On a water tower in the middle of Jump City sounds of a spray can being shaken and sprayed can be heard in the middle of night along with sounds of chuckling from a young man with green hair, green eyes, standing no more than 5'7. Dressed in an all-black hoodie with a camo backpack with a skate board sticking out of the main flap wearing a black shirt reading in bright green letters 'ANIMAL' tagging the water tower with his alias 'THE BEAST' you'll also see this tag on most Jump City subway cars and a few buildings around the city. "Dumbass cops. Think they would have caught by now specially after three years of this shit." Says an 18 Year old Garfield Mark Logan. "Finished!" he exclaims as he steps back to admire his work. 'Well might as well head home Vic's party should be starting soon.' He thinks as he descends down the ladder of the 500ft tower. (Victor Stone. Gar's best friend and roommate.)

As he touches the ground he turns around and is hit with a spot light and hears someone yells "Freeze." Only word that comes to his mind is 'FUCK!?' "Put your hands in the air. " The deep male voice demands. 'I just had to complain about the pigs not catching me for years. Me and my big mouth.' He complies with what he's told. "Now walk forward slowly and keep your hands where I can see them." ' I better figure my way out of this mess fast.' He thinks as he starts walking. Good thing Gar's hood was over his face so he couldn't have his features seen. As he inches closer to the cop he notices that the cop is obviously out of shape and starts making a plan. "Alright buddy, slowly remove the pack" a smirk crawls over Gar's face as he begins removing the bag but instead of letting hit the ground he swings the heavy bag and hits the side of the cops head along with an elbow to the chin "TAKE THAT PIG BITCH!?" Gar screams as he removes his board and starts to run, "Ugh." Is all the cop can utter while lays unconscious.

30min. later Gar was in Just a block from his house two story four bed room house (after his parents died four yrs. ago he was left with this house and quite a large goose egg, the money can last him well into his own retirement, since the house felt lonely so he asked his friend Vic. to move in with him he couldn't say no since the commute to his classes wasn't very long.) He could hear the thumping of the music the kind of thumping you can feel deep in your bones he could also see several people standing on his porch passing around joints and blunts of every shape and size 'They better not have got that out of my stash' is all he could think as he walked up to one the biggest person standing on his porch it was his BF Vic "HEY!?" Vic exclaimed as his buddy snatched the biggest joint that was being past to him." gar when the hell did you get here." Gar inhales, holds, exhales "Just now dipshit, where did you get this shit?" "From your not so secret stash" "WHAT THE HELL MAN!?" "Chill I was just messin wit ya for stealin my joint lettuce head." "Oh, well, who else is here besides these guys?" he ask as he points at the random back ground people ( I'm to lazy so use your imagination.) "Do you really care or do you just want to know if Rachell, Antonia, and Rose are here." Vic says with a sly grin on his face. "You know me so well, dude. So, are they here or not?" "I think they're pullin up now. Look." He says while pointing to the other side of the street. "Nope that's just Komand'r Kori's big sister and speaking of I better go hide." "Why it's not like she's got anything against you." "No but she heard about the rumors about me and tried to seduce me last week." Vic gives him a curious look. *Sigh.* "Don't get me wrong man she's hot as hell but I don't think I can handle all that crazy. You remember that fight she had with Tara last month." Vic. nods." Kori told me the fight started over who was gonna fuck me first."

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Beast Boy: if you did I think the series would still be on.