Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans or Starwars.

Author: I know I know I know I know there has not been a chapter in a months time and I'm sorry. I had originally intended this bit of the story to be my crossover version of the Teen Titans episode, "Spellbound." Now that this version of the episode is complete, therefor, this little series is now complete.

I will, however, be continuing the story of Sadoness with the Titans (which is already 5 chapters in development) in a separate new story altogether. So be on the future look out for, Light in the Darkness Pt.2

I am also in the process of writing another Teen Titans fanfiction at the same time. Only this won't be a crossover. Thank you all for taking the time in reading my fanfiction, I appreciate it Stay tuned for the next installment that I will start posting next month.

P.S. The only reason that I'm not posting the chapters that I already have written is so that I'm not hurrying to write new material right away. I can keep going at a steady pace as I post an already written chapter at least twice, if not, once a week.