I owe an explanation. This takes place in an AU wherein the nuclear bomb went off according to plan, and the other Jaegers returned just fine - albeit a little banged up. Plus, sentience! We'll see where this goes, yeah?

The first thing is darkness. A pulsing, shivering darkness that rose up along his plating, snuffing out the warmth.

Warmth. That was what they called it. That's how he knew he was online. Awake. He was warm, planted firmly on the ground on two feet. Standing. Online. Synonymous? No. Not quite, but close.

The air around him hummed, restless and confusing. He couldn't understand it. Was he supposed to? Maybe not, but it still bothered him. Then he learned the garbled humming had a sound of it's own, a… a name. A sound, made of other sounds, that formed a sound pronounced 'WORD'. The noise became understandable, but still confusing. He didn't understand all the sounds just yet.

Movement was not a thing to him yet. So he remained still, quiet. Learning, though he didn't understand that either. Something was missing, but he didn't know what. A presence…? No. Two. One of the familiar presences often came near. The missing one he remembered, almost. Like a ghost, but not quite. The one who visited often mentioned a familiar name, but it was nothing he could say.

He couldn't make a sound, for he had no mouth. He had no eyes, either. But he could see, he could feel. Just outside of his sensor range, were those familiar to him. His. They don't know they're his, but he does.

He extended further, testing. Big somethings, but not familiar. Cold. Not like him. He was warm. They weren't. So he left them alone, and searched elsewhere.

More noises. Almost like him. Mechanical. Too small to be like him, though.

People have entered the hangar. It's early. They are technicians wanting to make sure he's running correctly. He doesn't want them to, he knows he's just fine.

They shut him off anyway, and ignored his demands that they stop.

The noises return not much later. He was cold for a long time, but he's warm again. Like he should be. He was curious now, about himself. Automatic diagnostics started up when he onlined again. The familiar ping returned, bringing with it the assurance that everything was working fine. He already knew, but just to make sure.

He moved now, he knew he could, twitching the metallic digits the humans called fingers. They were strong, heavy and very powerful. Then he moved his arm, just a little. But the command to move the limb was too fast, too strong and he ended up throwing his arm out in front of him, and with it, his whole body.

The guards at the doors shouted in surprise, and fear. He doesn't understand why, until another sensor presence brushes against his own.

:Stop: It says, opening up a comm link. :You scare them:

He doesn't understand, not at first. But the words slowly start to make sense, and almost instinctually, he responds. :How?:

:You big. They little: The presence seemed to shift, :Afraid of you. No control:

He doesn't know why, but he feels offended. Whatever that means. :I have control:

:No. No control:

His equivalent of anger seemed to make his natural warmth increase, the vents between his plating working harder to expel the excess heat. He reached out with his sensors to feel around for the presence. Warm, like him.

:They shouldn't be afraid: He sent, returning to the position he was in previous to his sudden movement. The guards had conveniently passed it off as a malfunction, and had called the technicians in. The other presence remained stationary.

:No more. They are coming: And with that, the presence went cold, and he was left alone with the technicians. They offlined him, and this time he succumbed willingly.

During the next few months of being awake, he learned some things. He had a name; his 'pilots' called him Gipsy Danger. He 'liked' the name, especially when the people who passed him murmured of his exploits. Anchorage. Defending 'Striker' in the last battle. More than he could fathom. And he only had vague memories, stemming from his pilots, of the events.

It was the first day the other two jaegers warmed up and spoke. They had clumsily probed around, just as he had, so Gipsy sent out an invitation, and set up a link with the first.


The other Jaeger jolted. :What? Hello? Who is this?:

:Gipsy Danger. You?:

:You don't know me?:

If Gipsy could frown, he would. But he had no mouth, just a visor. But it lights up, brightening the hangar to show the other three residing just across from him. Cherno Alpha, who he'd spoken to on his first night, was offline. The other jaeger spoke again.

:Striker. Striker Eureka, best Jaeger out there. You should know the name:

:Yes, I recognize the name: Of course he did. He didn't know how, but he did. :I did good things too:

:Yeah, I know. Don't care. And no, I do not want to hear of them: This 'Striker' was already someone Gipsy didn't want to deal with. So he severed the link, much to Strikers surprise, and searched out the other Jaeger on the far side of the room, that he now sensed had three arms. Not like him at all. It didn't respond, so he pulled back.

He thought he had done well, remaining motionless, until he sensed his old pilot at the hangar doors, mouth open in shock. Gipsy had moved.

Gipsy hadn't expected the government officials to come storming in just an hour later.

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