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Chapter 5: The Funeral and The UFO

-I was standing there in a crowd of all the people who lived in pallet town as I watched Oak's assistants lowering a coffin with flame patterns all over it into the ground. I could see Oak's lips moving but I couldn't hear anything at all. As my gaze dropped down to my shoes I finally truly saw exactly what I was wearing. I had on a pair of old but hardly ever worn black leather penny loafers with a pair of black dress pants. Around my waist I had on a belt with a luxury ball belt buckle. I had on a crisp white dress shirt on tucked into my pants. Over my shirt was a black suit coat fully buttoned up. Running under the jacket was the black tie I had put on with little chibi dark type Pokemon all over it. Looking back I wish I had bought myself a plain black tie which would be more appropriate for now. As I raised my head back up I saw a guy who I could not quite make out due to the tears that had started to come out. I was able to see what he was wearing though his face and other features were blurred. He was wearing a pair of tennis shoes with a pair of slightly faded but not threadbare or holey jeans. He had a short sleeved black shirt over a long sleeved white shirt and he had some sort of necklace with a ball on it about the size of a pokeball. I could also tell that he had dirty blond hair that went down to about his shoulders and it looked a little spiky. All in all I would say he was about 5' 6" tall and he seemed like he had an athletic build but it was more of a guess since his clothes covered it up. I could feel my blood slightly boil since some guy decided to go to a funeral in clothes like that and he didn't even bother to at least tuck his shirt in. I decided I would have to talk to the guy after the funeral was over and at the rate my blood was boiling I might take him out for lunch. I really started to hope he liked knuckle sandwiches. As Oak finished talking he closed his bible. As everybody started to leave I saw a pair of white arms walking over towards the pokemart and started fallowing him with long strides. I overtook him in about a minute and I placed one hand on his left shoulder and started to pull him around as I balled my other hand into a fist and started to let it fly towards his face. As I saw the guys face my mind went down the drain. The slightly crooked nose and those creepily weird almost perfectly round bright purple eyes. I knew it was too late to stop my punch. Then the guy's lips slightly curled into a smile as he brought up his right fist and met my punch with one knuckles to knuckles then slammed his fist down on top of mine where I quickly repeated the action to try to play off the motion.-

"Hey you didn't tell me you were coming." I said.

"Well I just decided to come about an hour ago." He said.

"Dude it is only a 15 minute walk to your house from here." I said.

"Yeah sorry I got here late I couldn't decide what I should wear to dress up." He said.

"DUDE! You just came to a funeral wearing jeans and your everyday shirts." I said.

"Actually these are my good shirts and my good jeans. See there are no holes in the knees on this pair." He said as he let out a smile.

"Really man? You haven't changed a bit have you Jason?" I asked.

"Dave chill dude, I have changed." Jason said.

"Oh really now? How so?" I asked.

"I am wearing brand name clothes now instead of knockoff brands." He said

"At least you decided to show up dude, though it was just bad timing for the region champions to have their annual meeting on the same day as the funeral." I sighed out.

"Yeah well shit happens and the world keeps on spinning ignoring the problems of its inhabitants, and I don't see that changing anytime bro." Jason said.

I looked at Jason like he grew a second head with him being completely ignorant of said second head.

"What did I say something strange, or do I have something in my teeth?" asked Jason.

"Its just that you were never the philosophical one and you were just preaching philosophy." I said.

"Like I said, I've changed dude." Jason said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well I'll see you in a but I need to talk to my dad about something dude." I said.

"Well I'll be in the area for a while so come find me after you have the chat with your old man." Jason said.

I walked off to oaks lab where he was scratching his chin looking at a picture taken with a low grade camera earlier that day. Looking over his shoulder the image showed a engraved rock flying through the air.

"Hey old man what ya looking at?" I asked.

"It's a UFO id like you to go investigate, it supposably landed in the ruins of life." Oak said.

"What kind of obstacles am I looking at if I go?" I asked.

"Not much just some thick vines and a few random Pokemon, though I heard a there is a demonic Pokemon that took up residence there recently." Oak said.

"Any info on this demonic Pokemon?" I asked Oak.

"None except it speaks in several voices at once." Oak said.

"Well that limits it down to any Pokemon with multiple heads or that mimics sounds, I'm gonna be Pissed if its only a Chatot over there." I said.

"Just be careful when you go, that is if you know how to, seems every time you leave your room you get hurt somehow, heck the only reason you won the Tournament of blades because you were to stubborn to lay down with a partially fractured spine, a broken kneecap, and a sprained ankle with that partial blindness you got from a hit on the head from the guy you cut under his eye in your finishing blow, and considering he gave you those wounds, its a miracle he lost to you with you only giving him that cut and a small concussion." Oak said.

"I wasn't exactly raised to give up over a few minor body complication, I was raised by the professor who with most of his bones broken still went out and studied a rare Pokemon without a complaint until he was put into a full body cast." I said.

"Ah to be young and dumb again." oak said with a look of nostalgia in his eyes.

"Anyways I'm heading out." I said as I went into my room.

Once in my room I went and unlocked a section of my closet, the only one I had locked, and pulled out a combat knife. I hooked it to my belt and noticed I had misplaced the ancient pokeball I had thrown at me. As I left I noticed as I left town that I picked up a tail, a poorly dressed tail at that. As I turned around I saw Jason in tattered blue jeans and a stained and ragged white T-shirt. After about a minute looking at him we both simply started walking again with the silent agreement that if shit happened he had my back. After about fifteen minutes of walking and almost getting to our destination Jason finally spoke.

"So bro where are we going and what bogus mission did your dad send you on this time?" Jason asked.

"Search and retrieve, UFO round object engraved with something. It was caught on camera this morning before the funeral (yes the funeral was the same day as the murder) and I got the job of heading to the ruins of life to find this and bring it back to him." I said.

"And what kind of risk factor are we looking at?" Jason asked.

"For the most part low though there is an unidentified Pokemon that that could keep the risk at low but could easily go to high with the smallest chance of it going to extreme depending on the Pokemon" I said.

"Okay so nothing we haven't really done before, especially after or mission to check if the legendary birds had a gender only to find them all on menstral cycle. And I believe thats the time we both almost died a dozen times, I cant remember exactly since I do remember thats the one time I got knocked out at least fifteen times in a day." Jason said.

"I must have been to busy dodging fire ice and lightning to notice the fainting that day then, I do remember almost having my nuts burned off, my ass frozen, and my dick pissing volts all at the same time that day." I said.

"Well anyways I think I see the ruins, only there are to many vines in the way to tell." Jason said.

"Okay I got this one." I said as I took my combat knife out and started to hack away at the vines for a few minutes before they were cut through and drooped away revealing a pile of rubble of what use to be a temple to celebi and the other dieties of nature.

As we started to walk into the ruins we noticed several over common pokemon like rattata everywhere. After a few minutes of exploring we saw a small impact zone near the center of the ruins. As we got to the edge of the crater we got ambushed by the unidentified pokemon.

"Fuck my life its never easy is it." I said.

"I take it that pokemon isn't suppose to be on our low threat level then." Jason said mostly relaxed.

"No it isn't, that clarifies as a extreme danger level, at least I wasnt completely wrong and it turned to a legendary level of risk." I said.

"Well there is a decent chance we are fucked isn't there?" Jason asked.

"Wthout any more specific weapons our percentage of success is about 30% dude." I said.

Without another word the pokemon charged at us reveiled more of itself proving our horror and that it was truly a extreme danger level as it turned out to be a . . .

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