DC universe:

"Our best minds have been at work researching these cross-universe anomalies and for right now have nothing to report except that it seems that it happens wherever super-powered beings are and that is why we of the Justice League have called you all here to make sure that when it happens again we are ready and waiting to make sure it ends," announced Superman to the legion of superheroes and super villains that had gathered at the Sahara Desert. Some were there for everyone and some only came for their own sakes.

"I could have been taking a much needed nap if it wasn't for this," said Deathstroke.

"I could have been having some much needed meat for my stomach if it wasn't for this," said Killer Croc.

"God, do we really need to be in the same place as these freaks," said Hal Jordan, one of the many Green Lanterns.

"It's only until this whole issue is resolved, Hal," said Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

"Well they better solve it quick, because I feel like kicking some super villain ass," said Hal.

"Keep it down Hal," said Oliver. "We don't need you starting something when they are trying to end this madness."

"Whatever, I'm just saying Ollie we should be out their protecting the innocent not worrying about beings from another universe," said Hal.

"Patience Hal," said John Stewart, another of the Green Lanterns, who had just walked up to Oliver and Hal.

"Oh, hi John," said Hal and Oliver at the same time.

"I'm sure this will all be over soon and then we will get back to our duties and all these villains will go back to jail," said John.

"I suppose," said Hal.

Just then portals opened up sucking John Stewart, Superman, Wally West/The Flash, Raven, Cyborg, and Nightwing.

"Well now that happened," said Hal.

Marvel Universe:

"We have been trying to figure out what is going on with all these cross-universe anomalies and have found nothing so far except that it all started with whoever killed the man from the other universe known as Batman," announced Nick Fury to the gathering of all the super-powered beings at the S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier.

"Batman? I'm the one who killed that chump," said Deadpool. "I knew I forgot to brag about something."

"Wade you idiot don't you think that was something important to tell someone," said Wolverine.

"You didn't interview Deadpool, Bruce?" Tony Stark asked Bruce Banner.

"He's the one guy I thought would have never had a chance of killing the man who seemed to sound like the best fighter they had in that world," explained Bruce.

"I'm offended that you would say such a thing Banner when you know I' m one of the most skilled killers here," said Deadpool.

"Wolverine's right Wade of all the things you bragged about to me today you could have said this most crucial of information," said Nathan Summers aka Cable.

"Stuff it Summers I had a lot of things on my mind like beating my video game and reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter," said Deadpool. "Oh and that stupid fan fiction writer I killed was fun too."

"God you're an idiot," said Wolverine.

"But he's your idiot," said Magneto.

Just then portals opened up sucking in Wolverine, Deadpool, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Spiderman, Captain America, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch.

"Thank God, can we go home now?" asked Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch to his teammates.

An Unknown Place:

"Where the hell are we?" asked Wolverine.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," said Flash.

"Oh great the DC pricks are here," said Deadpool.

"DC? We aren't politics we're heroes," said Nightwing.

"Hey you're that sidekick of that Batchump I killed, Dick Grayson aka Bird Boy," said Deadpool.

"What did you just say?" asked Nightwing. "And what did you call me?"

"I break the fourth wall it's what I do that's how I know everyone in your universe," said Deadpool.

"You killed Batman?" Nightwing asked as he started towards Deadpool with his fighting batons in hand.

"ENOUGH!" shouted a voice.

"Who's there?" asked Cyborg.

"I am the God of your universe," said the voice as it appeared as a giant blue being. "You can call me DeeCee."

"Do we have a God too?" asked Spiderman.

"That would be me," said a voice as it appeared as a giant red being. "You can call me Maarvel."

"What are we doing here?" asked Raven.

"For a while now we have been having you battle with each other to decide who is the better God of their universe," said Maarvel.

"And at the moment we are at a tie and have brought you all here for the tie-breaker," said DeeCee.

"So you have us battle for your amusement?" asked Bruce.

"No, we have you battle to decide which universe gets 10 years of complete peace and the loser gets 1 year of chaos for fairness," said Maarvel.

"So what, now we all have to fight each other again?" asked Iron Man.

"No, only one from each universe has to fight in this final battle to the death," said DeeCee.

"And we have already chosen the best fighters that haven't fought yet from each universe: Wolverine and The Green Lantern John Stewart," said Maarvel.

"You better not mess this up shorty or I'll kill you myself," said Deadpool.

"Shut up, Deadpool," said Wolverine as he entered the arena that had appeared in front of them.

"Well I guess if universe peace is at stake I have no choice," said John as he entered the arena.

"Begin!" yelled Maarvel and DeeCee at the same time.

"Wolfy, Wolfy he's our man if he can't do it we'll all probably die," screamed Deadpool as he and all the others sat down in the stands of the arena.

"I hope they let me at that guy when this is over," said Nightwing.

Wolverine has his claws out as he goes to attack John, while John has his ring held up to his power lantern.

"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power...Green Lantern's Light!" shouted John.

He then used his ring to create two swords in his hands and blocked Wolverine's attack.

"It's no use, I've been trained by the most elite fighters of my universe," said John as their swords and claws kept hitting each other.

"Well I've been alive since the 1800's and have more experience in battle then your grandpa, bub," said Wolverine as he clawed John's face.

John then stabbed Wolverine in the gut and pulled out his power sword from Wolverine's gut.

"Healing factor, bub," said Wolverine as the wound healed and he cut John's hand off causing John to scream in pain. "Which I'm guessing you don't?"

John then used his other arm with the ring on it to make the one sword he had into a giant machine gun and started shooting Wolverine repeatedly, knocking him back. John then makes the machine gun turn into a chainsaw and starts it up and puts it up to Wolverine's throat.

"Any last words?" asked John.

"Yeah, I heal fast and you're dead," said Wolverine as he stabbed John through the chest with all of his claws. John then fell over onto the ground and started to die.

"How could I have been killed by a small guy like you?" asked John coughing up blood.

"Sorry bub, I'm the best and what I do and what I do best isn't so nice," said Wolverine as he lit up a cigar in his mouth.

"Congratulations on your victory Logan Howlett," said Maarvel.

"Good work soldier," said Captain America.

"Atta boy Logan," said Pietro.

"Nice job Logan," said Wanda, Bruce, Tony, and Otto at the same time.

"Now I don't have to kill you," said Deadpool.

"What now?" said Superman.

"Now you get 1 year of chaos in your universe while Maarvel's universe gets 10 years of universal peace," said DeeCEE.

"And you will all forget that this ever happened," said Maarvel.

"You expect me to forget about my father's death?" asked Nightwing.

"The universes will be put back to normal and the deaths that happened will never had happened," said DeeCee.

"Oh I get to remember right?" asked Deadpool. "Please, Please, Please, Pleeeeease."

"Only if you shut up," said Maarvel annoyed.

"Why did you create that man?" asked DeeCee.

"That's a question I've been asking ever since I did," said Maarvel.

"Hurtful," said Deadpool.

"Begone!" yelled Maarvel and DeeCee at the same time.

And so life went back to normal in the universes. The Marvel universe had 10 long years of peace and all the heroes spent 10 years doing whatever they wanted since all the villains were locked up and crime was virtually non-existent. The DC universe, however, had to deal with a year of chaos as all criminals had broken free of their prisons. Even the return of Batman and John Stewart wasn't much help in the fight against evil with the returning Joker leading the criminals into the biggest crimes committed. It soon came to order when the results of the Marvel vs. DC wore out. No one remembered the events of the cross-universe battles, except for Deadpool that is.

"I'm telling you I killed the greatest detective/fighter of another universe and his name was Batman," said Deadpool at the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Children to Wolverine.

"Would you just shut up Wade there's no such thing as a Batman and I didn't kill anyone named Green Lantern trust me I'd know now leave me alone," said Wolverine.

"Why won't anyone listen to me not even my Twitter followers believe me," whined Deadpool as the story ended.