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Edward stepped out into the cool Paris evening, Garrett in tow, and was immediately bowled over by a hundred and twenty-five pounds of tiny awesomeness.

"Edwarrrrrd! You are leaving before you celebrate my birthday?" his best friend, Genevieve, asked as she threw her arms around him. Edward tried not to groan. Really, he did. But his sexy cowboy was pressed against his back, and the last thing he wanted to do was deal with his apparently very drunk best friend and her crazy-ass fantasies.

"Leave him alone, beauté. Can't you see he's on a date?" The voice of reason came from Genevieve's oh-so-fine and not-entirely-straight husband.

"Thank you!" Edward mouthed to him.

Genevieve completely ignored her husband, pulling him closer instead. "Jasper, he can join in, too! Can you imagine how hot a threesome would be?"

Edward scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Now is not the time to entertain your whims of finally seeing your husband and me together, woman! Can you please go be less drunk?"

Edward cringed when he felt Garrett shift behind him. One of these days he would learn to filter his words before they got him in trouble, or worse, made him miss out on a sweat-filled night in bed with a too-hot-for-his-own-good man.

"G, leave him alone. You're going to run this guy off." Jasper tried to reason with her, but Genevieve was already eyeing Edward's man.

Before Edward could tell her to step off, Garrett finally spoke up behind him.

"Can I butt in?" Edward spun around, ready to tell his date he wasn't going to ask him to have a threesome with his best-friend's-husband-who-also-happened-to-be-his- ex while she watched from the sidelines. Edward could've been knocked over by a feather boa when instead of pure horror, he saw twinkling eyes and a naughty smile. "Have y'all ever heard of the Vegas rule?"

Three heads swiveled back and forth, and Garrett threw his arm over Edward's shoulder. "It goes something like this ... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," he said with a wink. "I think the same could apply to Paris."

Hot damn! It's going to be a night to remember!

Unable to suppress his massive grin, Edward grabbed Garrett's hand and held it in his as he twisted around to face his best friend. "Guess it's your lucky night, monchéri."

"Best. Birthday. Ever!" Genevieve shouted as she grabbed Jasper's hand and led everyone back to Edward's place.

Thirty minutes later, Edward was still surprised Garrett hadn't bolted. Slinking an arm around his waist, Edward pulled him away from his friends. "Are you sure about this?"

Garrett eyed Jasper, who was getting felt up by his semi-drunk wife. "Oh, I'm pretty sure. I've always had an adventurous streak. It's what makes me such a good cowboy. You sure they don't mind?"

Edward blinked in surprise and laughed. "Oh, oui. Genevieve and Jasper like to play as long as they do it together. She's been begging me to join them forever. Jasper and I used to date, you see. I introduced them, and well, Jasper and I didn't last much longer. But vaginas might as well be lined with barbed wire for all I'm concerned. I'm not getting near one of those things." Edward shuddered.

"You guys ready? I call bottom!" Jasper said, tugging off his shirt as he moved to the bed.

Edward laughed, amused by his eagerness. "You always did get straight to business," he teased.

Jasper shrugged and started on his pants. "I get to walk across the hall and have round two with the birthday girl when we're done! Excuse me if I'm a bit impatient."

Edward shivered when Garrett's hands slid around his waist, dipping beneath his shirt. Warm lips pressed against his neck for just a moment before Garrett tugged Edward's shirt off and nudged him toward the bed.

"Don't keep the man waiting, darlin'," Garrett instructed with a light smack to Edward's jean-covered ass. With a lazy smile on his face, Jasper slowly stroked his dick as he watched Edward shimmy out of his jeans and lick his way up Jasper's chest. He made sure to leave his ass in the air and gave Garrett his most seductive smile when he tossed the man a wink over his shoulder.

Edward turned to look at his best friend one last time, waggling his eyebrows at her before covering Jasper's mouth with his own. He registered a faint sigh from her before all rational thought turned to mush-Garrett's mouth was warm and wet when he sucked in Edward's ball sac. With a loud groan, Edward tore himself away from Jasper's mouth to watch as Jasper slowly rocked his hips down on Garrett's finger. Hands, fingers, and mouths skimmed Edward's body from head to toe, making him nearly delirious from pleasure.

"More," Jasper gasped. "Stretch me more. I can take both of you."

Garrett's mouth and hands stilled, and Edward's eyes popped up to meet Jasper's. The entire room was deadly silent until Edward finally asked, "Fuck. Are you serious?"

"What'd Garrett say? 'What happens in Paris' … "

Edward peered over his shoulder and raised a questioning eyebrow at his cowboy, who just grinned and smacked Edward's ass again. "It looks like you two need to switch places!"

Laughing, Edward gave Jasper's chest a small nip before he rolled onto his back. His hands settled on Jasper's trim waist, and he groaned when Jasper rutted their dicks together as he slid up and down Garrett's fingers. By the time Edward finished rolling on his condom, Jasper was begging to be fucked.

"S'il te plait. Je suis prêt!"

Edward had no clue if Garrett understood Jasper's words, but there was no mistaking his tone. He lined up Edward's cock and guided Jasper down slowly, giving him time to adjust before sliding his finger in Jasper's now very tight entrance. Jasper threw his head back and moaned as his body adjusted.

Careful not to move too fast, Edward rolled his hips, already more turned on that he'd ever been before just from feeling Garrett's finger pressed against his cock while he was inside another man. He couldn't imagine how incredible it would feel when his American finally slid his cock inside as well. He lamented not having a chance to get a good look at it or to suck it down his throat, but he hoped there'd be time for that later. After all, his cowboy was in Paris for two more weeks and no way was he letting him go before he absolutely had to!

Jasper finally leaned forward and pressed hard kisses into Edward's mouth, his eagerness obvious from the way his teeth clashed against Edward's and his tongue delved into Edward's mouth. Edward whimpered at the sudden loss of Garrett's finger, but within moments he felt the tip of Garrett's wide cock sliding up his own dick toward Jasper's entrance. Edward did his best to soothe Jasper, running his hands along his body, teasing the sensitive spots he knew from their time together and returning Jasper's kiss with as much fervor as he could.

Garrett ran his hands up Jasper's back and rubbed his shoulders. "Ready?"

Jasper nodded without breaking their kiss, and tightened his grip on Edward's hair. When Garrett's cock pressed against his own and slid forward, Edward's groan was drowned out only by Jasper's. Garrett pushed forward, painstakingly slow, until Edward felt his cowboy's balls slap against his own. Every nerve in his body was screaming for him to move, touch, bite, thrust, but he remained still and waited for Jasper to breathe through the initial pain.

"Ah, ma belle," Jasper finally rasped, turning toward his wife. "Are you enjoying the show?"

Genevieve, all but forgotten by everyone except her husband apparently, merely nodded through half-lidded eyes. Garrett, taking Jasper's conversation as his sign to move forward, slowly pulled his hips back before thrusting back in. All three men groaned loudly, and within moments, the room was full of grunts, groans, and the slap of skin against skin. Edward took the brunt of Jasper's discomfort; Jasper marked his chest over and over with bites whenever Garrett thrust particularly hard or rubbed up against his prostate.

"Ahh … Il ya tellement d' … so much," Jasper whimpered, rolling his hips back on the two men. "More. Please."

Garrett tightened his grip on Jasper's hips and began pumping relentlessly. Edward watched as his cowboy's face twisted into the most beautiful display of pleasure, his thrusts becoming erratic. When Jasper's teeth and fingers dug into his already sensitive flesh, he cried out in pain, and when Garrett finally came, Edward could feel every twitch and shudder in his own cock.

The intimacy of the moment triggered the tell-tale signs of the beginning of the end, and Edward was finally able to submit to his body's urgent need to move when Garrett pulled out. He was so lost chasing his orgasm, he barely noticed Garrett's head snaking between him and Jasper to suck Jasper's cock, but he sure as hell didn't miss Garrett's hand cupping his balls. The feeling ran through his entire body and several spastic thrusts later, with Jasper's ass clenched around his dick, Edward roared as every cell in his body sang out in pleasure.

Garrett sat up, somehow managing to look sheepish as he wiped Jasper's cum from the corner of his mouth, and Jasper collapsed on top of Edward while peering at his wife.

"Joyeux anniversaire, beauté," he grinned. "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!"

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