"Wow, that was one tough Pokémon match, wasn't it, Pikachu?" Ash asks Pikachu as he sits back and relaxes.

"Pika." Pikachu agrees.

"Osha?" Oshawott asks.

"You too, Oshawott." Ash pets his Oshawott.

"Osha!" Oshawott dances in excitement. Ash and his friends laugh.

"Your Oshawott has quite a bit of excitement, Ash." A familiar face appears.

Ash looks behind him to see his oldest friend.

"Misty? Is that really you?" Ash asks. "It's been forever!"

"Well, I still didn't get my bike repaired, so I had to come back." Misty smirks.

"Hey, Ash!" Brock appears as well.

"Who are your new friends?" Misty asks.

Ask introduces the male with the green hair.

"This is Cilan." Ash introduces Cilan.

"And I'm Iris." The girl with the wild purple hair introduces herself.

"Let's all go out to eat." Ash says.

"You had me at eating." Brock rubs his tummy in hunger.

They all head out, when they hear Pikachu scream.

"Team Rocket!" Iris yells.

"Prepare for trouble!" Jessie begins the motto

"Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"We've all heard it!" All of them scream.

"You know these clowns?" Misty asks.

"Yep, we still run into them even after all these years!" Ash sighs.

"We'll take them down the same way we have all these years!" Brock says. "Go, Onix!"

"Go, Staryu!" Misty and Brock unleash their Pokémon.

"Go, Axnew!" Iris does as well.

"You can't beat us this time!" Jessie throws a smoke bomb that knocks out all of the trainers as the get away.

Team Rocket has finally won.

Or so they thought.

"Osha?" Oshawott stays conscious along with the rest of the Pokémon.

"Axnew! Axnew!" Axnew cries for Pikachu, but doesn't appear.

"Osha." Oshawott gets up in confidence. The other Pokémon look at him, and Oshawott explains to them that they are the ones to get them back.

"Axnew!" Axnew cries.

"Onix!" Onix roars

"Staryu!" Staryu is in.

They all head out to save their friend from danger into the deep forest.