"Rose." Tony Tyler gently shook his sister awake, all the while swaying a little as he balanced on his toes to reach her.

"What is it Tony?" Rose asked groggily, still half asleep.

"There's something under my bed."

"You were probably just dreaming it Tony. Go back to sleep." She said, rolling over in bed so she was facing away from him.

"Are you sure?"

Rose nodded. "It'll be alright. Go back to bed."

Giving in, the young boy tiptoed back to his room and bed. He pulled his covers up to his chin and snuggled into the bed, allowing himself to sink into the mattress. Tony shut his eyes and tried to think of anything but the monster under his bed.

Again, he was running away. Tony didn't dare look back as he sprinted along, afraid to see the thing that was chasing him. That would only make it worse, seeing it. It would make it more real. He kept running. The thing was right on his tail. If he stopped, it would catch him for sure. He just had to keep going. One foot in front of the other. That thing wouldn't catch him. No! He was too fast! Lightning fast!

Tony awoke with a start, quickly sitting upright in his bed. Jackie Tyler turned from opening her young son's curtains.

"You alright love?" She asked, coming to sit on the edge of the bed. Tony stayed silent. "Did you have another nightmare?" Jackie asked gently, rubbing his back. Like Rose, Jackie thought it was just a phase all five year old boys went through. He'd grow out of it.

Tony nodded in answer to his mother's question, a slightly fearful expression on his face.

"Don't worry about it." She smiled, getting up. "They'll go away soon. I'm sure of it." With that Jackie left the room and cautiously, Tony gripped the edge of his bed, lowering himself so he could see underneath. There was nothing there.

Tony awoke quickly, shooting up in his bed and looking around him. Everything was dark. It was the middle of the night. With a sigh, the young boy lay down and settled back down to sleep. He closed his eyes and within moments he was running. Slowly, Tony got faster and faster until he was running as fast as he little legs could take him. He didn't dare look behind him, for fear the monster would thrive on his own fear. He didn't know where he was going, only that he couldn't stop. If he did, the monster would get him. He was so close behind that Tony could hear the thudding crash as his feet hit the ground and seemed to make it shake for a second.

Finally, Tony reached the edge of a cliff and woke again, shaking his head vigorously in an attempt to make the images go away. He looked around. Everything was still black and it was still the middle of the night. Cautiously, Tony gripped the edge of the bed tightly and slowly lowered his head down so he could see under the bed.

The monster growled and bore it's sharp teeth, hissing threateningly.

"I'll find you Tony. I'll always find you." The creature hissed.

That was all Tony saw, for he quickly lay back down on his bed, breathing hard.

"Doctor," Tony asked the next morning. "When you were my age, did you have nightmares?"

"That was a long time ago Tony." The Doctor said.

"It can't be. You don't look that old."

The Doctor laughed. "Thanks Buddy."

"So did you?" Tony tried again.

"Did I what?"

"Have nightmares when you were my age?"

"I can't remember exactly. But I'm pretty sure I did. Most kids do. Right Rose?"

Rose nodded.

"Why do you ask Tony?" The Doctor asked gently, looking at the young boy.

"I keep having them." Tony admitted quietly. "Every night, and I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Then when I go back to sleep, it happens again."

"Tony, why didn't you tell us?" Jackie asked, leaning forward across the table.

"I tried." Tony said, looking at his mother with frightened eyes. "You told me not to worry about."

"Oh Tony!" Jackie gushed, coming round the table and pulling her son into her arms. "If something worries you, you've got to tell us. That's what we're here for. All of us. Ok?" Tony nodded.

"There's something under my bed too." Tony whispered.

"Do you want to show me what's under your bed?" The Doctor asked.

"I do, but it's not there now." Tony said.

"What do you mean?"

"It's not there during the daytime. Only when it gets dark."

"Oh." The Doctor nodded. "I see. You can show me when it's dark then. How does that sound?"

Tony nodded and smiled up at the Doctor, pleased someone finally seemed to believe him. He had always known he could count on his big sister Rose and her friend the Doctor, even if he couldn't count on anyone else.