world." Joey said.

"You said it." Tristan said.

Inumon looked into the sky and sighed. "So long, my friend Labramon. Till we meet again."

"Wazzat?" Joey asked.

"Nothing." Inumon said, sadly as he, Tristan and Joey walked through the portal.

Mai walked up to Tea and SnowAgumon. "Ready to go home now, you two?"

"Yep." Tea said, smiling before looking down at her partner. "Coming to your new home, friend?"

"You bet, Tea." SnowAgumon said, smiling. "Let's go!" With that, he followed Tea and Mai into the portal as he laughed happily.

Impmon led Ai, Mako and Calumon towards the portal. "Come on, you guys. Let's go home."

"This is great!" Ai said.

"You said it!" Mako said, nodding.

"Yay!" Calumon cheered. "Creampuffs! Creampuffs!"

Bakura smiled as he watched them walked through the portal and then, turned to Kokuwamon. "Come on, friend. Let's go to my world."

"Okay, Bakura." Kokuwamon said as he followed his partner towards the portal. "I wonder, is your Yami nice like Mr Yami Yugi?"

Bakura sweatdropped. "I'll answer that later."

Ryo, Rika, Susie, Monodramon, Renamon and Lopmon were next as Bakura and Kokuwamon entered into the portal. "One thing for sure, Joey will be happy that Monodramon won't be poking around in his card deck anymore." Lopmon said.

Monodramon gave out an evil smile. "Joey can run, but he can't hide."

Susie looked up to Renamon. "What does he mean?"

Renamon smiled. "Tell you later."

"Does Monodramon have some Cyberdramon data in him?" Rika asked.

Ryo nodded. "Yep. I might have to give him some shots to make him normal again."

"With me around, NOTHING is normal!" Monodramon chuckled as they went into the portal.

"This was one wild ride, Seto." Mokuba said as he, Penguinmon and his older brother walked towards the portal.

Seto nodded. "Yes, and I'll be glad to get home for some rest."

"Oh really?" Penguinmon mumbled. "Any food?"

Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon and Yugi were the only ones left.

Azulongmon bowed. "Once again, thank you for saving our world."

Imperialdramon FM looked towards Takato and Guilmon. "You two are amazing fighting force. I wish you luck for your up-coming life."

"Thank you." Takato said.

Guilmon looked at Zhuqiaomon and smiled. "Zhuqiaomon. Bye, bye."

"Oooooookay." Zhuqiaomon mumbled.

Yugi looked at Henry and Terriermon. "I must thank you for helping us."

"We must thank you." Henry said. "Without you, both the Real World and the Digital World is safe now from the dangers of chaos."

"Now we sort that out, LETS GO HOME!" Terriermon said as he hopped into the portal with Guilmon.

"Wait for me!" Takato said as he, Henry and Yugi went through the portal.

"Bye Lopmon." Divinemon said, smiling, as the portal closed. "So long and thank you..."

(Timeline... 5 hours later...)

After saying their goodbyes to the Digimon Tamers, Yugi and his friends were offered a ride from Seto so they can go back home. Joey made a joke and Tea made Joey scream by stamping on his foot. Got a few laughs outta that. (I don't hate Joey by the way).

Inside Seto Kaiba's limo were Yugi, Tea, SnowAgumon, Tristan, Inumon, Bakura, Kokuwamon, Seto, Mokuba, Penguinmon, Joey and Mai. Everyone was asleep, except Yugi, whom had a chat to an old friend of his.

Glad to be home, Yugi?" Yami Yugi asks, inside the Millenium Puzzle.

Yeah..." Yugi sighed. That was one crazy ride.

Yami Yugi chuckled. And we all deserve some rest.

Including my grandpa, once he sees the Dark Magician standing in front of him Yugi said, starting to laugh.

Yami Yugi also felt like laughing. "These are one of the adventures I'll never forget.

Yugi looked out of the window and he thought that the clouds were shaped into the heads of Labramon and BlackMetalGreymon, smiling at him. Yugi smiled too. None of us will, Yami. None of us will... He sighed and fell asleep.

None of us will...

It is almost the end but, do you wonder two things? Like what happened to Neo...?

(Newsrepoter) Tonight, Neo Saiba has finally been found after been missing for 2 weeks. Police and search groups had no luck finding him when he vanished. Neo has no memory of where he has been but, his parents are glad to see him back. On other news...

And what about WarDevidramon's old lackeys? Datamon and DemiDevimon? Well...

"RUN!" Yelled Datamon, as they were chased by a herd of Mammothmon.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Shouted DemiDevimon, as they ran into the sunset, with the Mammothmon following behind him.

Mammothmon are Ultimate level Digimon. Vaccine type. Ancient Animal Digimon. Their special attacks are Tusk Crusher and Freezing Breath.

"What is the point of telling them why we are being chased!" Yelled DemiDevimon.

"Just run!" Datamon yelled, as it echoed into the darken sky, still chased by the Mammothmon. How is that for a happy ending.

(DemiDevimon and Datamon) BAD!


Finally, I have completed my story! Thank you all for reading and reviewing it! This is my biggest story since 'Sonic Adventure' and 'Series 3:WarDevidramon Attacks!". And I have a Yu-Gi-Oh story idea in mind... Thanks to the help of LuckyLadybug... Stay tune and thank you all for reading! Ta ta!