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"Osha!" Oshawott pulls out his shell and begins to explore the forest that lays ahead for our heroes.

He begins to cut down branches to see his path. Oshawott looks up to see the Pidgeys above. They fly away as he cuts down the branches.

"Axnew!" Axnew notices something and Oshawott stops. "Axnew!" Axnew points at the murky ground.

"Staryu." 'Quicksand.' is what Staryu notices.

"Onix!" Onix points to the branches above. Oshawott, Axnew, and Staryu swing across, but Onix simply jumps across, since he's so big.

Staryu looks to the side of him to see Mankeys swinging on trees. They begin to progress forward, but a Primeape doesn't let them through.

"Primeape!" The Primeape screams that they are on his territory.

"Osha, oshawott." Oshawott explains that they need to go help a friend.

"Primeape." The Primeape doesn't care. He orders the Mankeys in the trees to attack.

"Axnew!" Axnew thinks they should get to higher ground.

Onix lifts them up, as the rest of the Pokémon deflect the Mankey's and Primeape's attacks.

They think they are safe, when they hear a soft buzzing noise.


"Oshawott?!" He turns around to see a Beedrill's nest. They frantically fight off the Beedrills, but they are clearly outnumbered. They constantly get stung and fall out of the tree. They begin to fall unconscious. A few minutes later, a Pachirisu was lucky enough to wake them up. They get back on their feet and continue onward.

They can see they are getting closer. They see that Team Rocket's Balloon didn't make it though the forest in one piece.

"I can see you have come for Pikachu, eh? Team Rocket already left with him, and I was to stay here just in case you would! That was the only downfall to our smoke bombs, they didn't knock out Pokémon. No matter, I'll take you down myself!" Meowth taunts.

Meowth: Clever Little Cat

( Meowth Boss Music: /watch?v=-vXxxrYgBh8 )

"Osha!" Oshawott and his friends charge in to take on Meowth. Oshawott blasted him with water into Axnew, who hit him across. Staryu uses slash, and Onix takes him down.

"I wasn't cut out to be a fighting Pokémon." Meowth says in pain.

The Pokémon run off to catch Team Rocket.

"You'll never make it past Xibalba Falls! You'll end up falling off before you make it do the top! That's why it's called a Fall! Do you hear me?" Meowth cries as they run towards the next area.