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Chapter 6

'No no NOOO, DUDE! You can't do that!" Beast Boy screamed.

"Just watch me, grass stain!" Cyborg chuckled evilly.

"DUDE! NO FAAIR!" The disgruntled green teen yelled. "I was soo set to win that round and you just HAAD to knock me outta the ring!" He shouted then frowned.

"Well, at least I got my new record out of kicking your butt, B" Cy is smiling from ear to ear as he stands from his seat victoriously as he just destroyed Beast Boy on their newest racing game, Galactic Space Race II. "Well that's enough of that for now." Cyborg said as he tossed his controller on the couch heading towards the kitchen. Beast Boy remained on the sofa pouting only to then switch the game mode to single player to get more practice in on a higher difficulty setting before taking his revenge on Cyborg in a rematch.

After Raven and Sadoness have had their time in meditation together, the others Titans eventually woke to start their new day. Since then, Raven had retreated back to her room, determined to finally return to her book that has been put off several times already. It is now 4 in the afternoon and Raven had not come out of her room since. It has been a mellow week for the Titans, thus far, since Sadoness arrived at the tower, but nobody was complaining. It's not every day the Titans get free time to themselves. Starfire had managed to get Robin into going to the mall with her. No one else wouldn't want to go and Robin didn't like the idea of an uncultured alien going to the mall all by herself, who knows what could happen. Sadoness had been in the common room watching Beast Boy and Cyborg go at it in their video games. The black cloaked teen was least interested in the game itself but found the two's constant banter entertaining. "Dude, Sadoness!" Beast Boy shouted from the couch, not taking his eyes off the game at hand. "You wanna play a round?" He asked. "Oh no.. This is not my kind of thing." He said uninterested.

"You never know if you give it a chance." Beast boy said in a sing songy tone.


"Aww, come ooon, dude."

"No!" Sadoness is increasingly starting to become more and more annoyed with Beast Boy.

"Okay okay, chill man," the green teen laughed nervously, realizing that he's beginning to piss Sadoness off. "Just thought you could use something to unwind with.."

"Thanks.. But no thanks." The shrouded teen declined in a monotone voice.

"So Sadoness." Cyborg began. His hooded head turned from the tv screen to Cy's general direction. "How those memories holdin' up, man? Is anything coming back to you yet?"

"..Not really." Sadoness shrugged. He's only getting faint images of irrelevant things but it was nothing he didn't want to talk about.

Just then, Raven came walking out into the main room heading for the kitchen. She is slightly humming to herself while maintaining a small smile on her face. There is something very strange about all this. For one, Raven doesn't smile. Two, she doesn't hum to herself… And three… She's wearing a white robe and leotard? Everyone is staring at her while she is fixing herself a mug of herbal tea. Even Beast Boy looked away from the game to figure out what the faint humming came from and is now shocked and confused to why she's being this way. The changeling didn't notice that his game is still un-paused and his star speeder crashed in the in game race course. "Ummmm, Raven?" Beast Boy finally spoke up from across the room.

"Hmm?" Raven lifted an eyebrow towards him as she turned with her mug in hand, taking a sip.

The confused green lad is now up on his feet heading towards the kitchen. "Why are you all smiling and what not?"

Raven finally realized that she had been smiling the whole time and let her face fall back into neutral.

"I'm not smiling." She said in her usual monotone.

"You so totally were!" Beast Boy shouted. He wasn't going to allow her to get away with this and play the denial card.

"..Girl, why you wearing white, that's what I wanna know," the confused cyborg finally asked.

"..Just thought I wanted to wear something different for a change?" The nervous sorceress made up.

"Uh huh, I'm not having that" Cyborg said while crossing his cybernetic arms raising an eyebrow.

Sadoness had not said a single thing the whole time. He just stood there a bit confused to Raven's sudden change of character and then denial. So far, he's just listening.

"Wait a second, I think I know what this is about," Beast Boy said with a knowing smile.

Raven is real worried now. "Y-you do?" She stuttered, doing her absolute best not to care.

"Yeah, before I came into the common room a couple hours ago. I was hearing talking from your room!... So who's this Malchior?"

Raven sighed realizing that the secret isn't going to be kept for much longer. "Don't worry, all of you will meet him soon."

"Soon?" Cyborg asked a still bit confused.

"He's trapped in one of my books as a curse from long ago. He's been trapped for a thousand years." She said rather a bit sadly, feeling bad for Malchior. "I'm helping to free him from the curse. You will all like him, he's a real nice guy." Raven gave off a soft smile and a mild blush.

Sadoness noticed her blushing and knew that she felt something for this trapped soul. His hooded head lowered and his eyes looked away from the scene to the ground. "Great.. She likes him…"Sadoness thought to himself. "Wait, why do I even care!? I don't… Do I? Why am I feeling this way? Am.. Am I jealous? Can't be.." He buried the feelings deep down so it wouldn't get the best of him, shook it off, and then looked back up.

"I'm setting up a ritual that will set him free from his ties to the book and I'm all set to do it, I ju-


The tower alarm suddenly went off signaling trouble. The startled Black hooded teen is confused to what's happening. This is his first experience with the alarm going off in the tower. Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy took out their yellow communicators as an image of robin appeared on their individual screens. "Titans! It's Kardiak, he's back! Starfire and I are on our way to his location. I'm sending the coordinates to your communicators! Titans, Go!" And with that, the image of Robin went blank.

"You heard the man, let's go, y'all!" Cyborg commanded.

Beast Boy and Raven nodded and the three started for the garage to the T-Car. Cyborg turned around at the door to see Sadoness standing where he had been the whole time.

"You comin' man?" Cyborg asked. "We could use the help and give you the opportunity to show us what you can do." He stated with a smile.

Sadoness smiled underneath his hood and nodded. And with that, the Titans were off.

Night had fallen and Kardiak had been causing commotion just outside an apartment building where the heart shaped villain had kidnapped a scared innocent little girl who is trapped inside the heart's transparent shell. Arriving just in time, the Teen Titans have come to save the night. "Kardiak!" The villain turned toward the sound of the commanding voice. "Let the girl go!" Robin commanded. The team is all set up in formation. Robin is out in front with his metal staff equipped, Starfire is floating just beside him with her eyes glowing green with star bolts set to fire, Cyborg is on the other side of Robin with his sonic cannon ready to blast, Beast Boy is in animal shape of a tiger, Raven and Sadoness are floating alongside each other towards the back of the group. Kardiak replied by shooting one of its metallic appendages at the team, forcing them to break formation and attack. The Titans were getting knocked aside left and right. Starfire was shooting her starbolts but were proving to be ineffective. Robin can't get in close without getting hit by the metallic arteries. Cyborg's sonic cannon was about as ineffective as Starfires starbolts. Beast Boy has been turning into animal after animal trying to find the best creature to tango with Kardiak's appendages. Raven is going through a list of some new spells that she had learned to take out Kardiak but for good this time. Meanwhile, Sadoness wasn't sure what to do. He just stood there on the street, contemplating on what ability he should use that won't hurt the screaming girl inside the 'heart felt' villain. The majority of his powers were too dangerous so he had no choice but to see if he could get in close to break the girl out of inside that thing. The Dark hooded attendee knew what he had to do. Sadoness then pulled his lightsaber out from his belt and activated the red laser sword in his left hand and started to hum. He started out running toward the mechanical heart, dogging its attacks by shifting left, right, as well as, jumping and flipping out of the way while slashing at its metalloid arms leaving a red blur trailing the movement of the blade cutting the appendages clean off while he inches closer to free the girl. The Titans watched his progress with amazement seeing how agile their new cloaked friend is as he advanced further and further getting closer than Robin ever could. Sadoness finally got within reaching distance of the menacing heart. "Don't worry!" Sadoness reassured the girl inside. "You're going to be fine! I'll get you out!" The scared girl was weeping but managed a nod that she understood.

Raven couldn't wait any longer. She found the right spell to use but although she never used it before, she figured that it's either now or never. She thought that this would by Sadoness time to get the girl out. "This time when I break you, stay broken!" Raven said to herself. She then recited the spell and unleashed black as the void energy that came spewing from her mouth which reached Kardiak and began encompassing the heart in dark magic, causing it to short circuit with the girl still trapped inside. Robin picked up on the immediate danger. "Raven! Stop! You're going to hurt her!" Robin yelled.

"I...Can't!" Raven managed to say but she couldn't stop. She couldn't control it.

"Sadoness get the girl out now! Hurry!" Robin desperately commanded.

Sadoness was already working on it. He punctured the black covered heart's shell with his red glowing lightsaber and began carving out a hole to then grab the girl and pull her out of there.

Beast Boy shape shifted into a ram and rammed into Raven to stop her from continuing the spell. The dark magic was then lifted from the deflated heart and the traumatized girl was saved and in Sadoness's arms. Raven came to, shaking off a dizzy feeling from using all that energy. Beast Boy ran to her side but keeping his distance, unsure if Raven is of sound mind.

"What's your problem!?" Beast Boy asked a bit upset and worried at the same time.

Raven didn't have time to explain to anyone about the situation. She needed to have a little 'chat' with Malchior about the magic she had just used that was by his teachings. Raven surrounded herself with a black shroud of energy and vanished. The Titans figured she teleported back to her room.

Once back in her room, Raven is then greeted by Malchoir whose physical form was made up of paper from book pages but had white eyes that resembled Malchoirs'. Raven walked angrily toward Malchior. "It's dark magic! You've been teaching me dark magic!" She scolded while also feeling a bit betrayed.

"Is it dark? Or is it simply misunderstood, like you? The paper shaped man said. He began to walk around her. "True, the spell that I have taught you are very powerful. There are those who fear power and so call it dark. But for people like us," Malchior then took Ravens' right hand in his as Ravens' face began to soften. "Such distinctions do not exist. Without these spells," They walked towards the book which lay open on a stand, "We can never truly be together and enchanted pages or no, I am still trapped within this book, and you are still alone… Is that what you want Raven? To be alone?" Raven began to feel tears in her eyes. She looked away trying to suppress her tears but failed. "..No," Raven began to cry. Malchior lifted his finger to Ravens' face to dry her tears. "My sweet Raven.. It is time." She looked back at him realizing what he is referring to. To break his curse from the book.

Malchior stood in the middle of Raven's room with books laying open which is circled around him. Raven stepped up to her bookstand, awaiting for Malchior to give her the go ahead. "The incantation, just as I taught you." Malchior reminded her. And with that being said, they began. Raven then initiated the incantation while she gestures necessary movements to make the incantation work. As she continued on with the incantation, the open books surrounding the book bounded man began to glow brightly and when she finished the last couple words, a black energy emitted from Raven and the floor around Malchior opened up as a portal with white light shooting from the floor up. A strong wind emitted from the portal, blowing raven's cloak with the current of the breeze and the pages from the book on her stand were flipping like rapid fire and glowing. The book flipped to a page where it was showing an illustrated picture that showed Malchior's general outline of the shape of his body and then transformed into a body of a dragon. Shocked, Raven called out to Malchior but then the book suddenly let out a shockwave of light which knocked Raven back and fell to her floor. On the floor was a lone page of an illustration of the dread dragon Rorek and the Sorcerer Malchior with their names listed above each of their pictures but suddenly the names switched places showing the sorcerer as Rorek and the dragon as Malchior. In that moment she realized that she'd been tricked. "You.. Changed them." Raven couldn't believe her eyes. She didn't want to believe that it was all a lie. "Malchior wasn't the wizard. He was the.. NO! She looked back towards the book and made a jump for it to close the book to stop the transformation, but it was already far too late. The book exploded once more in a portal of white magical light to then reveal a large shadowy figured head with bright glowing red eyes. From the portal came out the dread dragon Malchior whose large size damaged the room. Upon entry, Malchior shot a fire breath attack at Raven sending her flying across the room. Malchior then crashed through the ceiling and was immediately on the roof. Not a moment too soon, Robin kicked down Raven's door and the Titans poured into her room battle ready. The Titans looked over to a dome of black energy which then disappeared revealing Raven on the floor unharmed. She was emotionally hurt and defeated; she didn't even look at the Titans.

"..He lied to me..He lied… And I gave him what he wanted.." The betrayal ripped her heart to shreds.

Robin had to go after the dragon. "Come on!" He signaled the Titans and with that, they exited out through the hole in the ceiling. Sadoness, however, stayed behind. He let his hood down and approached Raven who is still on the floor in grief. "Raven are you al-"

"Please.." Raven interrupted. "J-just get out of my room.."

Sadoness would not leave. He won't give up on her.

"Raven look.. I know that you're hurt and that you have been betrayed; I know how that feels. You're heart is sha-

"YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE!" She snapped at him as she began to cry. She turned her body facing him. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE ALL ALONE AND HAVE NO ONE ALL YOUR LIFE! HE…He... He made me feel like I was worth something.. But I wasn't worth anything to him… I was just something to be used and thrown away…" She was full out crying now. Sadoness could hear the fighting from outside the tower but figured the Titans could hold out longer. Still, Ravens words hurt him… He himself began to feel his own tears beginning to flood inside.

"..I know exactly how it feels, Raven…" Raven stopped sobbing and looked up to meet his hurt red eyes. "More than you'll ever know.." He looked away for a second, then looked back with a serious look in his eyes.

"We have to bring him down." Sadoness said determined. "You said before that he was bound to the book by a curse… Is there a way to re-establish the curse and send him back?"

Raven thought for a moment and then nodded. "I can do it but I need for you and the Titans to distract him long enough for me to recite the curse."

"Got it. I'll hold him off long enough for you to do what you gotta do." Sadoness started for the hole in the ceiling.

Raven bit her bottom lip for a second. "..Sadoness!" The now dark hooded teen turned around to look at Raven.

"..Thank you."

"Don't mention it."

Once on the roof, Sadoness saw the Titans were just barely holding their own against the vile dragon. They were getting tossed around like rag dolls while getting burned to a crisp at the same time. Sadoness knew what he had to do and it wasn't something that lightsabers could take care of. He didn't want to do this but he had no other choice but to rely on the sheer ultimate power of the Darkside of the Force. He began channeling on his hatred in all things. The dragon and the fact that Malchior hurt Raven, his lost memories, his lost life as a normal person, his nightmares, and one specific thing that he held onto with all of his being.. All these things fueled his hatred and allowed him to grow stronger and stronger to the point a black aura began to emit from his body and his red eyes started to glow. The twisted cloaked teen began walking toward the dread dragon Malchior as he just got done spitting Starfire out of his mouth with a ball of fire breath. The dragons' head turned toward the hooded teen as he approached "Hehehehe, you can't hope to defeat me!" But before he could blast him with a fire ball, Sadoness lifted his hands as an arc of purple lightning shot from his fingertips, encompassing the shrieking dragon. The Titans watched in awe as Sadoness was dishing out some major damage on the winged fiend. The seething 16 year old did not let up he kept pushing more and more energy into his lightning until the lightning began to flicker into a reddish color as he continued to press. He wanted Malchior to suffer as Raven suffered. Sadoness kept pressing that thought of Raven on her floor in anguish with tears rolling down her swollen cheeks to keep fueling his corrupted rage. At this point, Sadoness didn't want Raven to curse him back into the book. He wanted to slay this dragon once and for all.

Raven had come out onto the roof with the white book in her hands ready to perform the curse but she was shocked to see Sadoness managing to hurt him on his own. Finding full strength in the Darkside of the Force, Sadoness raised his hands, lifting the wheezing dragon off the ground and suspended him in midair. A portion of the night sky around of the tower began to turn into a crimson color as black as the abyss clouds started to roll in sparking with flashes of red lightning. With both hands up, Sadoness clenched his fists as if he was grabbing a hold of something and then threw his arms down with all his might as a thick flash of unrelenting red lightning struck Malchior. Nobody could believe their eyes to what was happening. "That power," Cyborg gasped as the energy readings from his cybernetic eyes were going off the charts. Sadoness let Malchior suffer there for a few seconds but he didn't want him to disintegrate by his power, he wanted the vile dragon to fall to his blade. The red lightning ceased as the brooding black cloaked teen leaped toward the aching dragon drawing his lightsaber in mid jump and activated the red blade. Malchior didn't know what was happening until it was too late. "No-ARRGHGHH!"

Sadoness landed his jump on the other side of the dragon but didn't even face him as he made contact with the ground. He knew that it was over. Malchior was still for a second but then his head fell from his body and the rest collapsed with it. After a thousand years, the dragon is finally slain. The body of the beast began to be encompassed by flames that seem to combust from out of nowhere and after a moment, the body disintegrated into nothingness. Sadoness deactivated his lightsaber and placed it back on his belt and turned to face the Titans who were already running towards him.

"Dude, that was so epic!"

"You totally kicked the butt!

"That was one heck of a light show I have ever seen, man!"

"You did an awesome job taking that thing out!"

Sadoness pushed away from all the congratulating and walked off to go back into the tower without a word. He stopped to glance at Raven who was the only one who didn't congratulate him or anything but checked to see if she seemed alright. He noticed that her cloak and leotard returned to its normal blue and black colors, plus, Raven was still carrying the book in her hands but was staring at Sadoness with a still slightly shocked face yet weary at the same time. He continued to walk toward the roof entrance to the tower. The Titans just stared as he walked off, all of which had a confused look on their faces. "..I guess he just needs to have the alone time." Starfire said to break the silence. Robin nodded.

Cyborg immediately went to start repairs on the tower after the big battle with Malchior. There wasn't a lot of damage, just a couple of walls and ceilings he needed to repair. He quickly got Ravens room patched up and out of the way so that she could have the room quickly to herself again. Cyborg had Starfire's help on the roof to help remove heavy debris and replace heavy equipment. Sadoness was in the med bay which continued to serve as his room until his memories recovered. He knew that it was rude of himself to push away the Titan's praises and leave them behind be he need to quickly get out of there to get his rage under control. To get composure over himself, Sadoness spent the last hour meditating on top of his temporary bed. Now feeling calm, the pale hooded teen felt the need to see Raven to make sure that she is indeed okay. He walked outside into the hallway and almost ran into Beast Boy startling the poor changeling.

"Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to make you jump." Sadoness apologized.

Beast Boy gave a nervous chuckle, "Heh, no biggie. You going to check on Rae?" He asked as the two start walking towards that way.

"Yeah, I wanted to see if she is alright with everything.. I can imagine that she's beating herself up for everything that's happened." Sadoness explained.

"Right? And yeah I was going to check up on her too. But you can do it if you want. She'd probably much rather talk to you than me anyways." The green teen chuckled.

"Thanks, I appreciated it, Beast Boy."

The changeling let off a toothy grin before running ahead the rest of the way to head into the common room, leaving Sadoness to his duty. His chains rattled as he walked through the hallway which stopped by the time Sadoness reached Raven's bedroom door. He let down his hood before knocking. Raven was placing the empty white book into her private empty chest before closing it then locking it. The sorceress heard the knocking on her entrance and crept towards the door.

"Raven? It's Sadoness.. Look I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that this has happened to you. Believe me when I say that I've had similar things happened to me. I may not be able to remember them specifically, but I know deep in my heart and soul that I've had my share of heartbreak and betrayal and I feel its torment… But I know that it still doesn't change the fact that he did break your heart.."

Raven spoke from the other side of her door "..I know it was all a lie, but he was the only person who ever made me feel like I wasn't… Creepy." This just cut Sadoness deep. "Did our time together from early this morning and the night before mean nothing to her!?" Sadoness thought while clenching his teeth. " Malchior must of really swept her off her feet behind closed doors that whole afternoon…But still.."

"And don't try to tell me that I'm not.." Raven finished.

"Raven, you know that I don't think that way about you… But that shouldn't be a reason for you to stay locked in your room… You have friends who love and care for you…You think you're alone, Raven, but you're not."

Raven was taken aback by this, though she looked to the floor, then the door with heartfelt eyes. The door slid open revealing Raven from just inside her room, then stepped out and pulled Sadoness into a hug. Sadoness immediately reciprocated the hug, placing his hands on her back. A moment later they pulled away from each other's arms and both shared a soft smile.

"Sadoness." A voice called from the side, startling the two. It was Robin. "Can I speak with you in the common room? The others are also waiting in there and you might want to come as well, Raven." Robin smiled. They both nodded and followed Robin up the hall and into the common room where the rest are gathered.

"Soo what's going on?" The curious pale teen asked.

"Well," Robin began. The other Titans were all smiling a knowing smile waiting with anticipation for Robin to continue. Starfire is by far the most excited one there, looking like she's going to explode at any moment. Raven was just as confused and curious as Sadoness was, she didn't know what was happening. "Seeing how you have been with us for a couple days and you've already started to make some friends here," Robin shot a smirk at Raven who just rolled her eyes. "Plus seeing that you are more than capable in combat-" Starfire couldn't contain herself any longer as she pushed Robin away. "We want you to join our team!" Starfire blurted out with pure excitement. Sadoness was taken aback for a moment.

"You want me? To join the Teen Titans?" Sadoness couldn't believe the invitation that was just placed in front of him.

"Why not?" Cyborg jumped in with a smile. "You've proven yourself more than enough qualified to be an honorary Titan! Heck, while I was fixing up the tower, I started building your new room. Should be finished in the next day. I think you'll absolutely love it! No one can resist my handy work." He chuckled as he jokingly breathed on his finger tips and rubbed it off on his glowing blue shoulder.

"Oh you must join the Teen of Titans, you simply must! Starfire shouted as she gave Sadoness a bone crushing hug but seemed unaffected by the force of her embrace. Much to everyone's surprise.

Robin reached out and put a circular yellow device with a 'T' on it in Sadoness' hand. It's a communicator, much like the others. Sadoness didn't know what to feel. He didn't know whether he is happy, confused, sad, or indifferent. Still trying to process this, he looked up to see Raven's reaction to all this. She's simply letting off a small smile which showed her approval. He looked back to Robin and grasped tightly the communicator in his hands and smiled.

"I accept."

They all let out a giant 'HUURAAAAAAY!' even Raven, much to Sadoness's surprise. "This calls for celebration!" Suggested Cyborg. All approved in their own individual ways. "Aaaaalrighty then! One late night breakfast explosion coming right up!" Cyborg ran into the kitchen with Beast Boy following close behind, yelling at his cybernetic friend to make tofu as well, thus starting a whole debate on which is better; meat or tofu.

"How do you feel, new fellow Titan?" Asked Robin with a smile

Sadoness smiled at Raven who stood next to him then at Robin.

"I don't think I could ask for better friends or team." Sadoness smiled, as well as, fighting back bloodied tears.

Robin smiled warmly and placed a hand on his black cloaked friends' shoulder and continued toward the kitchen.

"Report. You had better have something captain.." Said an evil voice that came from the black cloaked, hooded figure which sat on what appears to be a throne. A blue holographic image of a timid high official was in front of him of which he is speaking too.

"I'm sorry my Lord but we haven't found a trace of Lord Sadoness anywhere. We haven't found any trace of his ship in the debris in Bespin from the destruction of Cloud City. Plus the Tracking device cannot be identified anywhere in the galaxy, my Lo-"

The captain began to choke, grabbing onto his throat to loosen a grip that was not there.

"You have failed me for the last time, Ex-Captain Belanor." And with that, the man in the holographic image fell to the ground and died. The image then collapsed.

"He's no longer here in the galaxy. I would have been able to sense his power even from the darkest depths if he was… Where are you my apprentice?" The dark man then reached and clicked a button on the side of his left arm rest which activated a comlink line. "Stewardess?"

"..Yes Emperor Lucius?"

"I need a new replacement Captain ready to report for duty." He chuckled evilly.

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