Chapter 6

"Cool, let's get in there already I've been dien' to break in my new board. Ladies first." Gar states as he opens the door, as they enter they see lights flashing red green and blue in the now dark warehouse, music blaring Cherry Pie by Warrant, some people dancing and couples grinding on each other where ever they could to avoid others riding around on whatever they brought and a DJ booth on the wall where Gar's mural to Rachel was displayed looking even more mesmerizing under the black lights.

After gazing in awe at the new look, the girls walk off to do their own thing. Leaving Gar with Victor. "Damn Vic. how many people did you invite?" Gar states in amazement at huge number of people

"I don't know, I guess the whole campus." Vic. says with a sheepish look on his features. Trying to change the subject Victor looks at what Gar has with him. "I see you brought your guitar and board but what else you got in that bag."

"You'll see in a moment but for now LET'S PARTY!?" Gar exclaims as he bursts into a dance frenzy with some random blonde woman walking "and maybe find ya a girl to bone tonight, don't worry the masters hear to help you my young padawan."

Aggravated by this accusation Victor grabs Gar by the back of his collar of his shirt and hoisting him in the air away from the blonde leaving her pouting. Victor responds. "Pssshh. Yeah right what do know about getting a girl in bed salad head." walking to a room at the back of the warehouse, dragging Gar right behind him, so they could talk 'business' (if you know what I mean and no, not have sex, you with the filthy mind pull it out the gutter), and so Gar could put his stuff away.

"Which one of us has two girls here, smart-ass." Seemingly out of nowhere Gar pulls out a bong. "So do you wanna smoke a bowl first or are you just gonna bitch?"

Victor gives Gar the single finger salute for that comment. "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Pass me that shit I get first hit."

"WHAT!? Give me one reason you should get first hit" Gar exclaims as he and Vic sit at an old wooden table.

"Did you set up any of the equipment out there?" Victor then snatches the bong from Gar and pulls out a lighter to spark the bowl and takes a long drawn out hit and starts having a cough fit after a few moments, "*cough**cough* Where the hell you get this shit man? *cough**cough*It's like I got virgin lungs, Damn." Vic. gives Gar the bong back.

"Got it from DV dudes got some good ass Kush but that's not what this is, it's a whole new thing he's been growing for only his best customers it's called Forest special. Secondly compered to me you do have some virgin lungs like a lil bitch."

Becoming rigid Victor blurts. "Ok you got one more time before I choke the livin shit out of you. Anyways what song are you gonna be playin tonight?"

Gar, after releasing the smoke he had been holding, answers with a nervous laugh "I don't know some Bongzilla song I guess." passing the bong back to Vic. they hear random pounding on the door, both pair if eyes become the size of truck tires, scrambling around the small room in a hysterical panic to hide the suspicious items from prying eyes. After a few moments of running around like headless chickens Vic. finally opens the door to reveal Roy Harper trying to hold back his roaring laughter at the obvious noise they were making.

"Godammit Roy don't do that we thought you were the cops or somethin' Jesus." Victor let's out an exasperated sigh be for letting Roy in. "Sup to you to chrome dome."

"Hey. Roy. What brings you back here?" Gar asks pulling the 'Bong of Destiny' back out (plz anyone name that phrase) and refilling it for round two.

Looking longingly at the bong Roy responds "Hmm, Oh right came to tell you Wally and I are about to set up and that you should help this is your party" Roy finishes the statement by poking gar in the chest.

"What about Herald is he here yet"

"Yep he's already setup his bass" (no, it's not stereotypical)

"Well, get the guy's, get your asses back to this room and let's smoke a couple rounds before we do anything else."

To be continued .

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