Little Author Notes: I have no ownership of Twilight, other than all five dvd's in the four movies. Lots of junky paraphernalia. Lots of music. Lots of extra books. And I think Blainey Bear has hidden the original copies I bought, he's all Team Jacob.

Inspiration: I was reading Glee the other night and I had the first movie on in the background. I'm looking for some specific stuff to read. Then I was watching the third movie and remembered everything my Father taught me. You can accomplish anything you want, just go for it. Unfortunately though, I always end up sneezing.

This is supposed to be funny, it is funny. My funny bones are still mending.

Dedication: This is for my White Rabbit. She means so much to me. {she's Team Edward}

~ Eclipse ~

I was destined to be Edward's partner in crime.

When I auditioned for the part of Bella, every line I read correctly. They loved me.

Every movement, I was her, I fitted into the costumes so well. So beautiful!

Alongside Jacob, I was fragile, delicate. Again an even fit.

I could pour a glass of water from the fawcett, so refreshingly.

My hands appeared so beautiful, manicured perfection.

In the restaurant scenes, the chairs fitted as did my appetite equaling Edward's.

But, eventually someone else would be cast for my role.

And these are some of the reasons why:

When Edward and I would have our passionate kissing scenes, my addiction to giving love bites nearly broke my teeth. And my addiction for receiving, was also futile.

But the Arc de Triomphe, or pièce de résistance were any of the scenes with the wolves and all the flowers in the meadows.

Allergies got the best of my destiny.

And now, I sit on my futon, reading and writing about such things.

And, …., and, ummmm, ah, ah achoo, I sneeze ….

So first up to bat: Renesme...