Tsunayoshi Sawada was barely nineteen years old when he had come to work at the Varia House for Orphans, an orphanage where strays with serious problems were sent. Some of the children had behavioural issues while others had mental illnesses, but he couldn't say he didn't enjoy working there, even if he were sometimes uncomfortable with the situations he was put in.

Lambo Bolvino was the newest addition, a five-year-old boy who had an overactive imagination and too much energy for his small body. His messy black hair was untamed, tangled and sticking out all over the place. It didn't help with the fact that Lambo had a habit of putting things into his hair – especially lollipops and other sweets.

Tsuna wasn't too sure why Lambo was an orphan, only that he had been transferred here, his energy reserves too much to be handled back at the previous orphanage. While it was true the boy often tired him out, too, he enjoyed the entertainment Lambo brought to his life.

"Loser Tsuna, Loser Tsuna!" Aforementioned boy was now running through the house, his mischievous nature showing.

Tsuna frowned as he chased after Lambo, trying to retrieve the hairbrush the kid had stolen from him. He knew the untidy boy was only playing, not meaning any harm by his actions, but sometimes the brunet wished Lambo could behave himself.

"Catch me if you can, Loser Tsuna!"

"Oi, Lambo!" The gangly young man stumbled as he ran through the hall after the younger, his high-pitched voice almost pleading by this point; he needed to get back to the dining room and make sure everyone was okay with their breakfast. "Lambo, wait up!"

Tsuna didn't get very far through the hall before a door off to the side opened and a large hand reached out, grabbing him by the cuff of his jacket's collar. Stopping in his tracks, he looked up with wide eyes, sure he was about to be killed by the man who ran the orphanage, Xanxus. It was no secret Xanxus liked alcohol – maybe just a little too much – and it often lead to him having violent fits of rage at his staff members.

Sawada gulped as he was released, almost too afraid to speak; while he usually got along with his co-workers, Xanxus was someone who always made him nervous.

"Get in here," Xanxus' gruff voice growled as he opened the door wider, introducing the smaller male into his darkened room. "We have a new kid."

Tsuna blinked before he nodded, entering quickly; he knew better than to anger Xanxus.

When the door was closed behind him quickly, Tsuna looked around, noticing a small boy sitting by the desk with his back his elders. The brunet smiled before he approached the slight child, wondering what this one's story was.

Kneeling beside the desk, Tsuna put on his most welcoming expression, his soft smile conveying his demeanour. "Hello. What's your name?"

The boy didn't answer, but teal eyes looked up into Tsuna's brown ones. His hair was short, green like his eyes that were now profiling the older male curiously.

Xanxus stepped behind Tsuna, answering for the boy. "His name is Fran. He's quiet most of the time. Just a youngling; he's almost ten."

The boy – Fran – still did not speak, his eyes lingering on Tsuna as if he were wary of the other's intentions. He didn't recoil when the brunet reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder despite the fact he didn't care much for physical contact.

"Everyone else is having breakfast," the brown-haired male explained. Fran wasn't sure of his name, and it only made him more reserved. "Would you like to join them?"

Fran didn't feel hungry. In fact, he didn't feel anything. For as long as he could remember, he had always felt numb, void of any emotion and uncaring of the world around him. He stood up as he was manoeuvred to do so, following the brunet through the halls.

The building he was in seemed small, the hallways branching off every now and then. At the end of the passage, Fran was guided into a larger room, a dining table pushed into the middle of the still-crowded room. Off to the side was a food preparation area that was barely bigger than a walk-in closet.

The boy could see several other people situated around the rectangular table, and they all looked much older than him. He inwardly sighed; the older someone was, the more they usually didn't like him.

Tsuna's hands were still on the boy's shoulders as he guided him over to the table carefully. He couldn't sense any discomfort from the younger, making him hope Fran would get along with the others.

"Everyone," the brunet called as he pulled a chair out next to a grey-haired boy, "this is Fran. He's new so everyone make him feel welcome."

Fran glanced down at his lap, the silence making him uncomfortable. He could feel several sets of eyes on him and it wasn't until a few minutes later did they leave him alone.

Looking up, the teal-haired orphan noticed only four other people around him; the grey-haired male he had been placed beside, and two dark-haired, older looking children with hair that spiked towards the back. There was a girl and a boy in that duo, and Tsuna sat next to them, crunching away at cereal slowly as he kept an observant eye on the others.

No words were spoken until the other three children ate their food and silently left the room, leaving Fran and Tsuna alone. Tsuna smiled at the boy before he, too, stood up and left, needing to attend to other duties.

Fran sighed as he shoved the white cereal bowl away from him. He knew he wasn't going to like it here – not one bit.