Tiny Toons: Happy World Land

It was just another ordinary day in Acme Acres. However, this was no ordinary day for the Tiny Toons. That was because today was the last day of school before summer vacation. Right now, the Tiny Toons were in class listening to Bugs Bunny's lecture. However, no one was really paying attention to his lecture because they were all too busy counting how many minutes they had left before the bell rang. Each person in the class,(Bugs excluded), was staring at the clock. 2:45. Only 15 minutes before they get 3 months of freedom. 14 minutes later, everyone(except Bugs who was still lecturing) was staring at the clock in anticipation. Only 60 more seconds and their vacation can begin. Finally, after 59 seconds the clock hand was about to move to 3:00 but suddenly the clock hand moved backwards until the time said 2:50. Everybody got mad at this because this meant they had to spend 10 more minutes in the classroom. It was as if the clock was alive and was saying,"Take that suckers! Now you have to spend 10 more minutes here". After a bit of lecturing Bugs paused when he realized no one was paying attention to him. They were staring at the clock as if they were in a tried whistling to get their attention but it failed. Next, he tried shouting to the class but that didn't work either.

Bugs then took out a horn a blew into it as loud as he could but the was still staring at that stupid clock. Then Bugs got an idea. He took the clock off the wall and taped it to his chest, the students' eyes following the clock everytime it moved.

After feeling satisfied that their attention was at least partially on him, Bugs was about continue his speech when suddenly the clock rang loudly and the clock hand had moved to 3:00. After that, the students left the class(with speed that would have made Sonic the Hedgehog jealous) leaving Bugs who was now cursing the day he ever became a teacher.

- end of chapter -

Authors note:

Just so you know this is my first fanfic so I'm new to this. Sorry if my chapters seem short but with my VERY busy schedule(which includes being lazy and watching t.v while eating pizza) I don't have much time for fanfiction.

I'm thinking about making a Ninja Turtles fic soon but nothing's official yet. Speaking of which, I want to know what you guys think of the 2012 series( for those of you who are TMNT fans) Personally, I think it's better than the 2003 series. Expect another chapter soon( that is if I can get my fat self out of bed) Bye!