Hello darling readers, I have decided to write a series of funny/awkward one shots. Sorry if you want an angsty story, but that shall come later his month.

Anyway, I will try and make you laugh, or at least face palm. If I succeed, tell me pretty please darlings.

Kyoya visited the Suoh estate often.

Tamaki's enormous house was a familiar place to Kyoya, a second home in a way, so he no longer felt the need to knock before entering the mansion.

When Kyoya walked through the ornate double doors leading into the mansion without announcing his presence, he felt no hesitation at all. What a mistake that was.

He didn't hesitate as he strode smoothly across the marble floors.

He didn't hesitate when he reached the grand staircase leading to the second floor of the large house.

He didn't hesitate as he bounded up the steps and reached the hallway leading to Tamaki's door.

He didn't hesitate to open the it without knocking; he was only ten minutes early after all.

But as the door swung open, Kyoya realized he should have hesitated.

The door hit the wall with a small thump.

Kyoya stood there silently, frozen, his mouth open in surprise.

Tamaki didn't notice Kyoya's entry.

The blond teenager was sitting cross-legged on the plush carpet surrounded by small plastic ponies. He was moving a purple unicorn around in the air as he made high pitched neighing noises.

Tamaki seemed to feel a presence in the room and looked around, his neighing dying down. He spotted Kyoya and froze.

Kyoya stood there in horror.

Tamaki seemed as if he were uttereing a silent scream.

Kyoya managed to regain his head and pulled the door slowly closed.

He leaned his back against the door and sighed.

It shouldn't have surprised him.

This was Tamaki after all.

But sure as hell, he would knock next time.

How was that? Was that funny or awkward at all? I hope so. Tell me please!

FYI: I have never actually seen my little pony