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Chapter 4: A forgetful awakening

..Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. An electrocardiogram held a steady heart rate of the mysterious pale skinned person the Titans have in their care.

The medical bay was a white room with a single large window that took up the majority of the north wall which reveals a great view of Jump City. The south section of the room, however, has a see- through- glass panel which peers into an observatory room. The room is outfitted with a single bed, a side desk with a chair to the left of the bed, and the EKG to the right. The room's only occupant is an unconscious single man who lies still upon the white sheeted bed. Although he still wore his torn black leggings and scuffed black leather boots, his tunic and shredded cloak was removed leaving his bare torso exposed. The pale skinned teen has obvious muscle tone, yet, the lad is slender in overall size. Unfortunately, his body is covered in grotesque scars that mark his front, back, and both of his arms.

"Whoever this kid is," the voice came from the observatory room. "He's seen hell."

"Do records say who he is? Or where he has come from, Cy?" Another voice said.

"Yeah, the databases say that his name is Kyle Crow. He's sixteen years old, lives currently in Phoenix, Arizona, attends Sierra Linda High School…He's just a typical teenage kid… But there is something here that's not right, Robin." Cyborg said with a confused look on his face.

"What's that?" Robin walks over to Cyborg as he pulls up a picture of Kyle from the database.

"It's not the same guy.. I mean, it IS the same guy but… It's not." Studying the picture carefully. "The kid in the picture has tan white skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. But the kid that we have in the medical room right now has deathly pale white skin, jet black hair, and, red eyes when I searched his eyes for pupil dilation. Pretty freaky if you ask me."

"Strange." Robin said as he's stroking his chin.

"Yeah. Either he is playing a double life or there are two of him… He's certainly not normal though. Definitely a super human. When I did an energy reading off of him, his levels are off the scale. Whoever he is, he could rival Superman based off of these readings."

"Then we need to find out quickly if he is friend or foe. Can't figure that out if he's sleeping, however."

Cyborg nods.

Next Morning

Sadoness's pov

…My head… It hurts so badly. But why? Why can't I seem to remember anything!?Okay, okay…Who am I?.. I'm.. Sadoness, right?... No, no that can't be my name… But I know that's what I'm called… Ugh, the more I try to remember the more my head hurts!... I still remember English (check), powers (check), I guess my name (check), and…. What else?.. Ugh! I can't remember! Why can't I remember who I am!... *sigh* Can't be all bad, though… I'm asleep and its sleep that feels well deserved. I'm in a nice comfy bed, a random repeating 'beeping' sound in the-….Wait a second!? Bed!? Beeping sound!? Where the hell am I!?

The electrocardiogram started to beep more rapidly.

Sadoness's blood shot red eyes snapped open as he sat straight up in the bed where he had been placed. He looked down to his scarred chest and quickly pulled off the patches that sent his pulse signature to the EKG next to the bed.

The Titans are all chilling out in the common room, all doing their own thing. In the kitchen, where Cyborg was making his homemade signature waffles, his red robotic eye began to flash, pulling up a HUD view of the EKG stats, indicating that the patient's heart stopped. "Uhhh, guys?" All stopped what they were currently doing to hear what Cyborg had to say." Our 'friend' is awake.." Cyborg said with a worried look on his face, unsure of what is to expect of this new stranger.

"I gotta get out of here; I gotta get out of here!" Sadoness nervously thought to himself as he exited the observatory room going into the main hallway. He could sense a group of people coming his way. "Great, they know I'm awake." The aching teen said under his breath. Running in the opposite direction from the approaching unknown group, he followed the hallway's path until it led him to a dead end. Sadoness began to hear his pursuer's voices as they got extremely near. Starfire was the first to pop out from around the corner and instantly spotted the still topless pale teen. She began rushing over to him in excitement with the longing of making a new friend; the rest of the Titans came around the corner a second later. Alarmed, Sadoness put his guard up expecting the absolute worse but was hesitant about attacking them right away because he sensed that their intentions were of good nature, not really threatening. Still, he kept his guard up anyway, just to be sure. The long red headed, orange skinned girl stopped 8 feet in front of the defensive teen, floating back down to the floor. "No need to be worried, friend, we are your friends." Starfire reasoned with her hands up. "I-I have no friends." The shaken teen scowled. "Who are you, where am I, and how did I get here?!...And where are my clothes!?" He shouted. The boy wonder quickly approached to where Starfire stood, also with his hands up. "We are not going to hurt you. My name is Robin; this is Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy." Each member stepped forward as they were named off. "And together we are the Teen Titans, heroes of Jump City, and protectors of Earth." Cyborg stepped closer as he began to speak. "And we found you last night after we heard a crash outside our tower. We found remains of a totaled ship and we eventually found you on the beach head." Sadoness's head tilted and jaw dropped in disbelief.

Crashed? Earth? Now Earth sounds familiar… Was I- Wasn't I born here?

Sadoness's face winced in pain as his head began to hurt more than before, rubbing his head with his left hand. "And as for your clothes," Cyborg continued. "They were completely ripped up, shredded to pieces. We did manage to salvage your two black vambraces and two…Well.. I actually don't know what they are but they look like hilts of some kind." Cyborg scratched his cybernetic head. Sadoness slowly put his guard down, having faith that they won't hurt him. "You are so lucky to be alive, dude." Beast Boy began. "After seeing that burning crumpled up ship, you should be totally gone." All shook their heads in agreement. "…Well.. Thanks I guess for watching over me as I recovered but.." All stared confused. "But I can't seem to remember anything about whom I am or where I come from. All I seem to remember is English, powers/abilities, and my title, I guess, is Sadoness. That's not my name, though. Earth, however, is pretty familiar."

"I had pulled up a record about you while you were out cold." Cyborg began to explain.


"You're name is Kyle Crow, you're sixteen years old, you live in Phoenix, Arizona, and you attend Sierra Linda high school… Any of this ring a bell to you?"

"…The name Kyle Crow sounds strangely familiar.." Wincing from the head pain. "And sixteen sounds about right.. But the other stuff, I have no idea."

"That's alright." Robin butted in. "Perhaps all you need is more rest and the memories will eventually fall back into place."

"Maybe.." Ruffles his black hair.

"I'm sure you'll remember more when tomorrow arrives. But until then, we'd like to run MRI tests to check if your head is screwed on correctly. Is that alright with you?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever you need. I just want to remember. I hate not being able to know who I am.

Later in the evening hours.

The Titans are all lounging in the common room doing their own thing, while Sadoness is back in the medical bay resting his head. "So Cy?" Beast Boy said from the sofa, Cyborg is in the kitchen preparing a sandwich.

"Yeah, B?"

"How did the whole, 'head examination' thing go on Kyle? Or Sadoness, or whatever his name is." Beast Boy chuckled to himself.

"He seems to be fine except for this bump that is on the back of his head, which is probably the reason he can't remember anything." Cyborg finishes making the sandwich. "Alright, do I have any volunteers to take this sandwich up to our delirious guest?"

"Ooo ooo me me!" Starfires hand shot up.

"Geez, and I thought I was the only one that was capable of being a monkey around here." Beast Boy said under his breath."

"No," Robin began. "I personally think Raven should take it up to him."

Raven who was just meditating from across the room, stopped her mantra. "Wait..What?" The dark sorceress asked confused.

"Can you take the sandwich up to Sadoness, please? The reason I ask for you is because you are an empath, correct? . I would like for you to see if he's alright and if we can trust him.. I want to be able to know for sure." Robin said a bit uneasily.

Raven simply shrugged, "Whatever." She said in her monotone voice. She went over and grabbed the plate from Cyborg and started for the hallway.

As Raven was slowly but surely making her way through the main hall way to the medical bay, Raven began to hear faint yelling and screaming that became louder with each passing step. Startled to the thought of something horribly wrong is happening, she began to run toward the room.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHH! GOD, THE PAINN; THE PAAAIIIN!" Sadoness screamed with both hands on his head and his body curled up with his knees to his chin.

Raven left the plate on the front desk in the observation room as she then barged into the medical bay. She hurried over to the bed as she pulled up the chair next to the bed with both of Sadoness's hands in hers.

"What's wrong? What's hurting?" She asked with deep concern on her face.

"MY HEAD! IT HURTS SO BADLY! MORE THAN EVER BEFORE! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! MAAKE IT STOP, PLEEASE!" In the intense pain he started to cry blood red tears from his eyes. The pain had got the best of him.

"Oh, Azar. O-okay, I'm going to use healing magic, okay? Please try to hold still and be calm." Raven didn't waste any time. She held her hands to the disgruntled hurting teen's head as a bluish aura began illuminating from the sorceress' hands.

The effects were almost immediate as Sadoness began to calm, going from screaming bloody murder to lightly moaning as the ache was beginning to subside.

"T-Thank you." He said breathing heavily. "So much.."

"What happened?" The relieved girl asked. Raven removed her blue hood reveling short purple hair, a beautiful face with flawless light grey skin, but most of all… The most beautiful violet eyes Sadoness has ever laid his blood red eyes on.

"Uhh, *gulp* M-my head started to explode just a few moments before you came into the room." Sadoness said trying to bury his emotions deep down and thought depressing thoughts to keep the blush from coming over his face. "It just happened at random."

"..What about your eyes? You were crying blood and are still smeared on your face." She conjured a tissue with her powers wiped away the bloodied tears.

"Oh, thanks. And yeah, it does that. I don't know why, it just does." He looked away from her face to his hands on his lap as he was currently sat up in his bed.

"Okay." Her face settled back in her monotone look. "Hold on I have something for you." Raven stood up and briefly walked out of the room and then came back inside with a sandwich on a plate. "Are you hungry?" Raven hands the plate to the calmed teen and then sits back down beside him.

"Starving." Sadoness's demonic like eyes got wide at the sight of the food in his hands and then proceeded to stuff his face with it.

"..Soooooo," Raven began, trying hard to pick a topic for conversation. "What can you tell me about yourself?" She asked half-heartedly. "That you can remember, of course."

Sadoness quickly swallowed and began to blush a little forgetting his manners for he had literally shoved his face into his sandwich. Can't really blame him, though, he hadn't had any food for what seemed to be for a few days. "..I can't think of anything about myself to talk about."

"I see.. That's alright. I'm sure that you'll begin to get your memory back in the next day or two." Raven said reassuringly, though, her face remained emotionless.

"Yeah.. What kind of things were going on around here before I crashed here?" Sadoness said trying to keep the conversation going.

Raven told Sadoness all about the fight with the villainous heart, Kardiac and how she took him apart. Followed by telling him about the book she had been reading and how she can never get any peace time to finish it because of everyone interrupting her. The lad paid attention to every word is if she was telling him the secrets of the universe.

"Stank Ball? You're joking.." Sadoness's eye brow rose in distaste.

"They wanted me to referee.." Raven rolled her eyes recalling the memory.

"Fantastic.. You must be the luckiest girl in the galaxy and Beast Boy sounds like an absolute genius." He said sarcastically.

Raven couldn't help but to let out a light chuckle. "That's funny, you're funny." She smiled. The two shared a laugh.

The two talked the whole rest of the day away; they enjoyed each other's company very much. Soon it became nightfall. After long conversation, two are finally rapping up their last exchange of words.

"I really appreciate what you did for me in quelling the fire that burned my head. And I doubly enjoyed our time in conversation. You're wonderful company." He couldn't help but to let out a small blush as he complimented.

Raven's cheeks grew warm and quickly looked away to the side. "So you don't think that I'm… Creepy?" She cringed at the last word.

"Of course not, Raven." The sorceress stared back into his gaze at the mention of her name. "I sense that you are indeed dark, but darkness is sometimes misunderstood. In my opinion, the dark's beauty is just as radiant and bright as the skies yellow sunlight."

Raven blushed noticing that he had indirectly called her radiant and beautiful. "That was deep." She smiled as she then let out a yawn.

"It's late, you should get some sleep." Sadoness said with a small smile.

She nodded sleepily, yet, still managed to carry a smile on her face. "Would you like for me to wake you in the morning? Perhaps have a cup of tea before the others rise in the morning? I normally wake up early before the others."

"The early bird, eh?" They both chuckle lightly. "And I'd like that." He smiled.

"Alright. I'll see you in the morning, then."

"Till then."


"Goodnight, Raven."

All the other Titans have already gone asleep except for Robin who's still in the common room, waiting for Raven. The tired empath walked into the main room to meet with Robin. "So, how was he?" He was relieved to finally hear from her so he could soon go to bed himself.

"He's fine. He is actually a really nice guy." Raven blushed from under her blue hood.

"I bet, you guys talked all day." Robin said studying Raven carefully.

She saw what Robin was trying to do and went back into her expressionless voice. "He's fairly interesting, but I did as you asked and he is not a threat. Now if you excuse me… I'm going to bed." The blue hooded girl then retreated to the main hallway.

Robin sighed. "..I guess."

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