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(Hazel's POV)

I get out of the cab as the sun starts to set. I pay the driver, and grab my only suitcase out of the trunk. I was going to Concordia University, so I moved to Montreal from New Jersey. I put my auburn hair up into a ponytail, as it was still fairly hot. My hand clutches the suitcase as I waved bye to the driver. He gives me a smile and heads off. Excitedly, I go to the doorman with a huge grin on my face.

"What do you want?" he asks, grumpily.

"I'm moving in Room 323, may I have my key?" I reply.

"Can I get your name please?"

"Hazel Mochia."

"Alright, here it is," he says, still in his grumpy mood. He passes the key to me. Dang, was that all they needed to clear up? Maybe if I wasn't Hazel, and I said I was, would he still give me a key? Well then, off to a great start. Confirming that security in this building was reliable? Check.

"Thanks," I say as I head to the elevator, still with a huge smile on my face. I honestly think nothing can bring me down today. I press the button to the 3rd floor. It slowly goes higher as I take out my earphones and phone. The elevator opens as I look down at my phone, as I click the youtube app, connecting to 3G. My favorite youtuber, TheBajanCanadian, had uploaded a video, a Hunger Games with Jerome. It loads as I suddenly bump into someone. I pull out my earphones as I look up to see a guy in a red and black checkered jacket.

"Sorry!" He says in a very noticeable Canadian Accent.

"Oh, no, I should be the one saying sorry, I wasn't paying attention," I say as my cheeks flush red. He was pretty cute.

"Well, either way, I'm sorry. Have I seen you around here?" He asks, with a slight smile on his face.

"Um, no, I just moved here," I say, trying not to be as awkward as I was already.

"Oh really? Which room?" He asks.

"Um, room 323." I say, looking at his brown eyes.

"Cool, I live right across you, in room 322. Anyway, nice to meet you, I'm Mitch," He exclaims as he puts out his hand.

"I'm Hazel," I say as I shake his hand. So many thoughts rush into my mind. Mitch? Canadian Accent? Red and Black checkered jacket? Montreal? Could he be…? Nah, probably not. There's lots of people that live in Montreal with those characteristics...right? I honestly hoped I was right, because if I wasn't, dang. That would've been the most awkward conversation to have with someone I've watched for a while.

"Cool, if you need any help, feel free to knock on my door," he says, breaking the handshake. "See you around." He walks down the hall, away from the awkward conversation.

"These neighbors are nice." I think as I continue to walk down the hall, putting my earphones back in. I make it near the end of the hall, and take out the key.

Jerome's cries fills my ears, "BUT BIGGUMS. DAT DETERMINATION DOUGH." I laugh as I open the door.

My thoughts all disappear as I walk in. It looked amazing. It was a 1 bedroom apartment, with 1 bathroom. I look around, eyeing the big space that would be the living room. A closet right next to the door, the kitchen, by the big space. Walls were white. What fun. I examine everything, because I honestly had nothing better to do. I crawl on the floor, being the person I am, I was simply just...admiring the wood?

I continue to look around. The bedroom, the bathroom, everything. It looks big now, but with the furniture, it would look incredibly small. That's what happens, it's like an optical illusion. Bedroom was nice, it was fairly big, even with the furniture. Some walking space, a place for the desk, and a bed. And of course, I realize I didn't have anything to sleep on. It was just a day. I could cope. I walk into the bathroom, which was just kind-of near the bedroom, but yet still so far. That was a con. It was small, but still okay, as I had nothing really in the bathroom, just some basic needs, nothing extreme.

I walk back into the empty living room, looking out the window. I had a nice view of downtown, which was...comforting. I sit down on the floor, tired from the plane ride, and watch the rest of the video. Without realizing, I fall asleep after watching a few more sidebar videos…

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