I'm sorry to disappoint some of you, and tell you this ISN'T a new chapter, but it is an important announcement.
I'm going to rewrite this story COMPLETELY, as in, change somethings, add somethings.

The story is not going to be in character point of views anymore.

Yes, Raven will still have her babies, but I want the story to be more detailed. More in depth.

You'll see longer BBRAE before the pregnancy, cause reading back, I felt like it was too rushed. They had kids too rushed and I want to add some more lemony goodness to live up to my rating and for your dirty minds that need to be sated. Honestly, my lemon sucked and I feel the need to make up for it.

You'll also have some villain drama, etc... but just a heads up. I will leave this old story up for a while, but I will be posting a new story, so be sure to check that out. Maybe by the end of today, you'll see it. It will be called the same, the only thing is that It'll have '(rewritten)' Next to it.

I don't regret making this story even though I didn't like how it was in the end. I'm glad a lot of people liked it and thank you guys so much for the support, you guys ROCK and yes every single one of you. Even the ones that don't review, I see your follow and favorite and that means a lot to me :D

I will be doing fan art for Teen Titans and the girls. You can find my deviant-art link on my profile if you want to check my stuff out. I'll let you know when I have some TT work, but I would appreciate if you checked out my page either way, you won't be disappointed.

So stay beautiful and look out for the new story sometime tonight!