Kyoya is about eleven or twelve here, and his sister is seventeen. Read, review, and enjoy.

"This one?"


"How about this one?"

"That one's awful."

"Ugh, fine. How about…this one?"

"It makes you look fat."

A dress was promptly thrown in Kyoya's face.

"There is such a thing as too honest, Kyoya! Help me out, here!" Fuyumi exclaimed.

"Sorry, but as your brother, I say that there is no reason for me to help you impress a boy." He said flatly.

"Sheesh, you're the worst little brother in existence!"

"Oh no." Kyoya said sarcastically from his seat on her bed. Fuyumi frowned and collapsed onto her brother's shoulders.

"Pretty please, Kyo. I NEED you!" She groaned in exasperation. Kyoya struggled to get away before collapsing under her weight.

"Fine, just get off!" He choked. She giggled and stood, showing him another possible outfit for her upcoming date. He nodded and tried to smile.

"Yeah, I like that one. It's nice. He'll love it." Kyoya breathed. Fuyumi squealed and hugged him.

"Really? I'm so nervous!" She said as she twirled around her room.

"What for? He's going to adore you." He said, barely able to keep the sarcasm from intruding in his voice. The door bell rang and Fuyumi nearly screamed.

"Oh my God, he's early! Get out, get out, I need to change!" She said as she pushed Kyoya out of her room before slamming her door.

"Uh, she's impossible." He whispered as he sauntered into his own bedroom.

I hope he's a nice guy.

Kyoya bit his lip, thinking.

What if he isn't a nice guy? What if he tries to…kiss her?

Kyoya heard his sister exit her room and run down the stairs. He thought he could hear her date talking. He sounded big.

Big means dangerous.

Big means he could force her to kiss him.

Big means-

Woah, woah, calm down, Kyoya. Don't let yourself get carried away.

Yeah. Don't get carried away, she'll be fine. Just leave her be.

Kyoya stared intently through the restaurant window from across the street, making sure to remain unseen.

So far, they were only talking and eating, nothing more. Kyoya pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and pulled out his binoculars.

Fuyumi was smiling and laughing a lot.

Flirting. Disgusting.

Kyoya leaned forward a little further.


Kyoya jumped and fell onto the sidewalk, almost losing his binoculars. A traffic cop was walking toward him.

"What do you think you're doing?" The cop yelled as he hurried closed to Kyoya, who was doing the crab walk to inch away from the policeman.

"Um, I was just…um…keeping tabs." Kyoya said as he rose to his feet and began back up.

"Yeah right, you were, you little pervert!" The cop yelled as he began to sprint toward Kyoya.

Oh crap.

Kyoya turned and began to run full speed as the cop yelled obscenities from behind him. Kyoya's face had never been redder.

"I swear, this is just a misunderstanding!"

Well, twelve/eleven year old Kyoya is not as smart as current Kyoya if I do say so myself.