*Arthur note- Again sorry for the spacing with this, It's being a prick like always. But anyways here is a beginning of a series I started last year. Me and my little brother work on it together, he is the thinker and I'm the writer. Well I hope everyone likes this series (I had to redo alot of it so its a but different to the one on Deviantart but oh well. Enjoy!*

Reach was burning, The world glassed and most of all life killed off. In the middle of a UNSC Ship Junkyard a lone spartan was lying on the ground choking on his very own blood. His armor was black with some tints of gray here and there. His helmet lays but 10 feet from him with a hidden rolling camera on it. He is on the ground in a puddle of his own blood from a Energy Sword stab to his torso. The life is leaving him fast and his body is becoming cold as ice.

Two Elite Zealots stood over him bleeding from the physical wounds that this 'Demon' gave them.
He wandered why they didn't finish him off already. An Elite in Golden Zealot Armor came into view. He was wielding a energy sword in his left hand. The Elites backed up and bowed in respect before the Elite. The Elite now stood before them hovering above the weakened human looking down on him. The Elite's black green eyes stared into the human's ocean blue eyes.

The human was coughing massively trying to get some breath when ever he could. He was too weak to barely do anything now even though he was a Spartan.
"Vile human...your race will soon face its extinction for the sins it has commited...for the Great Journey" the Elite said in a deep voice that sent a massive chill down the Spartan's spine.
"TO THE GREAT JOURNEY" both Elites said with a powerful war cry. Nearby Covenant drop-ships continue to bring unneeded reinforcements. The massive Elite raised his sword to finish the human. The human quickly took his what was to be his final breath. Suddenly a shot was fired from no where. Purple blue blood landed on the spartan. A smoke trail could be seen which followed. The Elite hit the ground but not dead to take cover. The shot hit him in the left shoulder making it drop its Energy Sword. The other two Elites turned towards where the shot came but they wasn't expecting it to be very close confrontation...Real close one.

Two Spartans appear from thin air both grabbing Elites and literally ripping their heads off from the base of their necks. One is in a Red and Blue armor coloration with an ODST Helmet and many other ODST attachments on the armor while the other is in a Green Mark V. Purple blood spurted like a fountain from the Elites covering all 3 Spartans. The downed Elite picks up a Plasma Repeater and fires with his good side.
The Spartans fire away at the Elite in retaliation. One of the Spartans has a Battle Rifle and the other has a MA5B Assault Rifle. The BR only makes the Elite's Shields flare but the MA5B cuts through the shields without bringing them down. The Elite falls over some metal crates but gets help from Elite Rangers and Elite Zealots and large group of Grunts tat seemed to appear from nowhere.

A massive gunfight happens ensues "Cover me as I help the downed Spartan" said the Spartan wearing the green Mark V armor. The Other spartan nods as he fires away with his BR to stop the Horde of Covenant. The Green Spartan sprints to the downed spartan and slides to him. He quickly pulls out a miniature scanner/PC and a med-kit. He plugs the scanner into the Spartans armor and it gives him all detail of his injuries on the screen. He opens the med-kit and prepares shots, he applies Bio-Foam to the Spartans wounds. He applies the shots but the Spartan was injured too badly.
The multiple plasma and needler shots to his body caused massive damage but the worst was the Energy stab. It tore through his left lung and knicked his main artery causing bad internal bleeding. He continued to give treatment to the dying Spartan. The Spartan just looked at the green Spartan in wonder. He thought he was the only spartan left or matter in fact the last human on Reach except for Jun and Dr. Halsey, if they had made it alive. The Green Spartans com went nuts and he could hear the conversation "Spartan-116 you need to get out of there...we are holding them off but we can't for long" a male voice on a radio said.
"They are right if they get over whelmed we will have no chance of leaving this planet or even survive" a woman's voice said from the Com within the Spartan's helmet.
"I know, I know but will not be leaving this Spartan behind to die on this God-Forsaken Planet!" said the proclaimed Spartan-116. He tried to hurry faster to save the Spartan.

The scanner began to go off like an annoying alarm clock. He looked at it and then to the Spartan, he was close to death The Spartan took off his helmet to reveal his face. He had scaring on his face from battles and had a partially shaved head. His eyes were Dark fluid green, he had a shaved face as well and what looked like a burn on the side of his jaw that seemed days old.
He pulled out a syringe and stabbed himself in the wrist and took some blood but strangely it had a green color in it as well as crimson red. He took it out and stared into the Spartan's dying eyes "Now I'm going to give you this small injection...I wouldn't do this but I have to save a Spartan from Noble Team...Lone Wolf" he said slowly putting the needle into the Spartan's neck and proceeded to inject him with the blood "I'm so sorry for what happens!"

He pulled the syringe out and smashed it in a plasma flame. Noble 6 seconds later started to shake uncontrollably and a weird white fluid foamed from his mouth. Spartan-116 held him down and keep repeating "Forgive me...Please Forgive me" to Noble 6 repeatedly. Noble 6 suddenly went unconscious and his breathing slowed down. His bleeding also somewhat stopped instantly. The scanner said that his injuries are healing but he is not out of danger yet. He puts his helmet back on and picks up the Spartan "115 lets finally get out of here" he barked at his nearby Spartan companion fighting off the endless Covenant hordes. He nods and they both make a break for it.

Banshees and Covenant Vehicles quickly gave chase. Both Spartans ran fast enough to beat the Colonies fastest runner which he was clocked at 24.9MPH. Their shields alerted them that they were about to go out which would be bad if they were shot by any heavy plasma weapons. They ran past many bodies of UNSC and Spartans alike. Spartan-116 saw a Spartan with the same color and helmet as Noble 6's.
He stopped for a quick second and grabbed the helmet off the the deceased Spartan "Rest in Peace fellow brothers and sisters" he says after taking off again. They finally reach the side of a Junked Halcyon Cruiser. Gunfire and explosions can be heard very close by. Suddenly 2 Falcons can be seen dog fighting over dozens of banshees and a couple of drop-ships above them. Right in front of them a bunch of vehicles came into view, there was over 65 UNSC and ODST mix, many Vehicles occupied the fighting as well.
2 Scorpions, 5 Warthogs (3 LRADs, 1 Missile launcher, 1 Gauss Cannon), 3 Mongooses, 1 Wolverine, and 1 Cobra. One of the UNSC Marines saw the 2 Spartans and their special cargo. "They found a Spartan...lets give them some covering from the banshees chasing them" the Marine Commanded. Both the Scorpion guns turned and fired at the Banshees and destroyed at least half of them with 3 volleys, the Wolverine finished the rest with one quick volley to all weak-points of the banshees.
The Spartans reached the large Coalition of Soldiers and Vehicles with great haste. They placed Noble 6 on one of the tanks and covered him with a metal sheet to protect him from any Plasma fire.
The very same Marine that gave the command ran up to him and said "Sir...the Covenant have completely cut off our escape route...what should we do".
Spartan-116 looked around and saw a nearby Covenant Corvette that landed on the open glassed plains behind them. It was clear open terrain and no site of Covenant. He just got an idea though it was crazy one but it may work and give humanity a fighting chance against the Covenant possibly "You see that Covenant Corvette" he asked the soldier.
"Yea" he replied confused than ever.
"We are going to take to Corvette...it doesn't have many troops in it and we can fit all vehicles in it and it's quick".
"Sir are you Mad...that's suicide...and if we do that then...how can we get past the armada above Reach".
"One problem at a time now get the men ready cause that's were we are heading".
The Marine nodded with a smile "I miss your suicide decisions Sir!" he replied. He immediately started to bark orders at everyone.

Some plasma fire came from what was left of the banshee squadron that was nearly obliterated by the Scorpions 90mm guns and the Wolverines Anti-Air weaponry. Everyone hopped on every vehicle and turned them around and started to speed towards the Corvette head on. Spartan-116 hopped on the back of a Warthog with a LRAD on the back. Every Vehicle was over crowded but it did add in defenses in a way.

They left the company of the Halcyon Cruiser's shadow and headed for their target but it wasn't long until they were engaged by Covenant forces again. All the vehicles carried enough ammo, food, and water to last them for a week in nothing but complete non-stop combat. Wave after Wave of Covenant forces were demolished by the shear firepower of the group. The Falcons on the other hand were shot down by Covenant Seraphs which caused even more problems.

About half way towards their target a strange anomaly opened up near the ground. It looked like a slip space portal but for its size it wouldn't be a ship at all. Everyone was puzzled when they saw it. It had a Dark purple aura around with some sort of ghost like appearances in it.
Suddenly out of nowhere a large explosion rocked the convoy. Spartan-116 was still on the turret but dazed while everyone else was a bit worse off. Once he got his senses back he looked for the source of the explosion. It was a shot from the Covenant Corvette that they wanted to take.
He realized that they may not make it with everyone. He starts looking around to find a different way out. To no real surprise there was none because the Covenant are surrounding them with over hundreds or more of their forces.

Though they were at least 3km from them but they would be on top of them within a few minutes. Everyone was finally on their feet preparing for the worst. The strange portal began to change colors and emit distortions since the Corvette shot in response to it in a way.
The Marine looked up at him in terror cause he knew what was going to happen "Sir?" he said to the Spartan. The Spartan looked around to find out what to do.
He thought 'If we stand here and fight...we will die, if we continue to the Corvette most of us will die but we might die on the ship or by the armada, or go through the portal that randomly came from nowhere and it could take them anywhere in the universe or somewhere beyond it...or give them death...which one to choose'. Those ideas either way could get everyone killed but how does everyone would like to die...a slow and painful death with the Covenant or possibly a quick and painless death through the portal or maybe inside that portal is a Safe Haven.

The Covenant were at least half the distance away already firing from wraiths near their position. He had to make a decision and make it NOW! "Everyone...through the portal now before the Covenant are on top of us" Spartan-116 barked.
The UNSC forces, ODSTs, and even Spartan-115 looked at each other for a couple seconds but started to move towards the portal as ordered. Spartan-115 became the bravest by running into it directly disappearing in a flash. Everyone was hesitant at first but they all started to move through together. Luckily the vehicles could fit through the portals. The injured were put on the Scorpions for the protection before they went through.

Spartan-116 was the last one left to walk through but before he could he was knocked to the ground and his shields flared massively. He turned around on his back to see a Energy Sword coming straight towards his face. He moved his body sideways only dodging it missed by mere inches. He rolled more and pulled out a Energy Sword of his own but it was different. It had a green color with tints of red in it and not only that it was at least 8 inches longer and skinnier then a traditional one seen or used by the Covenant. The Spartan saw over a dozen Elite Zealots with Energy Swords ready to kill him. This Elite in General armor stood before him with a Energy Sword in each hand. They both stared each other down with a deathly glare.
He knew he was outnumbered but he can make them turn on each other very easily. Two of the Elites charged him. He turned his Energy Sword off and put it on his side and waited for the right moment. They lunged their weapons at him but he merely dodged them easily. He placed each of his hands on their heads. They both roared but that roar fell silent. Then it was replaced by screams then replaced into a animalistic like breathing.
The Elites skin became a slight green color in many areas and their eyes turned from a black to a vomit green. The Spartan released his hands and the Elites turned around and gave a powerful war cry that even did not sound like an Elite. The others looked in horror as their comrades charged them. The Energy Swords slowed them down a bit but they kept going until they were in pieces. The Elite General charged the Spartan head on but to only be tripped and punched in the face. He was knocked unconscious and hit the ground hard with that single hit.
The Spartan dashed for the portal as fast as he could. He looked behind him as the hundreds of Plasma mortars are coming from the sky towards him. He jumped into the portal as they made contact portal.

All the Spartan could see was white light and swirls like if he was being in some crazy washing machine. Suddenly he came out the other side but with the shock-wave of the Covenant mortars caused him to fall off of a cliff and hitting a hillside that showed damage like something hard hit it before. He tumbled until he hit a soft grassy meadow. He stumbled to his knees as he felt like he had been kicked by a Calisaur. A hand came down in front of his helmet. He looked up and saw his fellow Spartan 115 "What took you so long" he said.
"Covenant...that's what...how is everyone" he said looking at the others. They seemed to be trying to flip the Warthogs back on their wheels and gather whatever supplies they fell off of them. The Tanks were all right and so was the Cobra and Wolverine.
"Everyone is alright except for sick stomachs...Noble 6 is alright, the bleeding has stopped and the medics and corpsman said give him a few weeks he will be completely healed of all injuries".
Spartan-116 sighed in relief to hear all this good news. He and his Spartan companion walked towards a Scorpion tank to talk about current events.

The Spartan looked around at environment around them, it was all beautiful. Fire flies flew around puddles of water, a nearby a stream that glittered from the moonlight, the Forest was glowing with a beautiful green and blue colors, strange Red and Green Crystals could be seen nearby but they just made the place seem more beautiful. He looked up into the sky to see 2 moons with many stars and nebula's. One in particular was one that looked like a Dragon of some sort. His HUD just had finished the analyzation of the area, the air, along with other things. It gave detail about this area showing the Air was the same as Reach's and Earth's with Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Their was minimal toxins in the air, everything was healthy.
He admired the scenery and the peace of this new world. No fighting was actually soothing to the Spartan even though he was trained to do one thing and one thing alone...To be a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

When they approached the Tank there was about 12 soldiers around it, 4 of them which they were ODST. Both Spartans removed their helmets and sat them down on the tank. Spartan-115's face had a nasty burn on his neck and he had short brown hair with hazel eyes. Spartan-116 removed a chip from his helmet and plugged it in a holographic stand that was built within the Tank itself.

A women in a Military uniform came into form "So what now?" she asked.
"I don't know Athena but I hope we are not on a Covenant world or a different Hostile one" Spartan-116 said as everyone stared into the sky wandering 'Where Are We?'.